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I still wish they would expand on her powers and make her more similar to her AoA counter part. I have been waiting for her to even touch that level of potential (I.e. husking extremely quickly to a number of different elements and even shifting to look like another person. I love the fact that she was the only member of her team to survive the original AoA story and even did so while carrying her injured team members before she was overwhelmed)

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Copycat and Darkstar. I was really hoping after Necrosha that one of them might end up with X-Force

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Northstar and Aurora, definitely.

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1. She looks amazing, I cannot wait to see what they do with her in AoA.


2. Her father is black (Afro-European descent)

3. Her mother is of Algerian descent, and may have looked more Arabic / Middle Eastern

4. She is probably multi-racial and may closely resemble her mother in terms of physical traits.

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I'm hoping Mera and Starfire get put in the game. Looks fun!

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You mean so they can use more recycled story-lines for her about how she struggles controlling her new found power and all the insecurities she has about that?

No thanks.

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@FierceYouth said:

Hold up.

So, as an openly gay comic book fan (one of far too few), I find myself only half-heartedly into this. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for equal representation in the 616, and I love seeing this happen, but how about we have characters actually kissing on-panel before we get to gay marriage? I loved the entire run of Heinberg's Avengers: The Children's Crusade, and in issue #9, when Wiccan and Hulkling first kiss on-panel it was a great moment for fans. What was more, there were allusions to the two getting hitched at some point in the future. But these are characters who have been together literally since their creation (well, for the most part for Billy with that whole reincarnation thing). Since Young Avengers #1, (which came out in 2005 for those of you counting), the two have been a couple (though it wasn't explicitly stated until Young Avengers Presents sometime later).

Kyle, the one marrying Northstar, his first appearance was less than three years ago. I get that for a playboy like Northstar (because seriously, he has always been portrayed that way), this is a long relationship, but Northstar's "long-term boyfriend" is by no means a long-term anything. He's a character who was introduced to try and dissuade readers from seeing Northstar as a stereotypical gay man hooking up with other gay men for the fun of it. While I understand the urge to give their relationship some credence, this is just sloppy. Look at the great love stories of Marvel. Look at how long they've taken to unfold. Reed and Sue, Peter and MJ, Scott and Jean. The last two there didn't get married until the 90's! Throwing characters into marriages isn't giving them more humanity, it's tokenism and it's cheap.

While that's it for my rant, I must also add that despite the bad taste the story leaves in my mouth, I'll be buying it. Because comic book publishers still need to get the hint that they have gay fans who love that they are receiving representation in comics. Because until I don't have to cheer every time I see two guys kissing on-panel, I will. It's news until it starts being the norm. Hopefully that day's coming.


Agree completely.

I love Northstar, he is one of my favorite characters, but I still don't really know anything about Kyle, and I get most issues where Northstar makes an appearance. Most of the time they are shown together, they are doubting their relationship. But then again, not everyone who gets married has a great romance. Hopefully they use this publicity to show the more romantic and positive side of their relationship.

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@Thirteen13 said:

I loved Rogue the most when she had Ms. Marvel's powers and acted as a flying brick and the powerhouse for the X-Man as it was great to see the Southern Belle roll up her sleeves and duke it out with and man-handle powerful super-villains.

This. Even now when she is using her teammates powers, she always takes some sort of flight, strength, and invulnerability. I love that she has control, but I want the sassy southern belle who will deck anyone who talks to her the wrong way...

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@Vance Astro: Claremont has stated in interviews that Rogue was created as a way to get rid of Ms. Marvel, because at the time, he did not like the Ms. Marvel character.

I personally would like to see enhanced strength be permanently added to Rogue's power set, I think that has what originally drew me to the character, but I am very glad and will take the full control of her absorption power.

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The art needed to be more detailed, much more detailed to actually do the story justice.

Other than that, I liked the arc, not the best, but solid still.