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I like that this has a white male with a black female. I was getting tired of seeing white blond female eith a black male. I want more black females in comics!

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@captainmarvel4ever: Cool :) I liked her best during the Blight crossover where she was coming out every week. She is a cool chic. From issue one, I think she was made immortal at around the age of 19 so she brings a lot of energy into her comic.

I sae you liked the last issue of Superboy. Lately I've been reading that because I think they want to bring the Ravagers back in his comic. I'm excited about that. There is a lot going on in his series right now.

Also I read the Worlds Finest. I came so close to dropping it after the superman/ batman crossover but now with this latest news, i think im going to keep it.

Tell me, are you as excited as i am for that new Earth2 weekly? Are you going to get it?

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Best: Supergirl and Suicide Squad

Worst: Worlds Finest and Wonder Woman

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Dynamite, please get al ewing to come back and do a creator owned project! I know that after his jennifer blood and ninjette's run, he must be itching to come back to you all.

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@cold4noreason: yeah, thatas me also. I hope that your pre-ordering your comics like me. It helps bigtime with the cost. I use dcb services. I think most comic readers on this site use it. You should look into it if your not.

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@captainmarvel4ever: yeah its a lot. I like to read one a day at work. I forgot to include



Masters of the Universe

and Birds of Prey

That are also in my read list.

As for Pandora, she is my favorite character. I like the way that even though she is 10000 years old, she is still a reactive character. I even love her goofy bird armor.

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Yeah homeboy, I get way too many also and am going to have to cut down. I spent all last week reading comics.

Right now my favs are:



3afterlife with archie

4forever evil

I'm going to keep the following


Phantom stranger

Worlds finest



Green Arrow

Doctor Spector





Chaos (dynamite)



Rogue trooper (maybe)

And the new dc title that takes place 5years in the future.

I can suggest to you the afterlife w archie if your not reading it. I am amazed at how good it is. I haven't read anything that good since al ewings run on jennifer blood.

If you ever want to talk comics with me, send me a mail. I'm finding that people I work with have zero interest in talking comics with me. Lol

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@br_havoc: hi br. Remember that talent serarch that dc did with harley quinn 0 ? I'm reading Hack/Slash from the mid2000's and I see the artist is jeremy roberts. Just like the artists name who won the 0 contest. The art is reallly good and suspiciously like the style of the contest winner. Hmmmm....

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@captainmarvel4ever: yeah. I like mahnke. I like the metal men and cyborg. I'm not all crazy about them but I felt that they eere over the top silly. Like iron fallling in love with the soda mechine. :/ the weekly 'awesome art picks' that comicvine does shows me that rod ries is an expert colorist and artist but that issues art was not for me. There are so many good titles out right now. Wjat are the stuff your really liking right now?

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