SONA HQ (On earth)

Ever since the rebellion their previous base Mount Siana was replaced with a new base, which is was the one in Antarctica and now they have taken over it completely removing all factions from the world and making the continent their own country.

through SONA's advanced technology and large amount of resources they managed to restore 40% of Antarctica's Ice sheet that was lost over the past two centuries through weather machines, but once it reached it's 40% they were turned off, after they turned off the machines they named their country Zion it still remains the same name Antarctica but it's residents call it Zion

Life in Zion

Zion the country is literally the ENTIRE continent, it is 5.4 million square miles large and several hundred cubic miles more than normal (Do to the weather machines) it's population is between 30 million to 40 million humans mostly scientists and their families, how ever the numbers of SONA security forces and military dwarf it's civilian population several dozen times over, as strange as it seems life is not hard in Zion shortly after the rebellion the previous leader Agent K was missing thus is successor James Prescott took over and worked on building this country up.


After transporting all of AONA's scientists and their families into the country he renamed it SONA and ordered engineers to bring out weather machines that have been used to terraform environments in the previous AOTUS HQ, and with in two days they restored 40% of the continents Ice sheets that were lost over the last two hundred years, (While this was happening the families and scientists were waiting in the old HQ) about 24 hours after the caps were finished SONA personnel brought in artificial domes and military personnel it took about a month and SONA's civilians lived in misery but once it was over SONA had put artificial domes in nearly every area of Zion regular domes called civilian domes would take over 100 sq feet but inside due to Second Dimensional technology SONA domes were actually able to LITERALLY CREATE space, while it looked fairly small outside it was a thousand times bigger inside being a total of 100,000 square feet.


The Civilian Dome outside looked like a big black bowl turned upside down, how ever this was just a very thin coating of adamantium and other heavy unknown not of this world composite metals that were designed for heavy protection, your average civilian dome would have been able to resist 1,000,000,000 tons of physical pressure and with stand a Terajoule of kinetic energy before getting a hair line crack, also the dome is also actually spear shaped as it covers under neath the ground/ice, as well if ever their was the misfortune of the dome falling through the ice it would be able to float as the domes also have a submarine design built in to them.


Inside a Civilian Dome, their would usually be about twenty bed rooms that each will have their own bath room within a few footsteps, the center of the dome will usually be the living room and dining area, while there not might be any windows the owner or family members of the dome can access a control panel (usually located in the dining room) which will create an holographic image of outside making everything including the furniture and ground disappear with the only exception being the control panel, while it may look that they are outside only they can see out and those out won't know they are being looked at.


Military Domes are about ten times bigger than civilian domes outside and a thousand times bigger than civilian domes inside, (the design is too complex for me to explain) it will usually house a hundred SONA clone soldiers and has the capacity for holding an extra two hundred due to it's design making it very efficient at holding space.


The scientists and their family are usually protected by a group of ten SONA soldiers 5 days of a week.


The scientists and their families use APC's designed to track through snow to their destination each APC has a large amount of adamantium making the very safe yet expensive that's why there is only 1 APC per SONA scientist.

Height: 5,9 feet

Length: 18 feet

Weight: 5 tons

Max speed: 80 MPH

Weapons:: turret.

Capacity: 8 + 2 (driver and gunner)


After the rebellion three quarters of the super soldiers were put in cryogenic tubes to be used later on in the future


Main HQ

Size: 200 cubic miles outside 400 cubic miles inside

Population: 100,000+



The SONA base contains a generator that can manipulates the earths magnetic field only so slightly but be able to create a force field that will surround Zion

completely and become nigh impenetrable even hundreds of teratons upon hundreds will not even make the shield shimmer.


SONA created a new type of sentinels mainly for ground combat

Height: 20 feet

Weight: 60 short tons

Armor: Made out of tungsten and stainless steel.


Heat Seeking Missiles & Rockets (2,000 in total,1,000 missiles,1,000 rockets)

60.Calibar (It's a new bullet SONA made it's four times bigger than your normal [Total=100,000)

Plasma Rifle (It's left arm contains a large chamber carrying super heated gases that when fired has a effective range of 5,000 feet and can reach temperatures of

2,000 degrees easily. [Total=50,000 shots] the plasma rifle can only be shot in short burts it makes fighting multiple difficulties but that's what the is for mean while the Plasma rifle is for accuracy.


Night vision, heat vision, and X-ray vision.

James Prescott



Weight:230 lbs


Not much is known about James Prescott but what is known that he has easily genius level intellect and a great leader who planes constantly to keep the organization]

afloat and not only that but he's also a skilled human like many other of SONA forces and thus was an excellent choice as a successor for agent K

His weapons consist of the (details will come in another blog)

SONA Assault Rifle (Primary weapon)

SONA Pistol

SONA Shotgun

SONA Orbital laser gun

and SONA armor

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