Liberty Primes Upgrade

Height: 108'0

Weight: 80 tons


Liberty Prime has gone through an incredible change, after the civil war SONA forces upgraded Prime into a powerful machine....Primes new armor consisted of Adamantium,Rhenium, and tungsten.

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Doctor Akira Vance

Name: Akira Vance

Age: 26

Height: 6,0

Weight: 120 lbs

Abilities and Skills

  • Surgeon
  • Intuitive Aptitude
  • Biologist
  • Physicist


Doctor Akira Vance is one of the lead scientists of SONA, she is mainly responsible for the development of their portal technology , A.I technology and last but not least their medical technology.

Akira was born in September 4th 1987 [New York/Manhattan] her father was a British billionaire entrepreneur while her mother was a Japanese professor, she was born in New York and raised in the state, Akira was extremely gifted and intelligent at the age of twelve she already was on her way to college and at the age of sixteen she was in Princeton university.

At the age of twenty she was an incredibly intelligent woman,

Power Suit


Doctor Akira Vance secretly used SONA's vast resources to create her own super suit, the suit is made up of millions of microscopic sized nanites made out of adamantium and that are able to

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(This is a blog for the Navi, starts with their history,planet,pop,tech,ect.)

Height: 5'9

Weight: 120 lbs

Average Life Span: 400 years

Strength: 50% weaker than a base human male.

Speed: Peak human speed

Species Population: Double digit billions

Intelligence: Very high quadruple digit IQ, your average Navi is leagues smarter than earths greatest minds combined.

Alignment: Neutral Good-Chaotic Good


Navi resemble very similar to humans with the exception of their feet and hands,Navi with out their suit they're similar to human females such as having smooth skin feminine arms,legs, they also have ears,hair,breasts, of that of a earth female the difference is all Navi have pale skin and look dead, on some occasions how ever they will have different colors such as purple or grey.

[Image of the leader of the current Navi species]

A Navi has the average life span of four hundred years, this is due to them evolving with the burden of slow cells, with the advantage of longevity comes the price of their immune system and healing since their cells move 4.0 times less than a human being minor wounds will take four times longer to heal and their immune systems are weak, how ever their are other pro's about their biology eighty earth human years can pass since a Navi is born and she would only be in her twenties and not only do the Navi have long life spans but they are extremely adaptable,resourceful, it's liked if the have the super power Intuitive Aptitude and Enhanced Intelligence.


In an event known as the Golden age is when the Navi evolved into sentient creatures (created fire for warmth) for the first time ever, and this will measure their advancement through history .


Tier 7: Pre-Industrial

5,500 G.A

Tier 6: Industrial Age

10,000 G.A

Tier 5: Atomic Age

10,010 G.A

Tier 4: Space Age

14,000 G.A

Tier 3: Space-Faring

20,000 G.A

Tier 2: Interstellar


Naturally Navi are peaceful, there has been only one civil war through out their time line which it took place during the Atomic Age, the war was caused after a clan of Navi tried to take over other clans with their number advantage since they were in the ten's of thousands, all other Navi banned together under a faction know as the C.O.G. and instead of fighting the rebels directly they created war machines to quell the rebellion which proved to be very successful.

Name: B1 battle droid

Armor: Made of a natural metal element which is as strong as tungsten yet light as Lithium.

Height: 6,0

Weight: 100 lbs

Population: High trillions

Primary weapon: XZ1 Plasma Repeater

Semi Automatic

Ammo Capacity: 100,000 uses when full

Effective Range: 5 miles

Cool down time per shots: two second cool down time for every forty shots


The XZ1 plasma rifle was designed buy the C.O.G. Navi for the B1 battles droid, it would function by having a black cylinder containing two dimensional gas chamber built for the gun and than the cylinder containing much super heated gas is fired at hypersonic speed producing a thin beam of plasma energy to hit it's target and flash burn the area of impact, the plasma bolt of the gun produces over 10 mega joules and 50,000 degrees in heat ensuring a quick and merciful death.

Name: Dematrix

Armor: Made out of titanium and reinforced steel

Height: 5,0

Weight: 200 lbs

Population: Medium trillions.


The Dematrix has two twin custom made XZ1 plasma repeaters and thus it's able to fire faster and do four times the amount of damage than an average B1 battle droid the custom made repeaters can now shoot 1,000 times before the need of cooling down and due to it's size it can shoot millions of time before needing to refill its ammo capacity, but it's most interesting feature is its energy shields which can activate at light speed timing and with stand 10,000 mega joules of damage.

Name: Heavy battle droid

Armor: made out of a metal similar to the SONA's Diaminium

Height: 7,0

Weight: 1,375 lbs

Population: High trillions


The heavy battle droid carries twin plasma repeaters and can shoot one hundred times before needing a cool down time, on its right arm is a built in rocket launcher which fires power plasma based rockets capable of destroying several city blocks easily.

Name: Navi Storm Trooper

Armor: Air tight,energy shields,ceramic plates

Height: 5,9

Weight: 130

Populations: thousands in the triple digits.

Weapons: Unknown/Many


The C.O.G Navi created a special branch of an elite military force to back up their mechanic army even though their robot army had several enhancements such as EMP proofing anti-magnet precautions and increased A.I combat ability it was nothing compared to adding true highly trained commandos into battle,

A Navi storm trooper has the following abilities implanted in her suit.

Cloaking (Built in nanites replicate the surrounding of the user the more they move the more visible they become however once they stay put they're practically invisible to the naked eye)

Radar cloaking (They can't get detected by any radar)

Technopathy (Yet again the suit the storm trooper Navi's where are completely made out of enhanced super nanites which can do many many objectives)

Multiple visions (Heat,Night,X-Ray)

HUD + Radar (900 yards range)

Enhanced Strength (Gives them strength between 20-30 tons)

Energy Shields (20,000 Mega joule shields at 1% power)

Com (100 light years range)

Data Storage (Can contain 1,000,000,000 terabytes worth of data and only take up 1% of its space)

Enhanced Hacking


Built in hand blasters (the Navi in the suit can project powerful energy blasts capable of destroying large buildings on low power, and stun/knock out enemies not lethally if adjusted to.)

Energy Sword (A black cylinder which creates a beam of pure red energy and having a heat of 10 million degrees on the push of a button)

Flash Bang

Radar Jammer

Hologram Projector

Particle Beam laser rifle (An assault rifle that can shoot light speed lasers capable of destroying sky scrapers easily, and contains unlimited ammo)

Ticker (A pistol that shoot coin shaped explosive round that sticks to an enemy and explodes moments laster during the enemy into a mist of it's own blood since it's capable of creating 1,000 tons of force inside a range of five square feet)

Laser Pistol (A regular high tech pistol that shoots a light speed laser that kill most unarmored targets instantly.)


The Navi are a highly advanced group of female extra terrestrials which are naturally peaceful and mostly focus on creating medical and scientific breakthroughs to help other species with life, the Navi mostly focus their efforts on creating cures for diseases and helping crops grow quicker, the Navi are always kind and lending a hand to even the worst scum in the galaxy however this does not mean they're completely helpless they have a large force of war machines in the quadrillions when all combined and the average Navi civilian cruiser has shields that can withstand hundreds of hundreds of kilotons before getting depleted mean while the military ships and medical ships can withstand hundreds of teratons.


Average Civilian Cruiser

Length: 2 kilometers

Width: 2 kilometers

Height/Depth: 2 kilometers

Cargo: Navi passengers,food,water,raw materials,

Shields: Can with stand kilotons in the three digit numbers when at max power

Defense: All civilian ships have large automated turrets (10 meters high) which fire FTL laser capable of delivering a hundred megatons in one shot, the automated turrets are capable of shooting a hundred times in under a minute before needing to cool off, and not only do they have those abilities but are usually escorted by two or one small Military ships, and not only do they have that for defenses but can also activate a light speed device that lets them flee battle into a nearby friendly system.

Population: High hundred thousands


Small Military Ship

Length:4 Kilo meters

Width: 4 Kilo meters

Height/Depth: 4 Kilometers

Cargo: Battle droids,weapons,ammo,(technicians + medical personnel) their usually would be a force of one hundred Navi storm troopers and triple the amount of technicians and medical personnel

Shields: Can with stand several mega tons in the four digit numbers.

Defense: Same as the civilian ship but four times the size and numbers and four times the fire power.

Population: High hundred thousands


Basic Military ship

Length: 16 Kilo meters

Width: 16 Kilo meters

Height/Depth: 16 Kilometers

Cargo: Many,many,many battle droids and even more,ammo,weapons,and quadruple the amount of crew that would be in a small Military ship.

Shields: 5 times stronger than a small Military Navi ship

Defense: same as the small military navi ship but 5 times bigger,numerous, and more powerful also they have two long cannon at the front of the ship that can shoot FTL lasers capable of giving out a hundred teraton but it only has two shots and takes hours to recharge.

Population: High hundred thousands


Dreadnaught class Navi ship

Length: 50 Kilometers

Width: 50 Kilometers

Height/Depth: 50 Kilometers

Cargo:Food supplies,Cryo chambers,Raw materials,weapons,ammo,medical supplies, millions of millions of battle droids and Navi.

Shields: Capable of surviving 1,000 teratons and only lose 1/3 of its shields.

Defense: Same as the basic military navi ship but 50 times more powerful.

Populations: Low hundreds


Medical Ship

Length: 16 Kilo meters

Width: 16 Kilo meters

Height/Depth: 16 Kilometers

Cargo: Medical supplies,portable laboratories,medical droids,food supplies,Navi medical personnel,treatment rooms,spare rooms for patients

Shields: Just as powerful as a Small Military Navi ship

Defense: None usually are escorted by ten or twenty basic Navi military ships


Home Planet



75% covered in water

constant tropical weather

much vegetation

comprises mostly 90% oxygen 10% other.

Population: 8.140 billion Navi

Gravity: 1.375 G



Navi are vegetarians

Navi never reproduced with a species even after joining the ravager empire and some have been fallen in love or been attracted.

Navi are capable of giving birth asexually twenty years after she's born and can decided how man children she would want ranging usually from a maximum of four to a minimum of one

Navi have only existed for 30,000 years.

Navi are able to procreate with other species and give birth quicker (asexually takes 3 months, sexually takes 1.5 months)

The home planet is protected by 50% of the Navi ship force.

Navi are in control of three solar systems, and have a total of 45 planets.

Navi have created vaccines with no side effects for even the mostly dead and must contagious diseases, and fortunately due their suits it severely reduces their chances of getting infected.

Navi practice clean energy and don't use fossil fuels if not rarely as they care of a planets environment and natives, they take great care when harvesting resources.

Navi are straight (No sexual desires with other females or their own species)


90% of the Navi joined the C.O.G. before their assimilation to the ravager empire, here is their hierarchy/ranking system


Farmer (Grows crops and medicinal herbs for medicinal use and food transport)

Worker (Transporting supplies to bases,organizing and categorizing supplies,creating supplies)

Technician (Repairing damage ships,vehicles,creating main frame and several important devices for computers,downloading and importing DATA ect,)

Officer (In charge of arresting renegade Navi,protecting innocent Navi from renegade ones,)

Medic (In charge of providing medical aid or food for those who need it,creating vaccines with no side affects,providing emotional support for those mentally disturbed)

Ark Leader (In charge of commanding 10,000 Navi, they're basically the equivalent of a mayor.)

Primeark (Each Primeark is in charge of 10 ark leaders, they're basically the equivalent of a governor)

Council (9 of the most wise and successful Navi primearks ever fifty years replace a group of the previous 9 Council members, these Navi creates laws,pass judgement

Mistress (The leader of all Navi she has no term and will only be succeed after death, the current Navi is a young female biologically in her twenties named Miranda she is a just and caring leader)

All of the following are very well capable of doing each others jobs, but the hierarchy is designed for balance so their will be the supply that will be needed for the demand


Cadet (In charge of ordering and commanding two hundred and fifty battle droids) [remote area or station]

Lieutenant (In charge of commanding ten cadets and their own force of one thousand battle droids)

Captain (In charge of commanding ten lieutenants and one thousand storm trooper Navi and ten thousand battle droids)

Major (In charge of all the captains)

Brigadier (Commander of the military operation and ship)

General officer (In charge of commanding one hundred Brigadiers which is basically a small fleet of one hundred ships)

Marshall (In charge of one thousand General officers and are the main leaders of the military force)

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Ravager Empire

The Ravager empire is an alliance of aliens from several galaxies united to help other species and destroy renegade species, it has a total of seven species united (more would be told this is just the basic)

Name: Navi

Description: Navi are a race of humanoid aliens all female and are able to produce asexually, however they are able to reproduce with other beings, they were the

first faction to join the empire

Name: odlan manniskor

A bipedal race of reptilian aliens, they were the second to join and unlike the Navi the odlan were mostly male and female.

Name: Vermis Bellatores

Bellatores are a large colonies of sentient worms formed into one hive mind, each hive mind can produce their own platform by fusing or uniting together, they have no gender and produce asexually.

Name: Tuhoa

A race of carnivorous blood thirsty reptiles, compared to the other species these are the most ruthless and brutal faction of the empire the only they do is sleep,breed,eat,kill and so on.

Name: Anubians

A group of several mutates creatures controlled by a super parasite known as Anubis, it controls it's forces many galaxies away keeping it's true position a secret

it was the fifth faction to join

Name: Furons

Telepathic aliens with powerful psychokinesis.

Name: Ravagers

The Ravagers united six other aliens together to form it's empire out of all of them, the Ravagers are the most intelligent and powerful.

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SONA weapons.

(Yah I know I still have AOTUS weapons but that's old tech here's the new)

SONA assault rifle

Type: Semi-Automatic

Effective Range: 600 meters

Sights: Blue laser sights

Bullets per clip: 6,000

Fire Rate: 400 rounds per minute (with out losing accuracy, due to little to know recoil regardless of the speed it's firing)

Ammo: Custom made 7.62×51mm NATO or also called 51x.SONA, 51x.SONA bullets are almost the same as 7.62×51mm NATO rounds but with several exceptions, the bullets are the same size except they have three sections, the point of the bullet is steel tipped while the center is explosive and the end contains a small amount of highly corrosive acid.


The SONA assault rifle is the primary weapon of all SONA forces and is incredibly powerful and effective, after breaking away from America and being free, SONA realized it can't be using American weaponry and were not stuck on making their own and thus was created the 51x.SONA the bullets were of the same design as the 7.62x51mm NATO but worked differently as the tip of the bullet was steel which allowed more armor penetration and the center was explosive so when it stopped it would do increased damage and last but not least is the corrosive acid that will splash the area where the bullets hit corroding it's target for several seconds, with the new bullets and new magazine SONA forces applied their 2-D technology yet again to allow 6,000 51x.SONA bullets to be fitted inside one magazine.

And not only does the rifle have deadly fire power and high magazine capacity it also has a blue laser sight which can be turned on and off to increase accuracy, the SONA assault rifle also comes equipped with a true adamantium chain saw and a mass accelerator built inside, the mass accelerator inside is a small generator in the gun that's designed as an option to even FURTHER increase the weapons penetration capacities just by increasing the mass of the bullets and then firing it as super speeds to increase damage there are three levels each level doubles the amount of joule per shot with out using the mass accelerator a single shot from the gun produces 15,000 joules and by using the mass accelerator they can increase it to a max of 3,600,000 joules per shot and as unbelievable as it sounds it has little to no recoil regardless if the mass accelerator is on or off.

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Height: 6'5

Weight: 215

Age: 25

During the rebellion AOTUS released a new batch of clones equal to the old generation of clones in numbers and skill if not even more, these clones were made to be bigger stronger,faster, and more effective than the old generation, and that was not the only change AOTUS made they also created a new breed of armor and weaponry AND equipment for their new country.



Power Armor which includes the following features

Energy Shields

Corrosive Proof armor

Fire Proof Armor (Regular fire or Molotov's or thermite weapons won't set the armor on fire and will simply diminish due to a specially designed coating on the armor which is permanent)

Armor Insulation (Protects it from the freezing temperatures of the Zion, like if it was a sunny day in the park)

Water Proof Armor

Enhanced Strength (Makes them twice as strong)

Enhanced Speed (Makes them twice as fast)

Medi gel

High plasma resistance (can resist the temperatures of 15,250 degrees plasma for several minutes before it can actually harm the user)

Air tight armor yet designed to be comfortable. (1 hour of oxygen)

Invulnerable to ballistic weaponry (exception is adamantium and vibranium)

Armor covers heat signature.


Helmet with the following features


Radar (400 yards)

Night Vision

X-Ray Vision

Thermal Vision

Ally tracker chip

Gas Filter (for non lethal contaminates)

Communicator with in the range of 100,000 miles


Voice modifier


This armor is the elite version of the SONA power armor it has all the capabilities of the other except it's twice as effective (twice as much range,energy shields ect,)


Energy Shields


Just like the Super Soldier armor SONA power armor contains energy shields how ever they are not as powerful as the Super Soldier shields, these can only withstand 10 Mega Joules mean while the Super Soldier armor can withstand 10,000 Mega Joules, how ever SONA shock trooper armor has the capacity for 20 Mega joules.

In the back of the power armor their is a very small generator which is sphere shaped and about the size of a golf ball, it works by creating it's own artificial magnetic field just powerful enough not to effect the earths own magnetic field, the energy shields cover about 3 square feet in front,behind,above, and the sides of the user.


SONA Helmet


The SONA helmet has several features and designs that without it the SONA power armor would be less than effective

The HUD of the helmet shows, Radar which would be located at the bottom right of the screen it has a range of 1,200 square feet, the radar tracks any motion via sending a sound wave inaudible to even the most sensitive creatures on earth and bounces back to the user thus showing any movement, stationary objects will appear invisible but even the slightest movement will appear as a red dot on the map, SONA force however will be able to tell who are allies due to chips built in the back of the power armor and helmet which will receive back to the radar as friendly and appear as a yellow dot.

A blue rectangle bar would be seen at the top center of the screen it would be divided into ten squares each slot/square represents 10 mega joules, it takes about five seconds for a single bar to recharge and that's ONLY if it's not taking damage.

On the bottom left of the screen are the vital signs of the user which show a image of the human body and it's heart condition, when the body is in optimum efficiency it will appear green and so will the the vital signs, how ever if he takes damage as in breaking an arm that area will be colored red and the vital signs will turn yellow.

The Scanner is a built in device inside the helmet which analyzes items and objects and relays it's properties, and example would be is if a SONA soldier is locked in a room filled with a strange gas he or her could use the helmet to scan the properties of the gas to determine if it's dangerous to breath or not, another example would be scanning strange devices and with in time the program inside will be able to relay what it is, the scanner can also scan the vital signs of near by allies and give them information on their rank,squad,mission and dog tag if dead.




The SONA power armor is made out of a new metal from a new dimension AOTUS found during the rebellion they call it Diaminium which is the equivalent of marvels Secondary Adamantium in terms of durability, SONA was already starting to get worried as their adamantium supplies started to drain rapidly and look for an alternate metal for adamantium's replacement and they did find it in vast quantities an entire planet made out of it and the best part for them is only small amounts were needed for SONA due to Diana's strategies on making SONA more efficient in resources than if ever has done before,

As it suggests most ballistic weaponry with the exception of adamantium and vibranium will not penetrate it or the ballistic projectil will have to be going at incredible speed to the point it could easily pass through the SONA's shields and armor, the metal also has shown to be completely 100% acidic and corrosive proof, it also has shown extreme heat resistance that surpasses any metal on earth today and not only does it have those abilities but it is also extremely light weight, a SONA soldier covered completely in head to toe would weigh 50 lbs more than his normal weight.

The power armor also doubles the strength and speed of the user, the power armor is just like a symbiote it will do want the user wants to do such as activating or deactivating it's energy shields or scanning such and such device, the power armor is almost sentient like due to a program being installed in every suit of armor this is what allows the user to do enhanced human feats such as pushing a car or lifting it, since SONA soldiers are twice as fast and strong than the older generation of clones the suit give them 8x times the speed and reaction time of a human and 8x times the strength, there is also a special layer of thin padding that covers the heat signatures of the SONA user.

If ever in a situation where the armor is penetrated either by adamantium bullets or burn marks the suit has a slot which contain a bio gel SONA calls Medi-Gel, injectors which are similar to large syringes will deploy into the area of damage and release a highly advanced and artificial gel that will clot the wound and immediately boost the bodies cells to start healing it and also deploy nanites to assist in the process, the gel also releases a pheromone that makes the user feel like he or she is on morphine.

(however there are parts in the suit that are not armored, these are usually around the armpits and legs which will be weak spots in the armor)


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SONA HQ (On earth)

Ever since the rebellion their previous base Mount Siana was replaced with a new base, which is was the one in Antarctica and now they have taken over it completely removing all factions from the world and making the continent their own country.

through SONA's advanced technology and large amount of resources they managed to restore 40% of Antarctica's Ice sheet that was lost over the past two centuries through weather machines, but once it reached it's 40% they were turned off, after they turned off the machines they named their country Zion it still remains the same name Antarctica but it's residents call it Zion

Life in Zion

Zion the country is literally the ENTIRE continent, it is 5.4 million square miles large and several hundred cubic miles more than normal (Do to the weather machines) it's population is between 30 million to 40 million humans mostly scientists and their families, how ever the numbers of SONA security forces and military dwarf it's civilian population several dozen times over, as strange as it seems life is not hard in Zion shortly after the rebellion the previous leader Agent K was missing thus is successor James Prescott took over and worked on building this country up.


After transporting all of AONA's scientists and their families into the country he renamed it SONA and ordered engineers to bring out weather machines that have been used to terraform environments in the previous AOTUS HQ, and with in two days they restored 40% of the continents Ice sheets that were lost over the last two hundred years, (While this was happening the families and scientists were waiting in the old HQ) about 24 hours after the caps were finished SONA personnel brought in artificial domes and military personnel it took about a month and SONA's civilians lived in misery but once it was over SONA had put artificial domes in nearly every area of Zion regular domes called civilian domes would take over 100 sq feet but inside due to Second Dimensional technology SONA domes were actually able to LITERALLY CREATE space, while it looked fairly small outside it was a thousand times bigger inside being a total of 100,000 square feet.


The Civilian Dome outside looked like a big black bowl turned upside down, how ever this was just a very thin coating of adamantium and other heavy unknown not of this world composite metals that were designed for heavy protection, your average civilian dome would have been able to resist 1,000,000,000 tons of physical pressure and with stand a Terajoule of kinetic energy before getting a hair line crack, also the dome is also actually spear shaped as it covers under neath the ground/ice, as well if ever their was the misfortune of the dome falling through the ice it would be able to float as the domes also have a submarine design built in to them.


Inside a Civilian Dome, their would usually be about twenty bed rooms that each will have their own bath room within a few footsteps, the center of the dome will usually be the living room and dining area, while there not might be any windows the owner or family members of the dome can access a control panel (usually located in the dining room) which will create an holographic image of outside making everything including the furniture and ground disappear with the only exception being the control panel, while it may look that they are outside only they can see out and those out won't know they are being looked at.


Military Domes are about ten times bigger than civilian domes outside and a thousand times bigger than civilian domes inside, (the design is too complex for me to explain) it will usually house a hundred SONA clone soldiers and has the capacity for holding an extra two hundred due to it's design making it very efficient at holding space.


The scientists and their family are usually protected by a group of ten SONA soldiers 5 days of a week.


The scientists and their families use APC's designed to track through snow to their destination each APC has a large amount of adamantium making the very safe yet expensive that's why there is only 1 APC per SONA scientist.

Height: 5,9 feet

Length: 18 feet

Weight: 5 tons

Max speed: 80 MPH

Weapons:: turret.

Capacity: 8 + 2 (driver and gunner)


After the rebellion three quarters of the super soldiers were put in cryogenic tubes to be used later on in the future


Main HQ

Size: 200 cubic miles outside 400 cubic miles inside

Population: 100,000+



The SONA base contains a generator that can manipulates the earths magnetic field only so slightly but be able to create a force field that will surround Zion

completely and become nigh impenetrable even hundreds of teratons upon hundreds will not even make the shield shimmer.


SONA created a new type of sentinels mainly for ground combat

Height: 20 feet

Weight: 60 short tons

Armor: Made out of tungsten and stainless steel.


Heat Seeking Missiles & Rockets (2,000 in total,1,000 missiles,1,000 rockets)

60.Calibar (It's a new bullet SONA made it's four times bigger than your normal [Total=100,000)

Plasma Rifle (It's left arm contains a large chamber carrying super heated gases that when fired has a effective range of 5,000 feet and can reach temperatures of

2,000 degrees easily. [Total=50,000 shots] the plasma rifle can only be shot in short burts it makes fighting multiple difficulties but that's what the is for mean while the Plasma rifle is for accuracy.


Night vision, heat vision, and X-ray vision.

James Prescott



Weight:230 lbs


Not much is known about James Prescott but what is known that he has easily genius level intellect and a great leader who planes constantly to keep the organization]

afloat and not only that but he's also a skilled human like many other of SONA forces and thus was an excellent choice as a successor for agent K

His weapons consist of the (details will come in another blog)

SONA Assault Rifle (Primary weapon)

SONA Pistol

SONA Shotgun

SONA Orbital laser gun

and SONA armor

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Current AOTUS

Currently there was a civil war since America decided to liquidate the organization, 5% agreed the other 95% did not there is a war in antartica currently with post AOTUS now known as AONA.

but after a few weeks of fighting the new organization AONA won and renamed itself SONA


Red Team -MIA

Agent K-MIA


Replacements for Red team are

Liberty Prime

Rex Salazar

Unamended Ultimate Super Soldier


Replacement for agent K and current leader

James Prescott

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Respect Super Soldiers

I'm making this because nobody cares to go to the dam second PAGE! SO I'll start with abilities and than origins

Interesting Abilities with out armor

  • Enhanced Strength (4 tons)
  • Enhanced Speed (25 mph for a dozen minutes)
  • Enhanced Reflexes (20 millisecond reaction time,enhanced hearing,enhanced dexterity)
  • Peak Human Pain Resistance
  • Healing Factor (500 times faster than a human unless they have adamantium bones it's 250 times quicker than a human)
  • Peak Human Stamina
  • Peak Human Agility
  • Peak Human Endurance
  • Perfect eye sight.

Interesting Abilities with armor

  • Super Strength (40 tons)
  • Enhanced Speed (75 mph for a few minutes)
  • Enhanced Reflexes (10 millisecond reaction time and the reflexes are doubled)
  • Almost Super Human Pain Resistance
  • Peak Human Stamina
  • Super Human Agility
  • Super Human Endurance
  • Several vision and gadgets


Super Soldiers are created first by obtaining the DNA of subject, instead of a cloning procedure they carry bits of DNA from different humans and mix them up together, with the help of the A.I Diana a project known as the Super Soldier program was created to make an army to defend America from her enemies thousands upon thousands of these super soldiers were created to a suitable amount and the project was canceled.

Like the Clone soldiers the Super Soldiers were modified at a cellular level before they were even infants, but unlike clone soldiers the Super Soldiers are modified to an extreme measure which is the reason there so strong and fast and they are able to adapt quicker than even the most trained humans.


At the age of four Super Soldiers begin their training and learning, unlike clones Super Soldiers have free will and are naturally disciplined so they were fairly easy to train at the age to do their brains being at an Innate Capability.

Super Soldiers are trained by navy seal veterans when they reach at the age of eight but before they are expected to learn and do what a eighteen year old can do including history,science,ect by the time there eight they have the intelligence of a mature teenager they than go through vigorous exercises that not even normal navy seal cadets can go through they continue there exercises until they reach the age of eighteen, by that time they would be expert killing machines when necessary

Super Soldiers Knowledge and Capabilities After Training

  1. Experts in American kick boxing
  2. Excellent shooting that is equal to a veteran seal
  3. Physically in perfect condition
  4. Knowledge on how to operate all portable Military weapons
  5. Very Disciplined
  6. Shadows are their friends
  7. Great knife throwers

Types of Super Soldiers


These are the most common Super Soldiers, most of them are used in important missions and are really not that important unless there in team which means something important as they usually work solo or with other clones.

Commando Super Soldiers

Now these bad ass motherf***ers are the real bad asses they have the same capabilities of your regular super soldiers except in just there skills and knowledge there worth TEN regular super soldiers there fighting skill are so ridiculous they are basically the equivalent of DC comics Death Stroke they are brutal and quick and have immense training that surpasses even a dozen navy seals, once regular super soldiers reach the age of thirty there is a battalion specifically for 1'500 Super Soldier Commandos when one dies a spot is open for another Super Soldier.

Ultimate Super Soldiers

The holy father of Super Soldiers the ultimate bad asse's the Chuck Norris of Super Soldiers, these Super Soldiers are the most powerful in the history of the AOTUS organization, these soldiers and their suits even surpass the Commando Super Soldiers, and just one of these guys can equal to a squad of Super Soldier Commandos, there suits also have the same capabilities of the normal one but with extra capabilities and gadgets


Camouflage: (It projects a three-dimensional hologram of background scenery around the wearer of the system, effectively bending light, it's so advanced even at point blank the user is barely visible while moving, when not moving it's practically 100% invisible, another useful perk is that when the user holds an item it can also make it look invisible which can also include vehicles (depending on size) or weapons

Super Shields:

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