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The greatest heroes (and some bad guys) of all time IN ORDER.  They might not all be the "A listers" but, they are the best.

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I like a lot of these characters like she-hulk and steph brown. My friend loves Harley quinn. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Agent9149

oo we both like harly quinn

Posted by Liberty
How can you not like Harley Quinn?  
Posted by JCJQLB

I love Guy and Ted Kord (He's my fave Blue Beetle) and Arrowette too! Appereantly you like my fave character's mom (Libby).
You like JESSE CHAMBERS <3!!

Posted by Liberty
I told you Jesse's have to stick together.
Posted by JCJQLB
@Liberty: Yep!
Posted by Realpolitix

Your taste in heroes is really unique, and it tells quite a bit about you. I like it. 

Posted by Liberty
@Realpolitix: What it says most is I have a lot of time to even know who some of these people are.
Posted by Liberty

Someone went and voted no on all my lists on the same day.  Not sure if it was personal.   If you don't like the list just let me know.

Posted by Lvenger

Nice range of characters. And I agree that Maxima shouldn't have been killed off. She had potential as a good character

Posted by Liberty
@Lvenger:   Thanks there is a friend of mine who loves her.
Posted by Mr.Q
I don't know what they were thinking with Vic either. though I do have my theories. nice pics good to see some variety.  keep it up.
Posted by sandman813

I would vote for Rogue my favourite character.
Posted by queenfrost_
same ;)
Posted by Silkcuts
Posted by Jslab425

Posted by Jslab425

Great list!  Love how each entry links to the ComicVine profile page.
Only gripe:  Dolphin and Namorita but no Mera!!! :)

Posted by Liberty
@Jslab425:   Yes, Mera was dead/crazy in most of the comics I own and was only seen in flashbacks.  These books are roughly between about 1980-2005.  I have not seem much about her lately but what I have read is good.  Perhaps in time I will add her.  I also have to add ghost but I hate taking someone off.
Posted by humanfly26

Cool list!
you must be a big JLI fan! Are you enjoying Generation Lost?
I have to say I'm a little surprised to find Fleur de Lis so high on the list. I think I've only seen her in one issue of Blue Beetle and maybe one other comic..

Posted by RoninKane

 By this and some of your other lists I can see your a big fan of the JLI and lot of B-list characters in general, and there is nothing wrong with that, I have a few favorite B-listers myself, but I can't  recommend any greatest list that contains Stephine Brown. I'm just being honest, if that sounds personal its not toward you but i'm just a Stephine Brown hating  Moe Foe!
Posted by Liberty
@RoninKane:   Hey no worries.  You should vote on my most annoying character forum if you dislike her that much.  Who are your B-Listers?
Posted by Liberty
@RoninKane:   By the way if you were the guy who voted no on this list recently I am glad that you at least said why.  I hate it when people vote no on a list and don't have enough personality or backbone to even say way.
Posted by TheyMightBeGiants

I love Ted Kord!

Posted by difficlus

No silver Surfer?

Posted by cbishop
@Silkcuts said:
"dude this List got mentioned on a the Around the Vine: Community wrap up! Congrats!"

Yeah, but...Liberty...I thought the article said that there were explanations on each of these characters - why they are your favorites?  What happened to those?
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

i love the list it was really cool cuz i hadnt heard of most of them so it gave me a bunch of new series to try.
do you read much marvel though cuz i noticed a lack of those guys on the list? 

Posted by brc2000

Hmm... didn't think Vibe had any fans. 
Your top three should be on everyone's favorite characters list.

Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer

Great list a lot of very Cool characters on there

Posted by Hawkeye446

Nice, Some great descriptions there.

Posted by Trouble

nise   list

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Ragman and Black Alice are awesome. Loved them in Day of Vengeance.

Posted by HolySerpent

What's U of M

Posted by ReVamp

The amount of different tastes we have is amazing. Ragman and TT gets you a thumbs up though.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

I was wondering how did you get a specific comic issue on your list "16. Wanted: Hal Jordan Part 2" as I have tried to get certain issues on a list but it will only allow the actual series. Good list by the way.

Posted by Lima2647


Posted by Bezza

Such an individual list and someone else who likes Cap Atom!

Posted by Liberty

@bezza: Thanks. Please recommend if you like it.

Posted by Bezza
Posted by DrFate

Where's this Captain America pick from?