Ultimate Justice League

The Justice League is the ultimate superhero team and the following would be my dream team. Some may argue over the Justice League being the ultimate league but I'm not debating that here. I was inspired by a fellow contributor and I had to make my own dream team. I put no restrictions on my team except that they had to work together. I needed a leader and so on. I considered different time lines, villains and even characters who may have died. I even considered Characters from other universes like Marvel. I just chose not to use them. I chose ten members to have a nice round number.

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

This is a great list and must of taken you a lot of time.

Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

This is so cool. I feel like writing an episode about it! =)
Posted by Liberty

Thanks I appreciate that.

Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice. I guess you know a lot about trick arrows too.
Edited by Liberty

Come on!!!  If you vote no at least tell me why.

Posted by Hollister

Fire and Ice :)

Posted by Liberty

 Someone went and voted no on all my lists on the same day.  Not sure if it was personal.   If you don't like the list just let me know.

Posted by Destron81

This would be a great JL to read. I like the addition of Harley and the reasoning for it. I am not familiar with Ragman but he sounds like an interesting character and addition. I have always liked Maxima and of course Vic Sage is awesome.

Posted by Liberty
@Destron81:   Thank you for actually reading my reasons, and voting yes.
Posted by Mr.Q
I agree with you on Vic (surprise.) Maxima though I am not familiar with her I agree with the reasoning behind the choice. the team needs to function as a team. nice roster all around good to see the "B-Listers" getting their due. keep it up. and don't let one fool who missed the 'yes' button get under your skin. 
Posted by Liberty
@Beast-X:   This is very cool. 
Edited by ChadwickDavis

I wouldn't call it the "Ultimate Superhero Team", hahahahahahaha 
But I have to admit it is a brilliant roster selection  
one question though... who is going to punch out Guy first, Harley, Maxima, Camtain Atom, or Question (Vic Sage)    

Posted by Liberty
@ChadwickDavis:   Maxima.  When Guy suggest that if she really wants someone to plant her seed she should talk to a real Gardner.   
Posted by Decept-O

This is an interesting list of choices.  I really like the fact you included Ragman, and I totally agree what you said concerning him.  The bad part is the first series of Ragman had some atrocious artwork in it, but fortunately he's had better artists draw him of late.  A real unique character with unique powers.
Posted by Liberty
@Decept-O:   What series are you referring to?  The one from the 1970's or the one from the 1990's.
Posted by Decept-O
The 1990's series.  While the stories were excellent, I couldn't get over the awful art.  That's just my opinion, though.
Posted by Liberty
@Decept-O:   I actually agree with you.  I didn't hate the art but it was really basic looking.
Posted by Decept-O
I think it could have been a lot better if the art wasn't so sloppy.  Again that's just my opinion.  I've heard some people mock Ragman in the comic book shop but that sucks because he's a cool character, at least for me.
Posted by Crymsun

While i don't agree with all your choices, I see that you put a lot of time and effort into it.  I like that you chose a lot of the JLI guys!  I think I'm gonna have to think about 'My' JLA, and make a list too!   
Love your lists, btw.
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

not bad at all
Posted by queenfrost_

This is so cool! I would love to write a fanfic with these guys in! :D you should do a matching villain team xx

Posted by Ultimate JSA

awsome list
Posted by Renee

Awesome dream team! You're so right, you can't have Fire without Ice. And I love that Harley Quinn is in it! :)

Posted by RoninKane

       I like the current story arch the JLI and think Harley and Ragman would bring great things to the team like mystery from Ragman a strait fun from Harley, but I'm just not feeling the Question and Maxima. The Question is a great character but he has always been a loner just like they said in JL Unlimited you referred to. It would be hard to place him on an ongoing team, he is more of a only call if you really need to know something. I'll be frank about Maxima, she has always been a super powered stuck up bitch that would step all over this team or better yet feel lowered by beathing the same air as them. The Ultimate JL, I won't go that far, its hard to beat a Trinity led Justice League from any time period' but with some of these new characters added would make for some good stories and thats why I recommended your list.     

Posted by Liberty
@RoninKane:   I love your comments but let me disagree with you here and hopefully convince you otherwise.  The Question is no different than Batman.  Batman for about 70 comicbook years was always the loaner.  He was the guy for years who wouldn't join but would be there if he was needed.  It was the same with the DCAU.   He referred to himself as a part timer.  This is the role I see him playing.  
As far as Maxima is concerned she was part of the JLI for about 30 issues and became part of Extreme Justice for about 24 more issues.  This is a pretty good track record as a team player.  As for her personality I won't argue that but I  will say her personality worked well with the group.  I loved her arguments with guy Gardner.  Once Guy even told her "If you really want to find a Guy to plant your seed you should talk to a real Garner."  It was hilarious.
Posted by jrh7925

Your list inspired me to do a similar list. I think the Question in an interesting choice, but I went the Dick Grayson route to replace Batman. Ragman would be interesting too. Unfortunately, I chose Kilowog over Guy (don't hate me!)... Guy's good, but he's one of those guys that I can't picture in a team (hell, like Batman). Plus, I want Kilowog just to hear him call people poozers!

Posted by arrowfan237
What about Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman.
Posted by Ice Princess

Great team!

Posted by ReVamp

o__O. Best Weirdest JL team ever.

Posted by Lvenger

I didn't see this list until I clicked on followed user lists and there it was. Anyway this team has a really good mixture of personalities and power sets in the team. I especially like your choice of Ragman not because I particularly like him but because he's a dark horse of the team. It would be interesting to see how this team functions.

Posted by Tunsieon

I wouldn't have considered HQ, interesting choice. I bloody love both Vic and Rory, so I'm all for those choices. I wouldn't have gone for Maxima myself, but to each their own. Overall, a very good list. I wouldn't mind seeing this team in the comics, though I'd like a good explanation as to why the world's greatest heroes would let HQ in.

Posted by Liberty
@Tunsieon: Yeah HQ has been made a lot darker since I made this list but there was a time when it was a lot more likely.  I guess if I was writing for DC I would things different.  That said Plasticman was an ex-con and he was in the league with the big seven.
Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Nice team, I also would love for this to be picked up and ran with.

Posted by kidamazo29

Most of these people were or are part of justice league internationtal


Mr Majestic? Maybe as Superman's counterpart in this team :D