Sexiest Covers

I plan on making a list of my top 100 sexiest covers that are in good taste. I would love suggestions because this may take a while. I am not including variant covers only because I want the person who views my list to know what cover I am talking about without refereeing them to another link for each book.

List items

Posted by Decept-O

Sweet list.  There are of course so many many more.  I do like your choices.   
Posted by Liberty
@Decept-O:   Yes, I need to add more to this one.  I am still working on it.
Posted by VIN31

Very nice list....

Posted by the referee

what no Vampirella or Lady Death? Just wondering

Posted by Liberty
@the referee:   I would be glad to add some.  Can you recommend some?
Posted by the referee
@Liberty: I haven't bought a trade back in years, and all my comics are boxed up. Sorry
but I look around
Posted by ComicMan24

Nice list.

Posted by Tsakura

Good List Liberty! I'm with the referee, Lady Death has some good ones for this list! Here's a She-Hulk one for you 

Hope you find more!
Posted by Liberty
@Tsakura:   I love that cover and added it to my funniest cover list.  If you come up with any others I would be glad to check them out.
Posted by Silkcuts

This list needs more ADAM HUGHES!

Posted by difficlus

nice list !!!

Posted by Jaylayson

I had to recomend the list.  You included Alien Worlds!
Posted by TheyMightBeGiants


Posted by PowerHerc

Great concept!  Great choices!  How about this one?  Do you think it's worthy? 

Posted by Deadknight

Try looking through the covers of the Personality comics publisher. They're all about "personality." 
Posted by ReVamp

I love the fact that they're mostly modest. ;)

Posted by Bad_People

Yeah, there are just some characters where you could just pull any old issue out of a hat.

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how can i like this page??