My 9 Year Old Son's Favorite Heroes.....Besides Dad.

I made a list for my five year old and my nine year old wants to do one too so here we are.  For each Halloween he has dressed up as (in order) As a dragon, Scully from Monsters Inc., Detroit Piston, King Kong, Superman, Flash, Batman, Scarecrow, Joker and WWII Captain America.  (By the way he put these order.) As you can see as he got into superheroes it was all over.

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Nice List

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Wow!! Nice list! My favorite here is Casey Jones, he was cool. Especially in the old Ninja Turtle books.

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@turoksonofstone: Yes, they know Casey Jones from the movies.
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Yay for Krypto. It is nice to see both Batman and Dick Grayson on the same list. I like them both too.

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  Bugs Bunny is the all time greatest cartoon character ever, it's good your kids have seen the classics.  Sure do miss those cartoons.

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this list is so cool! tell! ur kid has awesome taste
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This is adorable

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awesome   list   dude

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Cyclops is my favorite X-Man too x]

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Nice one the wee man has awesome taste.

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Nice List. Tell your son I agree about Kung Fu Panda was better.

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Sweet list.

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Quite the list for a youngster!

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if your boys likes Casey Jones I recommend the short indie film by the same name. can be found on youtube.

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Private is my homie :)

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Which version of Dick Grayson is it? As Robin, or Nightwing?

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