Greatest 12 Characters of the 1950's

Who is on this list, what this list is about and how they got on the list!

 What else can be said
This is one of a set of lists I made showing a progression of the greatest characters in a heroic style throughout time. Focusing for the most part on one decade at a time. The heroes that we know and love today were inspired by heroes before them. Some are even real people who moved into folklore. Before comics there were pulp magazines. Before that there was dime novels and before that was the penny dreadfuls. There were many others as well like Gothic novels, story papers and yes even a real novel.   

The List
These are the greatest Characters to come out between the years of 1950 and 1959.    These would be characters who will go on to be the biggest influences in comics either directly or indirectly.  In other words these will become great inspirations to future comic characters and stories. Right now they are in order of year.   

 A New World
New Stuff 
The 1950's was an odd time for comic books.  They were suffering from after the boom of the 1940's.  They tried many things to keep their companies afloat.  DC drastically changed the look of some of their superhero characters.  They also broadened their base of books.  They added many more western, space, military and horror comics for example.

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Posted by Mr.Q
this must have been hard for you.
Posted by Wise Son

Sgt. Rock > Rawhide Kid.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Hal Jordan and Supergirl are great and they are my favorite on this list. It shows you really did work hard in all of these lists. Keep up the great work. 

Posted by Video_Martian

Having Barry Allen on this list is an absolute WIN ;D

Edited by Jaylayson

First, I love these list. I agree with most of them, or at least see your points on most. I see Bond, Flash, Green Lantern, even Phantom Stranger, Adam Strange, and Turok. But the 1950's had some other awesome characters:

Charlie Brown/Snoopy (1950)

Dan Dare (1950)

Astro Boy (1951)

Richie Rich (1953)

Marvelman (1954)

and the introduction of the Legion of Super heroes (1958).

Just a thought. Still a great list.

Posted by Liberty
@Jaylayson: Thank you.  Although these are all great characters I didn't want to have characters that weren't of the heroic type.  I know that is vague but I was looking for Superheros that could easily exist in the same universe as character like Superman and Spider-man.  Basically I didn't want characters that were "cartoony"  That eliminated all your suggestions exsept Dan Dare and Marvelman.  Dan Dare is kind of that 13th man.  Who is on the circle and may bump one of the characters I have now.  Now on to Marvelman.  Marvelman is awesome and overly worthy of this list.  I'm glad you suggested him.  It was a complete oversight and I think my list is even better now.  I hope you will check out my other lists and vote on them as well.  I would love your input as you made my list better.
Posted by ReVamp

Nice list. Respect on Number 10.

Posted by Liberty
@ReVamp: You new it was hard for me.  =)
Posted by ReVamp

@Liberty: More like Impossible o.O

Posted by AirDave817

Cool list!

This really captures the '50's = the Cold War; Westerns; Sci-Fi; the "Twilight Zone" nature of The Phantom Stranger. I'd never heard of the Ringo Kid before.