Greatest 12 Characters of the 1860's

Who is on this list, what this list is about and how they got on the list!

A New Concept
This is one of a set of lists I made showing a progression of the greatest characters in a heroic style throughout time. Focusing for the most part on one decade at a time. The heroes that we know and love today were inspired by heroes before them. Some are even real people who moved into folklore. Before comics there were pulp magazines. Before that there was dime novels and before that was the penny dreadfuls. There were many others as well like Gothic novels, story papers and yes even a real novel.  
The List 
These are the greatest characters of the 1860's who first appeared between 1860 and 1869.   .  These would be characters who will go on to be the biggest influences in comics either directly or indirectly.  In other words these will become great inspirations to future comic characters and stories. Right now they are in order of year.

New Stuff 
This is one of my favorite lists.  The characters here come from penny dreadfuls, dime novels, magazine serials, novels and even children's books.  There are always some that don't like a list usually for arbitrary reasons.  For example the Alice Characters.  Sure they were children's books but they were written that way to hide their political content.  The character's from these books have been used a million different ways.  For example two of them were emulated by Batman villains.  Alice's wonderland has a dark side that is intriguing.   I also love Gwynplain.  How can you look at him and not see the Joker?  Not to mention the horrors of the story.  
 Who is Gwyplain!

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Cool info.

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I hate Gwynplaine because he scares the Sh!T outta' me...

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nice list! love how you dissect every aspect of infos