Good Guys Wear Fedoras

Superheroes who wear fedoras as part of their costume. This is a top ten list.

Dan Garret - Blue Beetle
Miss Masque

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Posted by turoksonofstone

Its True. Its Damn True.

Posted by Mr.Q
didn't the first Blue Beetle wear one briefly in his early days looking a little like the Green Hornet before changing his costume to resemble the Phantom? or am I way off? what about Dick Tracy he did it before it was cool.
Posted by Liberty
@Mr.Q:   Dick Tracy is awesome but he is more detective than Superhero.  I'm not thrilled with my Phantom Stranger pick so if you think of someone better let me know.  As for the Blue Beetle that guy is part of my top three favorites of all time.  I practically wrote the Blue Beetle page. I never knew him to wear a fedora but if you prove me wrong he is on the list for sure.
Posted by Mr.Q
@Liberty: I read somewhere before that when Dan first started for like a couple months or so he was depicted like that. can't really prove it I was hoping you could verify. but I'll keep an open eye. 
Posted by Liberty
@Mr.Q:   He was a policeman in the beginning maybe a detective perhaps that was before he started wearing the chain-mail shirt.
Posted by Mr.Q
@Liberty: perhaps. I'll have to look into it. its bothering me now. I first read that little piece of info on the Blue Beetle's TV Tropes page. you might want to check it out.
Posted by Liberty
@Mr.Q: When you are right you are right.  I am changing the list.
Edited by Mr.Q
@Liberty: mystery solved. I suppose the clothes do make the man. Mr.E wore one as did Doctor Occult and the Spider wore a "slotch" Hat I don't know if that counts.
Posted by Decept-O

This is a great list!
Posted by Mr.Q
just wondering what was it about the Phantom Stranger selection you didn't like. why Renee and not him?
Posted by Liberty
@Mr.Q:   The Phantom Stranger is alright but he is not a typical crime fighter.  I really don't have a problem with him I just prefer my top ten to him.  I remember reading story arcs like Legends where he doesn't do anything but talk about the mystical events that are unfolding.  Rene, I liked back during the Batman Adventures and I like the Question.  Now I was not thrilled to see Vic killed off but if they were going to do it anyway they could have done it worse.  Not much worse mind you but worse non the less.  
The only thing I don't like about Rene is they forced her to have this overblown personality of a hard-boiled, lesbian, suicidal sex addicted bad ass.  I really would have liked her better if they kept her more like she was in the DCAU.  I think she is completely different in the books and I don't like her as much.
Posted by Mr.Q
@Liberty: I guess I just don't see how pulling him out of limbo, suddenly giving him cancer, pairing him up with an even more obscure cannon immigrant that he never met or heard of before because apparently she was the ONLY choice to carry on his 'Legacey' and then just letting him wither away with no real purpose or dignity while singing Danny Boy right at a time when his popularity was starting to rise a little could have been a better option. but more to the point it just seems to feel a little redundant to have both people VIC and Renee on the same list. but then again its not my list. to each his own.
Posted by Liberty
@Mr.Q:   I agree with everything you said but I wouldn't replace her with Phantom Stranger.  Not at this time anyway.
Posted by Mr.Q
@Liberty: very well. what about Mr. E? or Doctor Occult? just asking....... you really don't like the Phantom Stranger do you?
Posted by Liberty
@Mr.Q:   To be honest I don't know Dr. Occult of Mr. E.  I am indifferent to Phantom Stranger. 
Posted by Mr.Q
@Liberty: I don't really know them either but I remembered seeing them with fedoras or similar looking hats. I think they are in the Trench Coat Brigade with the Phantom Stranger and John Constantine. John doesn't were a hat though. I don't think...
Posted by IrishX

Indiana Jones would be a good add. I can understand leaving him out though due to really being more a movie character.

Posted by Liberty
@IrishX:    Yeah.  I was wanting to keep this as a more superhero list.
Posted by Hawkeye446

@turoksonofstone said:

Its True. Its Damn True.
Posted by ReVamp

SANDY F**KING HAWKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by CrimsonCake

What about Darkwing Duck?He's technically a comic book character because of the Duck knight series.

Posted by Liberty
@CrimsonCake: I think Darkwing wears a akubra.
Posted by AssertingValor

Perry! lol

Posted by HammerTron

How about the Blue Scorpion?

He wears a fedora too.

Posted by damage32

I had no idea Dan ever had a fedora