Funniest Covers

I plan on making a list of my top 100 funniest covers.  I would love suggestions because this may take a while.  I am not including variant covers only because I want the person  who views my list to know what cover I am talking about without refereeing them to another link for each book.

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Posted by Mr.Q
I'm noticing a pattern here. nice list.
Posted by Decept-O

The What If cover with The Watcher is very disturbing.  Great list, hopefully you will add more.  Personally the Flaming Carrot had some great covers too, although the artwork was very crude, they always made me laugh. 
Posted by Liberty
@Decept-O:   I'll check them out.
Posted by Meteorite
Posted by gambit987

lol never saw a fuuny cover list very original.

Posted by Ultimate JSA

nice list and by the way you wana add more just look up any deadpool titles most of them are great
Posted by humanfly26
Posted by cbishop

Your comment on the Power Girl cover made me laugh.

Posted by humanfly26

here's another funny one i just read:

Posted by Trodorne
Posted by MrUnknown

Really awesome picks, especially the She-Hulk ones! You keep a lookout for more I hope.

Posted by Liberty
@MrUnknown: I will.
Posted by Liberty
@Trodorne: I can't believe I didn't have that one.  I just added it.
Posted by Hawkeye446

Excalibur and She-Hulk! love it!

Posted by ReVamp

11 is awesome. Really awesome.

Posted by Malhavok
Posted by PikminMania

If you include silver age comics then these could take up most of the list:

Posted by papad1992

these r awesome!

Posted by Bad_People

It’s interesting how many covers feature Booster Gold, interesting, but not unexpected.