Comic Vine's (unofficial) Ultimate Greatest Superhero Team II

I wrote a forum back on July 26th 2013 asking people to vote for their favorite characters to make Comic Vines (unofficial) Ultimate Greatest Superhero Team!. Every user got one vote and it took exactly two months ending on September 26th 2013 after 265 votes. This is the second list however. The first list was written in 2010. Here are the results of the first contest.

12 Votes

  • Batman, Spawn, Thor

11 Votes

  • Aquaman, Captain America, John Constantine, Martian Manhunter

10 Votes

  • Cyclops, Doctor Doom, Superman

8 Votes

  • Goku, Hulk

7 Votes

  • Spider-man

6 Votes

  • X-O Manowar: Aric

5 Votes

  • Captain Britain: Brian Braddock

4 Votes

  • Batgirl: Cassandra Cain

3 Votes

  • Black Panther, Booster Gold, Dani Moostar, Dick Grayson, Doctor Strange, Flash: Wally West, Green Lantern: Hal Jordan, Hawkeye, Scarlet Spider, Sentry

2 Votes

  • Bucky Barns, Daredevil, Deadpool, Dr. Solar: Raymond Solar, Fantomex, Flash: Barry Allen, Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze, Hercules, Iron Man, Raven, Vision, Zatanna

1 Vote

  • Adam Warlock, Ant Man: Hank Pym, Batgirl: Stephanie Brown, Bionic Man, Black Bolt, Black Canary: Dinah Lance, Black Widow, Blade, Bleez, Blue Beetle : Ted Kord, Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes, Brainiac 5, Brimstone, Captain Marvel: Billy Batson, Casey Jones, Conquest, Darkness: Jackie Estacado, Darth Plagueis, Deathstroke, Dr. McNinja, Doctor Nemesis, Drax the Destroyer, Eddie Brock, Emma Frost, Fantomah, Firelord, Galactus, Green Arrow, Green Lantern: Guy Gardner, Gurren Lagann, Impossible, Jean Grey, Jokester, Leah of Hel, Leonardo, Magneto, Magik, Marvel Man, Megatron, Mighty Mightor, Moon Knight, Multiple Man, Mr. Fantastic, Nova Prime: Rich Rider, Orion, Professor Zoom, Quasar, Razer, Rick Grimes, Riddler, Robotman, Rogue, Saint of Killers, Savage Dragon, Songbird, Storm, Spectre, Sub-Zero, Superboy, T-000, Thing, Ultimate Hawkeye, Ultimate Spider-man, Venom: Flash, Wasp, Wonder Woman

If you would like to see how the forum went check it out!

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muuuuuuch! better team this time around.... next time We need more Villains

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Posted by Liberty
Posted by DragonEscarlata

Now it would be interesting to try to put up a team that could beat this one. Would it be even possible?

Posted by Bruxae

Nice job.

Posted by M3th

The team is pretty crazy.


Posted by Fallen_Crippled

Love this team!

Posted by Chaos Prime

This is one dam fine team imo.Ok gutted Dr Strange didnt make the top ten but having John Constantine there makes up for it.

Posted by PowerHerc

I'm glad you did this again, though I wish more Viners would've voted.