Justice League International making a come back!


This is a pure fantasy for me but hear me out because all my pipe comic dreams might come true.  This month Justice League: Generation Lost is going to come out and I can not wait for the first issue to hit the stands.  i did not read many comics as a kid and thought of superheros as silly.  Sure i might like an occasional TV show or movie but I really didn't care until I saw Guy Gardner in the Justice League.  Now, I didn't come in at his first appearance in the league but when I read about his league I laughed my butt off.  First of all Guy is still my favorite hero.  He didn't have a secret identity, he didn't care what others thought and he voiced his opinion no matter how stupid, He was funny and most of all he was flawed.  He was a guy who would just sit and have a beer.  Now I know he is not likely going to stand a snowball chance to be in the upcoming book but, a lot of the league that I grew to love will be.  You see the thing that made Guy so great was the cast around him. Booster and Beetle's pranks. Kilowog's naivety and friendship. The sultry Fire and sugary sweet Ice as well as all the other's. As the league grew and changed and spun off I fell in love with more and more of DC's “not ready for prime time players”. I liked heroes that weren't so angry all the time and a normal life. I really care about the characters and what happen to them.

Now that I've given you my thoughts and set up. Let me tell you my pipe dream. I already have Ice, Fire, Captain Atom, and Booster Gold back is a comic together. I am happy right there but it looks like even Ted Kord, Blue Beetle may come back. (Maybe that is just my hopeful thinking on my part) Next it appears that the Book will tie in with the Brightest Day story line. Now this could mean (dare I say it) a resurrection of the heroes I lost over the past fifteen years. Could Brightest Day bring back Maxima, Question and the Crimson Fox twins? Now, I know there is another woman who currently wears the Crimson Fox cowl but The big thing that made her cool was the fact she had a twin. Two people could take the heroic role and this allowed them to do all kinds of things. They didn't have to leave a real duel life. They just took turns being the hero. This is also fun when interacting with the other heroes. Now everything I said is just my twisted dream but I would add Kilowog as a Green Lantern and leave Guy in the Corp. I love Guy but he is too perfect in the book he is in and beside he can always show up from time to time. Then add one more hero the dark Ragman and let Rocket Red go wherever. This would give me about as close to my dream league as I am likely to get. The league would be Blue Beetle (Reyes), Booster, Fire, Ice, Kilowog, Question, Crimson Fox, Ragman, Maxima, and Captain Atom. Lastly I would have three side charters behind the scene so to speak, That would be Ted Kord as a mentor and scientific mind to the league. (His health has suffered enough trauma. Now add Oberon and believe it or not Gypsy to take care of the Maxwell Lord role.

What do you think? Huh? Pretty cool eh? Yeah, well even if you don't like it and it will never happen, it is still my pipe dream after all.

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I'd hoped this was a genuine news story which had somehow leaked over the weekend... you got my hopes up! :p 
They sort of did reform for Formerly Known As The Justice League, but sadly that title didn't last. 

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@xerox-kitty:  I glad to see you have such good taste. : D  As far as the Formerly Know as the  Justice League book that was always suppose to be a mini series as is the new one coming out but I can't complain about 26 issues.  If it sell well they will make a regular run.  we all know if there is money the company will follow.
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this is awesome.
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 Thanks, I thought you would like it.

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Isn't there some thing coming out? Tied to brightest day.

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@Gylan Thomas said:
" Isn't there some thing coming out? Tied to brightest day. "
Sorry...erm....only skimmed the main post.
Generation lost. I'll shut up now.
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It's cool.

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I might check it out. I enjoyed JLI, and Keith Giffen's cool, so
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@harleyquinn12:   Sounds like we have a l ot in common I'm a big Harley fan as well.
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I liked the JLI era, mainly for it's humor. I thought the JLE was the best incarnation of the Justice League. I hope Generation Lost is written like JLE was. Giffen stated that it would be half-humor, half-action.

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@Static Shock:  Half humor half action sounds perfect.  I can't wait.
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Nice! What about ivy?
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What's the roster?

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@Supreme Marvel:  The real roster or the one I'm hoping for?
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@Liberty: The real one.
Hopefully it'll have some members plus Captain Marvel.
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the real one that I know is 
Rocket Red
Booster Gold 
Blue Beetle
Captain Atom
I have not heard about Captain Marvel

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What do you mean?
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Massive fan of JLI. Remember heading into Forbidden Planet back in the late 80s and picking up No.6 - a classic Maguire cover with a possessed Captain Marvel standing over the Martian Manhunter (contained a great scrap between the two). 
I think this is pretty damn cool and can't wait to get involved.

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What do you think of the lost generation?