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I don't really miss Rocket either, considering the fact that we don't even know her character at all... Just saying it was sort of a contrived addition to the team in the first place... why bother putting her on for just two episodes? Just to have Aqualad have someone to kiss during new years? Or *gasp* be the diversity hire?

It's been confirmed on world's finest/toonzone that sometime in the second season there will be some kind of development on Zatanna relating to Dr.Fate/Zatara. Not sure if she'll get much spotlight past that though.

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I'd lmao if he got with black canary to get back at Miss Martian, a reference to the time that MM transformed into Black Canary as flirting : P.

But, that would never happen. They would never let something like this fly on a show on Cartoon Network. Not to mention it would just be weird as hell in general.

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The exact manner of the wording "we have a history" doesn't necessarily imply that they are no longer together.


How did you get Red Sox season tickets?

I have a history with their assistant GM.

This implies I know the assistant GM of the Red Sox, this does not imply I am no longer well acquainted with him.

Anyways, beyond debating semantics. I kind of doubt Zatanna/Dick are an item anymore. Partially due to the fact that Zatanna hasn't had a speaking line since the first episode of this season, along with Rocket (and it is strongly implied that nothing happened between Rocket/Kaldur).

On a related note, it's still annoying how they have Zatanna and Rocket join the team and now they literally have done nothing this season. Zatanna more so than Rocket since Rocket was only in two episodes while Zatanna has been in quite a few and had her own character development arc (very protective father->Dr. Fate).

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The best chance in my opinion was after The New Batman Adventures (extension of B:TAS) ended. Nightwing's character hadn't been fully explored yet, i.e. he hadn't reconciled with Bruce or Babs yet. He's talked to Tim like once (Old Wounds). There was a lot of potential there, but then... we got Batman Beyond instead.

I've heard rumors that Bruce Timm considered making a Nightwing spinoff but he didn't like Dick Grayson that much as a character, and instead went with creating Batman: Beyond. Who knows though, just a rumor, maybe the execs just flat out told him that Nightwing wouldn't have enough brand name to hold a TV show on its own. Batman: Beyond still has Batman in the title, if they had a Nightwing show they might have to make it like... "Nightwing: Batman's Protege", or "Batman Adventures presents: Nightwing", or "Nightwing: Robin No More", something stupid and corny like that instead of a simple "Nightwing: The Animated Series".

I don't see much spin-off potential from Young Justice, at least not yet. So far the YJ Nightwing has been a pretty flat character, much more flat than the YJ season 1 Robin.