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Well, I like Dick Tracy ( :-D ), and wouldn't mind seeing the detective star in his very own comic book series. Evidently, Warren Beatty has alot of clout when it comes to, uh ... Tracy, and who knows when anything outside of the newspaper strip is going to happen.

Beatty has stated interest in doing a sequel to the 1990 film, but that news is going on a decade now and still, nothing. Actually, I had no idea that Brian Michael Bendis was attached to a proposed Dick Tracy comic book, but had to drop out due to pressure from Beatty.

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If we're talking a Andre in his prime, where he was quicker, much more agile, and wasn't burdened with back pains, then Andre all the way.

If we're talking about Andre around Wrestlemania 3 time? Then Bruce wins.

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I find Ock to be more similar in character to that of Peter, than the alternative of Osborn. Both being scientifically inclined, and both being considered, at one point in time or another, introverted by their peers, as well as gaining their powers from freak accidents (one by pure chance, while the other more out of neglect).

That being said, I find Ock to be much more appropriate as the Superior Spider-Man, and have been enjoying the run immensely. Ock being Spider-Man's most consistent arch-nemesis makes him Spidey's #1 villain in my book, and it was about time Ock got a chance to shine within the entire Marvel 616 universe.

Osborn had his.

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Classic Lex. Always has an agenda. :)

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June 2013 simply cannot get here quick enough. I am stoked!


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Pre-Crisis/Post-Crisis Powergirl: Only one instance I can recall it was strongly implied was with Hawkman.

New 52 Powergirl: She made her debut as Karan with the implication she was Mister Terrific's bed buddy.

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I want to tell you something.


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Might have been one of the very few bright spots in a McG directed Superman movie.

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Golden Age Earth Two Kal-L Superman was powerful, but had his power levels increased with age. Even to the extent of knocking out Pre-Crisis Superman in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Pre-Crisis Silver Age Superman was essentially God like in power levels. In terms of feats, this guy was second to none.

Post-Crisis Superman had his powers, and started off more powerful than Golden Age Supes did, but never came close to those Pre-Crisis power levels.

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With the topic of discussion, unfortunately no. Silver Age Superman is not in continuity. Nor has he been since following "Crisis on Infinite Earths" back in 1985. Which effectively ended the Pre-Crisis universe that the Earth-1 Silver Age Superman resided in.

During COIE, the Post-Crisis universe was created with a singular earth named New Earth. A present-day reality where the various elements of the five Earths, and it's heroes, that were not destroyed by the Anti-Monitor were fused into one single Earth, with no one except the people present at the battle at the dawn of time remembering the original reality. To which started the Post-Crisis continuity with the Post-Crisis Superman.

The Post-Crisis continuity was shaken up a bit in 2005 with Infinite Crisis, but continued on. What Infinite Crisis effectively did was fusing Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis continuity together. Establishing that all that Pre-Crisis Earth-1, Earth-Two stuff that had long been ignored by DC since the start of the Post-Crisis continuity, actually DID happen as character's recalled events that transpired during the Pre-Crisis continuity along with the return of Golden Age Superman from Earth-Two, and Superboy-Prime.

Much of the Post-Crisis continuity was still the PRIME continuity, but Infinite Crisis made it so that the Pre-Crisis continuity did indeed transpire in some form. Some refer to it as the Post-Infinite Crisis continuity.

Even though Golden Age Earth-Two Superman returned, Silver Age Earth-1 Superman did not. Nor did his cousin Supergirl, who died during COIE. The Post-Crisis universe had introduced a Post-Crisis Supergirl, and DC chose to stick with her just as they stuck with the Post-Crisis Superman.

2011's Flashpoint brought an end to the Post-Crisis/Post-Infinite Crisis Superman mythology. Since Sept 2011, we now have the New 52 Superman that has no ties to Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, or Post-Infinite Crisis continuity.