Marvel Digital Comics Subscription figure revealed

We already had Nick Fury and X-Force Archangel, now if you get a Subscription for Marvel Digital Comics you will soon be able to get another exclusive figure. Unmasked Doctor Doom with Infinity Gauntlet.

Big Question, why are they using Secret Wars Doom instead of an Proper Unmasked Doom?
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Avengers 3.75" figures revealed (UPDATED)

With NYCC 2011 starting Hasbro have revealed both Black Widow and Hawkeye figures for the Avengers 3.75" movie range. They also mentioned that their will be a 6" range as well 
UPDATED: With Hulk, Loki and Stealth Iron Man Figures

 Iron Man and Black Widow
 Stealth Iron Man

More New Marvel Universe 3.75' figures revealed

Yes Habro have announce more new Marvel Universe 3.75' figures 
Future Foundation Spider-man
Another Punisher
She Hulk
Scarlet Witch (Yay!)
Others mentioned (hopefully there will be images later) included 
Ultimate Spider Man  
Paper Bag Spidey 

Marvel Universe 3.75' News from SDCC 2011 NOW WITH IMAGES

Here are a couple of the new figures coming out for Marvel Universe 

2 Packs 

Mr Sinister and Gambit 
Adam Warlock and THanos 
Ant Man and Moonknight (Secret Avengers)  
Gambit and Sinister 2 Pack
Adam Warlock and Thanos 2 Pack and Secret Avengers Moonknight and Ant Man 2 Pack


Single figures 

Magneto (Purple version of his classic look) 
Ages of Thunder - Thor 
Kraven the Hunter  
Iceman (X-Factor) 
Beta Ray Bill 
Patroit (Young Avenger) 
Tony Start Iron Man (Extermis Armour with removeable faceplate) 
Absorbing Man (Striped Trousers) 
White Iron Fist 
Shadowlands Daredevil 
Astonishing Wolverine  
Beast (version of his Astoning Look) 
Shadowland Daredevil and Psylocke

Magneto and Ages of Thunder Thor

Ice Man, Beta ray bill and Patriot
Absoribing Man, White Iron Fist
Kraven and Astonishing Wolverine
Tony Stark Iron Man

Gift Set

Spider-man, Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man  
Ultimate Gift set