Ben Reilly to return?

BEN'S BACK! Looking even further down the line, the solicitation for SCARLET SPIDER #21 promises that "everything has changed for Kaine" following the events of Sibling Rivalry, and that he's about to cross paths with none other than Ben Reilly. What more can you say about what the end of this story means for SCARLET SPIDER going forward?

Christopher Yost: The last page of Sibling Rivalry really changes the game for Kaine. Something happens—I mean the entire series is based on the fact that this is a guy who has a second chance at life. Sometimes, second chances can be taken away. This is where SCARLET SPIDER has been building to for basically the entire series. You're going to see everything kind of implode. You think you've seen bad things in Kaine before? You haven't seen anything yet.


New Iron man 3 Assemebler Figures announced with Images

Well Hasbro have revealed the first toys for the New iron Man 3 toy range, the complete terrible Assemblers. Basically these allow you to swap the armour of your 5 point articulation figures around to great new armour variants. Take a look as these awfull toys below and figures crossed the proper 3.75" figures will be better


Marvel Now Point One full teaser

Marvel have revealed all 5 Marvel Now Point One teasers, so I decided to put them altogether and get the final picture

So we have Wiccan with a team of Mystics (looks like Loki and someone else), Starlord, Cable Antman and Nova


SDCC 2012 Marvel Universe 3.75" figures preview night

SDCC 2012 has arrived which means Marvel Universe 3.75" Figure news, interesting the preview night mostly showed off new multipacks including X-men Vs Avengers 2 packs rather than new figures... well one new figure was revealed to eagle eyed people at the Diorama

X-men Super hero 3 pack (with X-Baby Cyclops)
X-Baby Cyclops Close up
Falcon and Captain America 2-Pack
Future Foundation Balc Costume Spider-man and Dr Doom 2 Pack
X-men Vs Avengers 2-Pack Magneto and Captain America
Silver Centurion Iron Man and Mandarian 2-Pack
X-men Vs Avengers 2 Pack Wolverine and She-Hulk
Spider-man and Rhino 2 Pack
Heroic Age Avengers 3 Pack
Surprise Sharon Carter 3.75" Figure