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@fallschirmjager: I would have thought that they should have the villans just be the manhunters, so they don't need to use so much time developing another villain like they did with parralx and hammond, also they can get some really creative action set pieces with the manhunters. That way they can develop sinestro as the villain for the second film, which is what they seemed to be doing.

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@legacy6364: I would go crazy for some red lanterns in dccu, but who could play Atrocitus?

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What would you do differently from the first failure?

I think if there hopefully is a hal in the dccu that they focus more on space, i also feel hammond and parallax were not the right choices for first villains at all. however bring back mark strong as sinestro, he was awesome.

I feel a series of 3-4 movies implementing adapted stories of sinestro corps war and blackest night once enough of the other characters in dccu are introduced could work.

what do you guys think?

maybe it could work like this:

1st film: develop hal and sinestro rel. and have manhunters as villans. focus on space 80% of the time

2nd film: red lanterns attack, greens seek help from other lantern corps, while sinestro discovers the power of fear and slowly becomes obsessed with it.

3rd film: sinestro corps war

4th film: blackest night?

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How fast do you think?

Wonder woman

Green lantern





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Man you are blowing this out of proportion, if he's not in the justice league doesn't necessarily mean he's not in the dccu. Plus he wasn't part of the original jl. I think someone else mentioned it but most likely he will be I'm the dccu just not on the team which is fine, if anything mmh should be on the team. Heck we haven't even heard anything major for gl or flash

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Jean, I have this weird obsession over famke janssen

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Post scans (if unable, describe them) of the moments that evoked emotion in you. I know you got at least one.

I'll start: http://imageserver.moviepilot.com/the-death-of-captain-america-kiss.jpeg?width=600&height=483

Great to see cap stand up to a thanos in such a godly state


Showing WWs determination and belief in others

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Just curious on my copy of Justice by Alex Ross on page 109, on the second panel (showing a museum) there is a random brown/black line going across it. Anyone else who has the trade have this on theirs?

Could this be an indication that it's fake or I'm I just getting paranoid over a printing error?

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First watch I thought it was ok, second I thought it was men/boring. It comes out pretty weak compared to other cbms this year too

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Hmmm,the character I feel is still there. Sometimes I feel she can be a bit more complacent at times, the biggest difference I feel other than her origin is the Greek family is pretty much completely re-done. They all have unique designs and the relationship dynamics between them can be entertaining and interesting. There is quite a large focus on them which some don't like. Honestly I think you should try it, you would know if you will like it from reading first 3-4 issues for sure. Coming from a fan of post crisis and new 52.