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Nico's staff can't bring others back from the dead. It can bring her back from the dead. Problem solved.

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The best use of Magik that I have seen in many, many years... and she's been pretty interesting lately. This was a great read with an ending that makes me want to read more. I don't know why I enjoy Bendis on these X-Men books better than I ever did when he was on the Avengers. I just do.

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My iTunes feed has been giving an error since last week and showing the little exclamation point next to the listing in my window. I was able to go to the iTunes store and subscribed to Super-Massive (which used to come through on this CV Podcast feed) as its own feed and it worked fine.

So something is screwed up on the CV or Apple side with this feed. But fortunately I downloaded the episode here. The ones with James are the best.

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I didn't see this as bickering. For once, I appreciated a lot of Bendis-y dialog because just about everything finally got all hashed out. Normally, I've been agreeing with Tony's opinion of this series, but this time, I think this was actually one of the strongest issues. This series continues to surprise me with how much I enjoy it.

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5-Stars vs. The Bad of "Nearly Perfectly"

Sara, I have a feeling James will only be able to focus in on the word "nearly" on the next podcast. It'll be great!! :)

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I thought it was one of the best of the current 5 issues. The emotional scenes with the kids worked great for me and I loved the art. Yes, it's placement chronologically is an issue, but that is more of a function of Marvel's numbering system than any fault of the book itself.

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Tony, this was a nice interview but please consider using a land line (or at least a cell phone) for these things. Thanks for these shows, tho. I like them.

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One of the sticking points for the Catwoman #0 issue on the Podcast seemed to be the scene where the cats "lick her back to life." I never really had a problem with this, even in Batman II. I guess it's because I never thought she had died, only nearly died. Then went a little crazy after the cats "revived" her. I don't think the cats are magic. Well, that's my two sense on just that one part of the origin. I could see how the other changes could be bothersome. Then again, maybe I am biased. Batman II is my favorite of all the Batman movies (even though it has Michael Keaton in it).

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I have no problem with Ares being one of Diana's teachers. Not sure why Sara or anyone else does. I mean, it did take me back for a moment, but it makes sense as to why Diana, unlike the other Amazons, would be the one to eventually leave the island and come into the "world of man." I think it was handled perfectly.

I see no reason to think that it implies "that the Amazons could not mold a fearsome warrior on their own..." It simply isn't there in the story, so that's the reader's baggage, something they infer on their own, and not the writer's misstep.