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@infonation said:

@Leliel: That sounds like a pretty solid theory to ME! The best I could ever come up with was that Post needed Cable's help to survive and the only thing Cable could think of to do was give him a blood transfusion, and thanks to the transmode virus that still resided inside him Cable's blood had some interesting "Side-effects"...

Maybe one day we will know the answer sense no one says dead and Post has been dead for few years now

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@infonation said:

@Leliel: I don't think Spidercide is actually dead! Just contained somewhere! All he needs is for someone to let him out and he'll be back!

It be pretty sweet if he were to come back and fight the current Spiderman (Oct's mind in it)

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@XsPectre28 said:

i'd like to see chamber become the next apocalypse since that arc-effect on him was left in limbo & he take blink as his first horseman finds synch who survived necroshea arc & makes him his second horseman, takes genocide as a horseman & maybe skaar. also takes evan/genesis as his heir/pupil. either that or chamber just takes the remainder of the new mutants ( magma, cypher, warlock, blink.... minus x-man) plus husk & start the Gen-X initiative!!!!!

Yes, and yes when are we going to get that thing about Jono being a member of the Clan solidified

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@Thunderscream said:

@hyiena: I know this thread is way old, but I'm working on a fan-fic where he IS a mutant, blue like his mother and feral (claws/senses/regen) like his father but with the ability to blend into his surroundings like a chameleon. His mutant name is Coyote. (I KNOW The Spot just changed his name to Coyote....but I don't care, I've been using the name for over a year in my noodle) He's still a jerk though, very political and an egomaniac.

I know I always say "I'm working on this fanfic where..." but I'm totally almost ready to type this one out from all my notebook scribble-scrabble ;)

If you ever finish that Fanfic, I like to read it sounds interesting and let that by know to writer that they could give us an alternative world with Graydon was instead a fan of mutants and try everything possible to be one sense both of his parents were ones

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@Chesapeake said:

He just arrived

yup I been keeping an eye on him

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@CWB said:

As the Collective, Michael Pointer was one of my favorite characters. But I am kind of confused by his powers now. I understand using mutant energy, to power his abilities of blasts and flight, but how does he take Wolverine's blades in the back and still be alive?

guess he could have uses the energy to boost his cell-regeneration to the point of having healing factor but probably exhaust him afterwards

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@PrinceIMC said:

His last name is Jeffries, his first name is Madison. It would be like calling Cyclops 'Summ'. Do you think it's a play on Mass Effect with EDI and Jeff 'Joker' Moreau?

interesting but not sure which relationship came first

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@Solarflare32 said:

These kids will likely be murdered by shaw, bogan, etc when aarons run is over

I hope they will supervillains who are kid are always too ridiculous for me and I think reality warping is ok, but kid behind all the evil things and somehow he gets away and incredible smart and is not a mutant well that just not happening

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I actually want for Rusty to come back and had get together with Skids sort of like how Douglas came back

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@PhantomAres said:

Having just looked up the under detailed X-Men 2099 page I thought I would check on Glitterspike as he is, despite being such a laugh out loud lame villain, is just so awesome. His fans need to unite, with any luck I will fish out my comics and add some detail to his page so he gets some more respect XD

maybe the day would come but most 2099 as much like them are obscure