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So whats the opinion on the brain washing that seems to be going around? The way Idie acted after killing a bunch of Hellfire people? I think Kenji is right about the mind controlling of the mutants. Making mutants see it her way. I just read a recent X-men Legacy where some of the younger crowd completely give up and become "soldiers" like Hope is.

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I dont' like the bra look, something with sleeves please like X-force. But from a stand-point of fighting she gets cut up and probably goes through a lot of clothes from blood stains and such. Less clothes less likely to ruin. But kids do pay to get already cut up and holey jeans nowadays, Laura just gets them done in a more violent way.

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I will hold out hope for better writers for Rogue/Gambit. I do agree that throwing Magneto in it is just to give it controversy but to pair Gambit with Franzy!!! AHHHH!!!! Of all people especially her coming off the Cyclops AoX story it feels forced even with her giving him crap about watching Magneto and Rogue together just to build chemistry. Blah! I do agree with Crimsonspider89 that it would be interesting to see either Cannonbball or Iceman with Rogue, but it may feel forced seeing how they have shown most interections between these characters as more sibling love.

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@The Dark Huntress: I knew that Rachel doesn't have the Phoenix BUT she has the years of experience, knowledge, and history of the Phoenix that Hope does not have. Yes she has shown to use phoenix power but she doesn't know all the bad blood behind it either. She has asked Scott about it while Emma was around, so she wasn't able to leech off Emma telepathy to get answers. Will she be able to get through Rachel's? I doubt it but I would love to see some interactions between these two.

I believe it was just chance that Hope got the call, but Wolverine will not be happy with Hope showing up. It will be interesting to see how Exodus reacts to Hope. But I am hoping for more family interactions (If you want to say Hope is related to Rachel, which is true in Nate adopting her)

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Just read X-men Legecy 262, where Hope comes to the rescue. Rachel is in the battle too and I have seen no interaction between these two. I am interested in seeing what kind of powers Hope will leech off of Rachel (of the phoenix variety?) But also how these two will interact? Good, bad, violent.....phoenix involvment?

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Not a big Wolverine fan but I just read X-23 story that had me wondering. She went into the water and commented on how hard it was to swim with just her claws being heavy. Has Wolverine ever been in the water and struggled? Or is he so strong that he can swim with all that weight?

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@xerox_kitty: Thanks, I didn't see that one. Just saw the them make a big deal about her picking a side. But I figured she'd go to Wolverine side

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Just saw that Magneto is siding with Cyclops and Gambit is siding with Wolverine. They are making a big deal of Rogue picking. I think that she is going to take Wolverine, not because of Gambit (although a bonus in my eyes) but she has a better relationship with Wolverine, a better understanding. Cyclops and her have never been close that I have noticed, plus with his demoting her and taking her away from Hope's team, not steady groundwork for her to follow him.

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I just read one of the Legacy's issues where Gambit is talking to Frenzy saying he is giving Rogue time to see up close and remind her that he is going to do something to prove Magneto will never change and she will come back to Gambit. How convinced am I that Magneto is going to be a good guy from here on out, not sure. But I will always hold onto some strange hope of 'happily ever after' for Rogue and Gambit to be together in the end.

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Ok loyalty shouldn't have been questioned. Just the way the conversation went didn't like the way it came across to me. Even Kitty said she would not spy for him, even though he corrected her, but still the whole thing rubbed me wrong.