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So Simon is stuck in Rogue's head & Wanda is in love with Simon so she will be more than motivated to help Rogue get Simon out of her head. Will this become a really weird love triangle? Like when Ms. Marvel took over Rogue's body, will Simon be able to do same thing?

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Okay they have killed off quite a few people in the series. How are they going to undue this damage? Time travel seems to be the option. A cheap easy quick fix but it would bring a lot of characters back. I mean all the work they did to get Wanda back after she vanished from House of M once it was undone, only to kill her. Plus Rogue FINALLY getting her powers under control after decades of emotional and physical beatings. Not to mention mental scarring. Seems like the only thing to fix this, any other possiblities?

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Well this wasnt him reacting to Rogues death just Logan telling him to get his head out of his butt and fly straight. Funny coming from Logan.

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@loganrogue24: Rogue has made Wolverine a little distrustful of her judgement lately. I will keep reading Uncanny Avengers in hopes that she comes back before the series is done. I do wonder what Wolverine's reaction will be BUT I am really more curious to see what Gambit's will be.

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They were one of the biggest couples in Marvel. You can't just brush off Gambit's reaction to Rogue's death. After the way he acted when Omega and Mimic came to town and Rogue helped them and almost died, I see him going into depression, maybe even getting more involved with his working underground control of the Thief's Guild. You know turning bad guy. I am upset with her death and all, but History of X-men has proven anyone can come back from the dead.

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@animehunter: Thank you for that post, my heart is officially broken.

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Okay if you read Uncanny Avengers 14 you saw Rogue have Wolverine's power, so she can heal. But Reaper looked like he killed her pretty good, but did it happen before or after Scarlet Witch saying "Rise" to all mutants (Dead as well as alive?) I dunno, what is your thoughts? My thoughts being if they killed Rogue completely (although with X-men history, it has proven they can come back) I could be done with Marvel.

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Last I remember it popping up was in limbo while rescuing magik when it took over.

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I remember reading that gambit had the death personality pop up and take over a couple times from his apocalypse experience a while back. But now he seems normal with no issues. What happened to him that that was fixed?

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I don't usually step outside of x-men area too often but I was looking forward to this series and seeing how everyone interacts after AvX. Don't know what avengers usual character personalities are but I was disappointed, Wasp did mention how it seemed so high school and it came off that way. I will try to keep an open mind to other stories titles.