I Can't find Any Cheap Comic's!!!

Howdy, Okay I was in a store ( Barnes and Noble) if you ever been there you would know what i'm talking about, I was in the Comic book section trying to find this week's comic. And most of them were like, Thirty Dollars! Not lying, so is Thirty Dollars even worth the Price?


Life After Death

What do you think happens when people die? Do they go to a place called Heaven, or is it like sleeping? Some people think you go to a horrible place with a lake of fire!


New Team Try outs!

I had nothin better.... Well i'm havin team try outs to join my team I want you to tell me your powers, Name, And weaknesis, So let the try outs begin! 
Here are the openings see what you like. 
Two Body Guards




Can't think what their called right now but it will do, Second Command.

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Star wars Clone wars How FAR!

I haven't created a blog in a while because I'm running out of idea's. So I'm just gonna do this. In star wars the Clone wars there will be a action pack episode on WENSDAY! How far do you think they'll go with Star wars? I mean they already have a bounty hunter named Cade Bane who was never in the movies or even a glimps of him. So do you really think their gonna stop in season 2? Or keep adding more things to the series.