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Every character has low end feats. Thor when written to his full potential is many times faster than the speed of light.

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I think Thor is over all more powerful than the Hulk and would win in a fight, but I'm not sure about him being physicaly stronger. I mean, could he jump into space?

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Only Kryptionians should write about Kryptonians.

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No. Herceles himself is only a demi-god. It makes more sense for it to be Zeus, (especially given he is a slut).

Nope. Hercules is a full God.

Anyways, I prefer the Clay origin.

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The true Gods of the MU IMO are guys like Galactus, Eternity, Infinity and Eon.

I think there is room to say that the cosmic entities and local guys like the Olympians are both gods. Several real-world mythologies and fantasy universes have an older, more powerful set of gods who may have created the universe and form the basic structures, but are either so abstract or aloof that they do not involve themselves with mortal affairs. Praying to them is worthless assuming they even know or acknowledge mortals are real. Then there is a younger group of gods who tend to run the mortal world and respond to prayers. Greek mythology Zeus was the king of the gods, but older gods like Nyx were just as powerful if not more so and did not necessarily obey him. Yet they did not concern themselves with mortal affairs. Izanagi of Japan is regarded as the father of the gods. Yet he was a seventh generation Kami. The older ones are more abstract concepts. Mortal Kombat has the Elder Gods who created the realms but are unconcerned with what goes on within them unless it is a direct threat to them. Raiden was the leader of Earth's gods and as far as Earth's warriors were concerned the top god. DBZ has the Supreme Kai who oversees both the universes of the living and the dead. Grank Kais oversee one or the other. Lesser kais oversee galaxies and then you have planetary guardians. The Supreme Kai comes off as so aloof that a tyrant who blows up planets for fun like Frieza is beneath his concern.

Same concept for Marvel. What we would consider "true gods" are virtually irrelevant to humans. They maintain the basic structure of the universe and do influence mortals to some degree, but they do not answer prayers or care about them. Gods like Olympians are more likely to answer prayers and be able to help you.

That depends on what you consider a true God. In one comic Galactus says this.

"Sphinx! You share the folly of all your lowly species. You believe that power itself makes one a God! But even Galactus, to whom all is possible, even Galactus whose every passing whim becomes reality — even Galactus is no God."

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Ultimate Hercules makes me miss the 616 one. Can anyone tell me where the character is these days?

No where. He showed up for an issue of Fearless Defenders, he was mentioned by old Thor in his ongoing, and Jason Aaron said that he eventually wants to use Herc (later), but that's about it unfortunately.

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Probably 1500-2000 years old going by his current ongoing.

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I think the only way we should see his power increase is if he can do impossible strength feats due to him being a mystical god being. Something like he could catch light, or hold a tornado, push back a wave. Physically it wouldn't make sense but I think as a god it would be pretty cool.

That's kinda toon force :P

I'd say that he should do things like hulk does, holding a tornado is funny, breaking the time barrier is badass :D

Holding a tornado?

Didn't Thor and Hercules once punch a dimensional portal closed? I think they can already do that.

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I've never seen Thor fly when not holding the hammer so and i'm pretty sure it's been mentioned in the comics that he needs it.

They must eat the apples ever so often for this immortality to continue i believe. Asgardians are destined to die this is a sign of them not being immortal.

The thing is if Thor's weather powers are innate then his wind control would be as well which would allow him to fly. This is the old question of how much of the hammer serves as a channel for his own power. It is not a stretch to picture him flying without it and view it as an undeveloped power.

We know the apples have to be eaten every once in a while, but we do not know how often. Etri the Dwarf first forged Mjolnir a thousand years ago or more and is still alive. Same with some of the older giants like Utgard-Loki. And if dying itself is a sign of not being immortal than every god in Marvel is mortal. We have seen Zeus, Ares, and Hera all die. Whether or not Ragnarok is the true end of the Norse gods or an endless cycle has yet to be explained.

The true Gods of the MU IMO are guys like Galactus, Eternity, Infinity and Eon.

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Thor's flight speed and reflexes are MFTL, but I don't think he's faster than Superman.