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@Duchess said:

@League of Shadows: Are you sure we want to mix business with pleasure babe?

Perhaps you are right. Though I believe we could manage ;)

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@Duchess: You should the League my beloved

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Team Roster/Page has been Updated

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Team pm sent. Just a heads up for those using Alts.

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Through the course of their existence the League of Shadows had always featured a member of the LeBeau dynasty as their figurehead. Until the day Jean Luc split the unified guild of assassins into two factions. The larger more traditional sect took up the following of its original origin within the Order of Sancta Camisa led by Jean himself. While the other, more modern sect, continued under the League of Assassins banner chaperoned by the World's most feared martial artists, Surreal DiaBlo. Poisoned by greed and his lust for power the self-proclaimed "King of King's" guided his league into one failed ambitious undertaking after another, at one point losing his sight in the process. And although the master manipulator would eventual restore the OsC to a position of prominence their true potential remained unfulfilled. Whispers swirled as confidence in their master's ability to lead began to diminish, his focus seemingly shifting from the shadows to the light and his methods straying farther and farther from the path of a true assassin. Meanwhile the League of Assassins vanished into the wind stormed sands of the Middle East along with their legendary Sifu(master/Surreal). Shortly following this unexplained self-imposed exile rumors began to circulate that death had defeated that which could not be defeated in life. Surreal was laid to rest in an undisclosed location, or so the World was led to believe and the League of Assassins were gone.....


The Rebirth:

The cultivated machinations of the LeBeau family have been busy. Infiltrating various institutions and organizations while secretly fomenting the foundation of a newly revived League of Shadows void of the World's watchful eye. A League that was born in the darkness, not simply one adopted by it. Planting the conspiratorial conception of family contempt as they cast the illusion of family condescension with Shakespearean theatricality. In truth, Jean had long ago devised a methodical vision in which his league would be allowed to grow with analytical style procession utilizing his various schemes and organizations as their platform. A delusional believe implanted in the World's mind as Jean formed and vacated institution after institution, all the while gathering information of those around him never truly revealing the methodology of his fundamental framework. Now, somewhere high in the extensive Himalayan mountain range the Aristocratic Assassin has reconstituted his LoS ushering in a new era of assassin.

The اتل

  Tier-1: With an adopted tier system of ranking the League of Shadows houses an assorted level of death dealing assassins strategically spread throughout the World. Starting with an inauguration level comprised of assassins with 20 or more confirmed kills under to name visibly identifiable by their customary all black lightly armored uniforms.

   Tier-2: This elevated level is home to assassins recognized with specific one dimensional areas of expertise boosting surgical level precision. Normally reserved for independent low end contract assassinations. Tier 2 are typically adorned in crimson red cloaks.

  Tier-3: The final stage before official induction, the third tier are sleeper agents utilized in the killing and removal or Warlords, Dictators, and Political liabilities. Espionage is their trade and deception their greatest weapon. Their wardrobe is of their own design though they typical appear in high end fashioned suits depending on their location.

The League of Shadows:

(this will be the where the roster is acknowledged. No one joining the team will be placed in a Tier position as those are slotted for NPC's. You will not be required to fulfill any initiation unless you would like to of your own accord for story purposes).

The دير

Concealed within the protective embrace of the deadly Himalayan mountain range the League of Shadows make their home in what the tribal locals have simply named, the Monastery. Though no religion resides within its clandestine walls and fortified structure. Its secretive nature have become a regional myth with tales of living mist and unexplainable electronic interference which help cloak its location from radar, satellite, and magic enchantments. Inside its lavishly decorated columns of historical art add an elevated level of sophisticated artistry. Maintaining the LeBeau's traditional taste for overindulgent elegance.

The Garden of Sancta Camisa:

A dedicated location within the walls of the LoS. It is treated as a sacred landmark accessible only to those privileged few who bare the mark of the OsC. Its revitalizing mediation properties border on the supernatural.


This expansive training facility is the baptism of the League of Shadows and although the strong may survive, only the elite ascend

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@Mercy_ said:

Working on a post now. Florian, I'm coming for that ass.

Victory...has already defeated you.......Ms. Cassidy

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Just for clarification I'm striking Gambler's affiliation/formation/connection to the JLI from CV continuity (its easily accomplished since we never did an official rpg). I'll be writing him as missing since the dissolution of the Court of Owls. Surkit's gonna kill this sh!t though bet. This team has history written all over it ;)

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@Lady Loveless: Good luck with this. Dont worry about what did or didnt happen in the Lantern Wars, that was like two years ago and nobody ever references it anyway.

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@Mercy_ said:

@League of Shadows: You didn't even do an RPG ;p

Not the first time lol wont be the last.

@EdwardWindsor: I kinda did to but I just cant write with Gambler (or anyone right now). Kinda stalled at the moment. Might leave Gambler on as a reserve or something though.

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