• Date joined:2008-06-06
  • City:New Orleans, La.
  • Gender:Other
  • Alignment:Evil
  • Points:0 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled

The Rebirth:

The cultivated machinations of the LeBeau family have been busy. Infiltrating various institutions and organizations while secretly fomenting the foundation of a newly revived League of Shadows void of the World's watchful eye. A League that was born in the darkness, not simply one adopted by it. Planting the conspiratorial conception of family contempt as they cast the illusion of family condescension with Shakespearean theatricality. In truth, Jean had long ago devised a methodical vision in which his league would be allowed to grow with analytical style procession utilizing his various schemes and organizations as their platform. A delusional believe implanted in the World's mind as Jean formed and vacated institution after institution, all the while gathering information of those around him never truly revealing the methodology of his fundamental framework. Now, somewhere high in the extensive Himalayan mountain range the Aristocratic Assassin has reconstituted his LoS ushering in a new era of assassin.

The اتل

Tier-1: With an adopted tier system of ranking the League of Shadows houses an assorted level of death dealing assassins strategically spread throughout the World. Starting with an inauguration level comprised of assassins with 20 or more confirmed kills under to name visibly identifiable by their customary all black lightly armored uniforms.

Tier-2: This elevated level is home to assassins recognized with specific one dimensional areas of expertise boosting surgical level precision. Normally reserved for independent low end contract assassinations. Tier 2 are typically adorned in crimson red cloaks.

Tier-3: The final stage before official induction, the third tier are sleeper agents utilized in the killing and removal or Warlords, Dictators, and Political liabilities. Espionage is their trade and deception their greatest weapon. Their wardrobe is of their own design though they typical appear in high end fashioned suits depending on their location.

The League of Shadows:

(this will be the where the roster is acknowledged. No one joining the team will be placed in a Tier position as those are slotted for NPC's. You will not be required to fulfill any initiation unless you would like to of your own accord for story purposes).

The دير


Concealed within the protective embrace of the deadly Himalayan mountain range the League of Shadows make their home in what the tribal locals have simply named, the Monastery. Though no religion resides within its clandestine walls and fortified structure. Its secretive nature have become a regional myth with tales of living mist and unexplainable electronic interference which help cloak its location from radar, satellite, and magic enchantments. Inside its lavishly decorated columns of historical art add an elevated level of sophisticated artistry. Maintaining the LeBeau's traditional taste for overindulgent elegance.

The Garden of Sancta Camisa:

A dedicated location within the walls of the LoS. It is treated as a sacred landmark accessible only to those privileged few who bare the mark of the OsC. Its revitalizing mediation properties border on the supernatural.


This expansive training facility is the baptism of the League of Shadows and although the strong may survive, only the elite ascend

Thee Initiated:


Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Impero

Real Name: Unknown (Currently using 'Nathan Dorian' as a cover)

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black (Presumably)

Weight: 178 lbs

Age: Unknown

Eye Color: Varies

Height: 6'3"

Powers: Supernatural Martial Arts, Mastery of the Subconscious, Superhuman Physiology, Super-Genius Intellect, Fear Control

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Unknown (Presumably London, England)

Known Aliases: The Genius, The Boss, Nefarious Neutral, Underground King

Mini Biography: A mysterious enigmatic masked figure who's true identity remains a secret to all, cunning Impero has emerged as one of the deadliest individuals the world has ever seen. Gifted with a virtually peerless grandmastery of supernatural martial arts coupled with a series of common and as of yet mysterious abilities, the deadly puppeteer has recently taken several steps to accelerate his as of yet unknown grand-plan by creeping into the political scene. The master manipulator's neutrality renders him dangerous to both friend and foe, leaving his true alliance as mysterious as his identity.



Faction: Neutral

Super Name: None

Real Name: Vatok Tarr

Gender: Male

Species: Keresh

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 190

Age: 150 (Early Twenties in Appearance)

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Height: 6'5

Powers: Keresh Physiology, Electrical Manipulation, Expert Free Runner, Escape Artist, Weapon Master, Skilled Martial Artist

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Keresh Empire

Known Aliases: The Static Assassin, The Keresh Outcast

Mini Biography: In the Keresh Empire every man, woman and child is a warrior, but some shine above the rest through centuries of armed conflict and brutal warfare, eventually joining the ranks over the feared Vanguard Commandos, the infamous shadow warriors of the Keresh Military. Vatok Tarr was one of those men, killing in the name the Empire for over a century until one day... he simply quit. Resigning his position and heading for parts unknown. Approximately two standard years ago he reached Earth, lying low at first, slowly edging his way into the assassination game. Quickly gaining a reputation as being one to complete his missions far ahead of schedule with brutal efficiency.


Rumble Man
Faction: Chaotic Neutral (Anti-Villain)
Super Name: Fowler
Real Name: Friday (as in man friday which refers to helper or follower)
Gender: Male (by choice)
Hair Color: Variable
Weight: 210 kg
Age: 23 (age of the human body used)
Eye Color: Variable (left eye is prone to glowing red)
Height: 290 cm (at base form)
Powers: cyborg (physique) martial artist, bodily weapons master, superhuman knockout power, friend Aura
Identity: Secret
Place of Birth: Sweden (military bio-weapons facility)
Known Aliases: Chaser of the Underworld
Mini Biography: A cyborg is a human who integrates him/herself with machine components, installing various upgrades to enhance upon previous human limitations. He is effectively the reverse of the concept as he is a machine which integrates itself with several humanoid components. In order to blend in with society and experience human life with sensations that is cannot provided with its mechanical sensors, to find the joys of humanity so he can break them down more efficiently later on his main body. It is infiltration combined with a variety of super gadgets and weapons of mass destruction in replacement of naturally selected defenses through the course of adaptation. Fowler is a wolf in sheep's clothing, merely a different personality for a different masquerade. At a distance he would seem like a gangly freak standing above others the heads of others in an outfit that would resemble a social misfit, however at close quarters beyond the reach of projectiles he is literally a murder machine with a jagged mouth.


Paper Ronin

Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Paper Ronin

Real Name: Falcon Bishop

Gender: M

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 168

Age: 18

Eye Color: Grey

Height: 6'6

Powers: Slightly above peak human attributes,Technopathy,Hallucinogenic Blood, Avatar of Moon ,Master Combatant.

Identity: Unknown

Place of Birth: Brooklyn,NY

Known Aliases: Umbra Avatar, The Paper Ghost, Wise Son, Ivory Shinobi

Mini Biography: Son of a well-known and deceased assassin the one called Falcon is his own master. Under the tutelage of monks long forgotten he has been forged into a weapon of the mind and body to carry out his mother's duty as an undertaker for the God of the Moon. His only allegiance is to the League of Shadows.


Madame Jade

Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Jade

Real Name: UNKNOWN

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 135 lbs.

Age: 17

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6'

Powers: Advanced martial arts, peak human skills, stealth, marksmanship, resourcefulness, intelligence, swordsmanship

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Hong Kong, China

Known Aliases: Jade, The Serpent, The Red Hand, The Purging Flame

Mini Biography: Jade's past is shrouded in uncertainty, but there are certain facts she has allowed to come to light. Her mother was raped by a member of the Triad, resulting in the birth of her little sister. Her mother testified and helped to get the man convicted not only for her assault, but for several murder charges. Years later, as he sat on death row, he told his friends on the outside to exact revenge on the woman responsible for his death. They hired from Horizon, a secret order of assassins who had done work for them in the past. The killer assigned to the job was one of the group's younger assassins, Longshot. He was instructed to kill the mother, the father, and the bastard child born of the man's crime, but one was left alive. Stained in the blood of her family, the little girl stripped away her name, her identity, and her mercy. From that day forward, she was Jade. In the wake of her failed confrontation with the man who killed her family, Jade sought help from the mysterious League of Shadows in order to gain the extra edge to defeat Longshot and destroy Horizon once and for all, to ensure that this horror would never be released on the world again. She has reluctantly agreed to one year in the service of the League in exchange for their aid.



Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Copi'

Real Name: "Creed"

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown

Weight: 234lbs

Age: 26

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6'7

Powers: Duplication

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Canada

Known Aliases: Copy n' paste.

Mini Biography: Creed was a former bio scientist that was struck by lightning, giving him the uncanny power to make duplicates of himself. With this new found power he turned to the moral free lifestyle of a freelance spy, quickly becoming one of the top ranking in the business. As long as the price is good, Creed and hi copies will be there to serve.


The Rumor

Faction: Neutral

Super Name: "Kill joy"

Real Name: Josh McNair.

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown

Weight: 134lbs

Age: 18

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'9

Powers: Immortality

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Ireland

Known Aliases: Josh, pr!ck, a$$hole.

Mini Biography: Josh is the bastard son of an Irish mercenary that had a one night stand with his mother, little did thee merc know that the mother was an immortal mutant. Months later she discovered she was carrying a bastard child of one of her many lovers, when she was giving birth to the child she passed on her power to the baby boy that was to be named Josh. Josh grew up to be a rude, smart mouthed misfit with a craving to find trouble at any chance. With an embraced immortality he plans to live up to his fathers footsteps and become a better criminal than he could ever be.


Cat Burglar

Faction: Evil

Super Name: Cat Burglar

Real Name: Amanda Bianchi

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 135 Ibs (61 kg)

Age: 25

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'9"

Powers: Superhuman - Acrobatics, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Stealth, Thievery, Feline Empathy

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Florance, Italy

Known Aliases: The Cat, Kitten, Kitty, Worlds Greatest Thief

Mini Biography: A Venetian nobleman had paid a prostitute for her services, with Amanda being the result of this event. As the woman could not raise her child, Amanda was left to survive in the streets of Florance on her own. At the age of fifteen, Amanda attempted to steal from Antonino Marino, a stranger to her at the time, though she was ultimately caught. As the leader of the Florance Thieves Guild, Antonino decided to raise Amanda as his pupil, rather than sentence her to death. After an incident, Amanda Bianchi fled to the United States where she became the greatest thief in the world known as Cat Burglar.


Storm Phobia

Faction: Neutral

Super name: (Uses her real name) Destry Drake

Gender: Female

Hair color: Purple

Weight: 131 lbs.

Age: 22

Eye color: Green


Powers: (PAST) Destry was able to write any word on her body and have it change her whole being. For example if she wrote "Speed" on her body she would be able to run at extraordinary speeds. (PRESENT) She can create powerful mind blasts that cause mental pain to the victim, walking on air/ through walls, Put victims to sleep, read a persons mind through touch, teleport, shape change, move objects with a gesture, create force fields.

Identity: Identity unknown

Place of birth: Canada

Known aliases: None

Mini biography: When Destry's parents realized she had mutant abilities they disowned her. Believing the only way to truly get rid of the monster they created was to kill her, they set their house ablaze with young Destry locked inside. Luckily she had created a forcefield that had saved her life, and made her discover why her parents loathed her. Her parents were both sent to prison and Destry was put in an orphanage but because of her mutant powers she was an outcast and constantly bullied, making her run away and live life on her own. After many years she had finally found a place in the world as a photographer, and a mutant who would do what she had to to survive. Meeting mutants like her made her realize that her parents were wrong about the kind of person she was, and she quickly made friends in the mutant world. Unfortunatly Destry became ridden with dreams of her parents wanting to murder her and she told herself to do anything to become normal. As she lay in front of her bed, she said a prayer to anyone in particular who was listening. After a short silence and no reply Destry fell asleep heartbroken, until a mysterious man appeared in her dreams and told her that he could take away her power, but she would never have them returned to her ever again. Destry agreed full heartedly and when she awoke she cried in happiness to be powerless. Living a normal life for almost a year, it seemed the gods frowned upon her decision and decided she needed to be a mutant, giving her a new set of powers in the form of a freak storm. She had to seek the friends she once had before her deal so she could have some sort of comfort, but now that her powers had been completely turned around she must learn how to fight and defend herself in any way possible.


The Puzzler

Faction: Chaotic Neutral

"Super" Name: The Puzzler

Real Name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Unknown

Weight: ?

Age: Unknown (Sounds like a man in his late twenties)

Eye Color: Green (Presumably)

Height: Unknown

Powers: Superhuman intellect.

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Aliases: The Genius, The oz of data, Puzzle piece, Puzzle man. Solver. The worlds most informed man.

Mini Biography: Nothing is known of the Puzzler before he adopted that persona, he is the perfect man of mystery with not a single person knowing his true identity or even see his face. Most know him as a black silhouette with glasses or a smooth talking voice inside a persons comm system. He easily went from a small time hacker to a world class top ranking hacker within months. With this sort of rank and renown skill for being able to find any piece of information on earth in seconds, he has been dubbed by hackers and geniuses everywhere as "The worlds most informed man"



Faction: Chaotic Evil

Super Name: Azrael Real

Name: Alezra Blair Roxom

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blood Red

Weight: 120

Age: 143

Eye Color: Glowing Green

Height: 5'6"

Powers: Advanced Elemental, Teres Morbith atributes(see Ult Azrael) some god physique, advanced healing, darkness, mutation, flight, demon sumoning

Identity: Public

Place Of Birth: Presscott Arizona, and Hell

Alias: Widow of Roxom, Empress Alezra, Az, Azra, Duchessa of Tenebrasque In, Child of Death

Bio: Born of mortals was Blair, born of Death and Athena was Azrael. Through dark circumstance two became one. From there Azra would go on to continue trying to reach god hood. There was no challenge to bold, task to risky, or tactic deamed unuseable. What it took to become more was where she was willing to go as a demon standards were debatable. Say what you will it clearly worked. Azra has become second in comand of Ten In, Become Chapter master of her own Symaarian force, slain a god and become the empress of the Keresh. Alezra always prefering to join forces rather then fight with the like minded took entrest in the League. Soon enough Lady Liberty and Gambler had convinced the Widow of Roxom to join.


Lost Nomad

Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Lost Nomad

Real Name: Samuel Walker

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown (Varies)

Weight: 225 lbs (Varies)

Age: 35

Eye Color: Brown (Varies)

Height: 6'0" (Varies)

Powers: Shape shifting, size alteration, density control, superhuman strength, self-sustenance

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Aliases: The Golem, The Lost Golem, The Shifting Golem

Mini Biography: Nomad, unlike many other super powered being was not born with his powers but he was actually created. Through the use of dark magic, Nomad was turned into a living golem. Unlike most traditional golems, Nomad does not have a solid body but rather a malleable clay-like body. He is capable of his own thought process and carrying out his own deeds, however he is ultimately controlled by whoever beholds the Lost Amulet. Because of the link between Nomad and the amulet, he follows and ultimately carries out whatever deed's the carrier of the amulet wishes. He does not question the orders of this person as they are his "master." His master now lies within the League of Shadows and he will carry out and do whatever is requested of him.


Sun Pao

Faction: Complicated (Evil)

Super Name: Grand Master Pao.

Real Name: Sun Pao

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black when young, White when old.

Weight: 210 lbs

Age: Complicated

Eye Color: Pure white (Used to be Brown)

Height: 5'11"

Powers: Sorcerer, Grand Master level Shinobi, and Vampire (Unique class)

Identity: Unknown.

Place of Birth: China feudal times. (Han Dynasty)

Known Aliases: Grand Master Pao.

Mini Biography: The Sifu (Master) of Jean Luc LeBeau. A Grand Master of the Arashikage (Storm Shadow) Clan. Not much information is on this man past that, as far as the world governments are concerned he doesn't even exist.


Son of War

Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Grave

Real Name: Hector

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blonde

Weight: 235 lbs.

Age: Claims to be in his thrities

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6'6

Powers: Mild super strength, mild durability, fine senses, blood manipulation.

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Greece

Known Aliases: Son of War

Mini Biography:

It is uncertain where this man came from, or his reasons for allying himself with the League of Assassins, but it is clear that he is beyond that of a normal human. As he found his way through the mountains that hid the League's home, claiming that "war cries" brought him there, he claims allegiance to the assassins, in return for nothing.


Ash Walmer

Faction: Neutral (Mostly evil)

Code Name: Rax

Real Name: Ash Walmer.

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown white and black.

Weight: 55lbs

Age: 145

Eye Color: Red/purple

Height: 4'0

Powers: Regeneration, heightened senses.

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Aliases: A talking raccoon, little guy, furry fella, foul mouthed rodent.

Mini Biography: Ash Walmer is an alien from another galaxy, little information is known about the raccoon but what is known is his infamous reputation as a intergalactic gun for hire. He is ruthless, cunning and surprisingly lethal for his size and...Well being a raccoon.



Faction: rouge

Super Name: none

Real Name: Leon Anderson

Gender: male

Hair Color: black

Weight: 165

Age: 24

Eye Color: ice blue

Height: 6.1

Powers: peak vampire powers, martial arts, weapons master, high tolerances to pain, flight, reality bending, acrobatics, flexability, stealth, black magic and summoning

Identity: known

Place of Birth: Alaskan mountains

Known Aliases: prince of chaos, father of pain, the ghost of Alaska.

Mini Biography: Leon grew up in the icy mountains of Alaska. once the war swept across the land, Leon was drafted into the war where he and his other friends were made into ruthless solders. they were forced into a program known as "the firm." in that program you are pared up with someone and you had to live with them, do missions with them and everything, after awhile Leon and the boy he was partnered with became as close as brothers. this however was the point. as a final test to graduate the firm, Leon and his comrade were forced to fight each other to the death, this was so that the winner would loose all there emotions and become a battle hardened ruthless worrier. He then was shipped over seas to fight in a brutal and bloody war. he got himself captured however during a raid on an enemy base. Leon was tortured into insanity for months before they finally Crucified him and dumped him in the ocean. angered by his untimely death Leon's hatred for the firm and the world brought him back from the dead. he swam home only to find out that he had been dead for over 6 years. he ran to his house only to find that the army that he had been working with..that had put him in the firm had come and murdered his family and destroyed his village. blinded with fury and rage that he had helped the people that murdered his friends and family he has set out to murder every last person and family of the people. who has had anything to with his friends and family's murder. His self caused scars are not meant as a way of getting help but rather a reminder that he allowed his comrades to parish, leon often blames himself for the tragic events that occurred and usely is quick to become angry if they are brought up. Leon considers himself to be a fallen solder who was dishonored in combat.



Faction: Neutral

Super Name: Kratesis

Real Name: Victoria

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blond/Red

Weight: 156

Age: Unknown

Eye Color: Violet

Height: 5'10

Powers: Enhanced speed/strength/durability/senses, regeneration, teleporting, photographic reflexes, precognition.

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Aliases: None

Mini Biography: In the far future Impero and Lady Liberty genetically engineered an assassin New Goddess to eliminate those they felt needed to die. Built from the ground up to kill, and equipped with the most effective technology they could provide eventually she was sent back in time and had her memory erased by powers unknown.


Serinah Pao

Faction: Complicated

Super Name: The Jade Princess of Shadows.

Real Name: Serinah Pao

Gender: Female.

Hair Color: Black.

Relatives: Sun Pao (Father), Najjah (Mother)

Weight: 120 lbs.

Age: 350.

Eye Color: Golden yellow with black catlike slits.

Height: 5'3"

Powers: Sorceress, and Master level Shinobi, Vampire (Unique class)

Identity: Unknown.

Place of Birth: Africa.

Known Aliases: Princess Pao.

Mini Biography: Serinah Pao is the daughter of Sun Pao. She is a highly trained Shiobi and she has also learned some of the mystic arts from her father as well. She was born with the same vampiric curse her father has, only it managed to give her a different advantage than her father. Sun Pao can learn abilities, skills, and knowledge just by drinking a fallen's blood, his daughter cannot, she can however gain the abilities of any superhuman whom she ingests the blood of for 24 hours time, she will be as them. She has been known to take powers permanently yet this requires her to drink her target's blood to the point of death. She drinks not only their blood, but their very soul as well. This is not something she takes lightly and has only done it once before, and it was a mistake. It is not a complete benefit for her to do so in all honesty, for even as she gains their powers for herself, she from that point on also carries their very essence within herself, and is haunted endlessly by the individual's spirit.


Venture Kid

Faction: Neutral with personal intentions

Super Name: Venture

Real Name: N/A

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blond

Weight: 220lbs

Age: 17

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 6'5

Powers: Aqua mutant: Venture was born with many mutations that relate to aquatic lifeforms.

  • Gills: As soon as his body is in a body of water, his neck and underarms grow gills so he can breath normally. For he can only survive on land so long before he needs a water source to recharge in.
  • Super strength: It has been said that the boy can lift up to 40 metric tons with just a little strain.
  • Super durability/Stamina: When fighting the military when he was only eight, he could survive a tank shell point blank with only scuffs on his thick skin.
  • Super aquatic mobility: When in water, Venture can move up to breaking the sound barrier speed wise.
  • Aquatic telepathy: Venture can control and sort of aquatic creature.
  • Hyrdokenesis: Can manipulate the way water works at will.
  • Super human hearing/sonar: Like most sharks can, Venture can sense out lifeforms via sound waves for miles.
  • Electricity generation: When wanted, Venture can make his body release large amounts of deadly electricity.

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Aliases: Fish stick, water man, the arrogant warrior.

Mini Biography: classified


Doctor Stahl

Faction: Evil (With "Good" tenancies)

Super Name: Dr.Stahl

Real Name: Bartholomew Stahl

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 180lbs

Age: 19

Eye Color: Unknown

Height: 6'2

Powers: Superhuman intellect.

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Aliases: The good doctor. The doctor. Goggles.

Mini Biography: Bartholomew Stahl was born into a family of brilliant scientists, the Stahl family was a known everywhere as a visionaries for a new world, but when Bart was at the young age of three, his parents were assassinated during a public speech. Only weeks after the assassination, and even at an age where death should have been incomprehensible, there was a burning hatred in the young ones eyes, and with this hate, Bart started showing signs of an increased intelligence. At first what was something interesting turned into something revolutionary and even frightening, Bart at only age five, built his first computer from scratch, not only that but he had a full knowledge of the english language and had the intelligence of a sixteen year old prodigy. In the years to come of Bart's childhood, he would display even greater feats of intellect such as constructing a super computer at age seven, create whole new theories at ten and finally at the age of twelve the government took an interest into the young Stahl boy. Age thirteen, he was in the custody of the united states government. Being researched on how it was even possible that a thirteen year old had an I.Q level that could not even be measured by a test of any kind, he was known as the boy with limitless intellect. But something was wrong...That hatred that could be seen in Bart's eyes when he was five, it was still there, and it was growing. When Bart was fifteen, noy only did he have every doctorate in science the educational system of America had, he made his first ever Stahl bot, it was going to revolutionize the new world, but before the bot could even go public, Bart simply laughed as they told him their plans for the young prodigy and said "....No...". Not alot is known how, but Bart walked out of that facility hours later, the whole place was burnt to the ground, and Bart with his bot, were to never be found.

With bank robberies, weapons stealing, war mongering and meeting the right people, Bart became one of the greatest industrial as well as with his limitless army of Stahl bots, one of the greatest military super powers on the globe on the globe by the age of eighteen. No longer was he Bart though, he was a the revolutionary, the leader, the brilliant and feared mad scientist. Dr.Stahl. The good doctor still has that rage hidden under the thick black goggles that were once his fathers, and now he was finally going to shape the world with that burning hate.



Super Name: Red

Real Name: Robin L. O'Royce

Gender: Male

Hair Color:N/A

Weight: 190

Age: N/A

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 6'5

Powers: None

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Unknown (Presumably Honolulu, Hawaii)

Known Aliases: Scarlet Fox

Mini Biography: Not much is know about Red before he dawned the mask and that is because every thing before the mask is irrelevant. The only thing that the most certain thing be confirmed about him is that he is a well trained assassin that isn't too shabby with a sword or pistols.