My DC Pull List

The September reboot is almost upon us, and after weeks of thinking, I made my list of all the new comics I will read. Here is a list composed of the comics I will definitely read, and some comics I might read. 


*Action Comics: This is my opportunity to read Superman in a different way. Besides, Grant Morrison is the writer, so it can't be that bad.

*Superman: Although I don't like some of the changes in the character, I like Superman and I will never, ever, give up on him.

*Batman: I never payed too much attention to the final story arcs in the first volume, so this is my chance to catch up and start over.

*Detective Comics: I never payed too much attention to this title in general, but I will give it a shot.

*Batgirl: She's walking again. I gotta see how.

*Batman and Robin: Bruce and Damian working together? I won't believe it until I see it.

*Batman: The Dark Knight: I liked the first volume, which was unfortunately short.

*Green Lantern: New Guardians: Kyle Rayner and the other Lanterns might have a hard time working together, but it will be fun seeing them try.

*Flash: The Flashpoint storyline has been increasing my interest on the Flash.

*Wonder Woman: I never payed too much attention to the Odyssey storyline, but this is my chance to start over with Wonder Woman.

*Justice League: It's a good way to start the new series.

*Red Hood and the Outlaws: Jason Todd and his cohorts will kick butt. 


*Superboy: I don't like the changes they did to Superboy, but I might give the series a shot.

*Supergirl: I liked the last series better, but I might give this one a shot.

*Green Lantern: Sinestro? Seriously!? I might read, but only if they bring Hal back.

*Green Lantern Corps: I'm interested in the new formula, but this Corps is not the one I read about for the last 3 years.

*Hawk and Dove: They played a big role in Brightest Day. I might read their series.

*Teen Titans: Well, they look promising. 

This is it. Good reading!


Superman: Grounded and Reign of Doomsday

As the September reboot approaches, let me tell you about the current storylines in the Superman books. 

Grounded - Superman

After the War of the Supermen, Superman believes he has lost his connection with the people of Earth. So, he begins a walk across America to reconnect with the everyday people he is commited to protect. During his journey, he meets many of his fellow superheroes (Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) who help him recover from his depression and become the hero he once was. However, a mysterious woman follows Superman through his journey, seeking to destroy all the Man of Steel holds dear. Grounded concluded in Superman #714. 

Reign of Doomsday - Action Comics

Four Doomsday clones attack members of the Superman Family. When Superman investigates, it is revealed that the attacks where masterminded by Lex Luthor, who sought to destroy the Superman Family while he sought for the remaining Black Lantern power. After Superman defeats Luthor, the Superman Family discovers a new foe: the Doomslayer, who wants to destroy Doomsday and any trace of his existence, including all life on Earth. Reign of Doomsday will conclude in Action Comics #904.

My thoughts on the storylines


My interest in this series, I admit, has both increased and decreased as it coursed throught Superman. But I also began to see the values Superman has stood for during his existence. I understand some of the more dissatisfied fans, who believe that Superman's journey is unnecessary, but yhey most also see that without the "Truth, Justice and the American Way" virtues, Superman is nothing. The series displays the more human elements of Superman, confirming his status as an American hero. I liked how the series ended. 

Reign of Doomsday

An action-filled storyline, Reign of Doomsday is incredibly underreated. The fights are very intense, showing how much is at stake in this series. As every Superman fan knows, Doomsday is the villain that killed Superman. But showing that the Doomslayer is more powerful than Doomsday, that means that Superman is really in the fight, not only for his life, but for all the lives on Earth. I like how the Superman Family rallies Earth's heroes together to fight the Doomsdays. I can't wait for the finale. 

The Final Opinion

I like both series, and with the September reboot approaching, the current Superman continuity will end in a bang.


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