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Is no one going to comment about Brolin walking on stage wearing the Infinity Gauntlet? I mean REALLY? That pretty much confirms the rumor he is Thanos!

They already confirmed it.

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Batman, Superman, Red Lanterns, and Flash :)

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@vitalius said:


I know. I meant in more active apperance like in this Team up books.

Ahhhhh I didn't catch that. Sorry.

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Finally we going to have the male Question back. Plus it is good to have the three together on same book.

We've had the male Question back since the New 52. Pay attention.

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why i dislike arrow is that it's going the Christopher Nolan way I know Dc are now so addicted to making all their heroes realistic but can we at least make superheroes and supervillains have Superpowers that will be awesome. THANKS


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I just wanted to say that you guys here at Comic Vine have turned me on to two of my current favorite series, the current TMNT series and Daredevil, in a long time. I know it's not the biggest or most important topic (or really even a topic to discuss), but are there any other series that you guys think I'd like? Because I'm open to just about anything.

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@lcazt1996: Yep. Just saw the scans. I think it's awesome so far. And Cyborg is coming along nicely as well. I heard they might be planning to put him and the Metal Men in a comic, which is cool.


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@lcazt1996: Tried replying to you, but my computer whomped my post. Lol. Whomped.

Anyway, what I was going to say was that they are too serious, stern and one-note. Okay I admit it's been some time since I picked up a comic with DC's label on it, but I am sure that fact hasn't changed. They aren't allowed nearly as much as the other characters to laugh or joke or show us a side to them that we don't know.That's why I typed what I did. And I know that John Stewart was in the military and did some horrible GL-related things in the past, and I do excuse him somewhat of it, but come on. Show us how you are distressed, don't tell us about it.

They've shown us. A lot.

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@twentyfive: Time out. I'm sorry. Are you saying that Cyborg and John Stewart don't have personality? I thoroughly disagree...

As for Mr. Terrific himself, I think that if you wanna see some not "I'm super smart so I'm the deus ex machina of the story!" personality from the guy...take a look at what's been going on in the New 52, especially in Futures End. Even though it's not the personality I would like to see from him, he's kind of a pompous asshole right now.