The New Defenders

I feel that Marvel needs to explore its magic universe a lot more. Not only does Marvel have awesome magic characters, but a largely unused background for the magic that occurs. Anyway, this team would work best to explore the universe's use of magic and prevent the misuse of magic. This kind of team would constantly be traveling around the world and between different realms and dimensions. I feel that the goal of this team would be very similar to the New Avengers, but the roster would be a lot more specialized to dealing with mystical threats. Just as a note, I would like to add Thor, Moon Knight and Spider-Man to the team but I think those guys are seeing enough team action. Thor might guest star for some journeys to the Asgardian realm (or what is left of it). I think Moon Knight's connection to a Egyptian God would be great for the team. Spider-Man would be good if he pursues knowledge of his Totemic role on Earth.

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Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Good team and respectable reasoning for each.

Posted by LB70145
@Donovan Montgomery: Thank you
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@LB70145: No problem, I was wondering if you were thinking of any others to put on.  If they are traveling between realms and dimensions (would be interesting to see 'ol hornhead doing that), I thought investigating the "techno"magic of 2099 with Metalscream. (I'll put him up soon)
Posted by LB70145
@Donovan Montgomery: Like in the description, I really wanted to put in Thor, Spider-Man and Moon Knight. I love those characters, but they have a lot of exposure in the Marvel Universe already. I wanted to put Adam Warlock on there as well, but he is kinda dead right now. I was thinking of Quasar, for that possibility of space exploits as well. I was also thinking of Magik but I would think she's too caught up with X-Men/Mutant affairs.  Nico Minoru  would also be a great candidate because she has a lot of potential. However, I don't really know how much has happened to the Runaways since I last read. The same goes for Wiccan, but I again I don't know anything about his current whereabouts. I would also like to add Captain Britain but I would think he would need to stay in the UK and stay active on Mi: 13. That said, no reason why none of these characters could show up every once and a while. As for traveling to different times, who knows. I see this kind of book having so much story potential as well as creating some new characters.