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@SeanNOLA: This would work if Sony didn't own all Spider-Man affiliated characters. Good try though :)

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Wow, I would think with this kind of number there would be a giant task force that is after him. But then again, he is like a C-List character...

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Why isn't Bruce using all the money poured into this idea to fix up Gotham? I mean if he can run an army of Bat people, I am pretty sure he can fix up the schools, hospitals, public housing, etc. The "regular" crime in the city can be fixed if he just improved the city. He could even put some money into Arkham so it could be better fit to hold its criminals. That could at least curb some of the super crime.

But then again, I guess this way is less exciting...

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I think this goes to show how bad the Bendis era Avengers is. I mean Spider-Man and Wolverine would never have been put on the Avengers back in the day. Spider-Man has refused membership time and again before Bendis and Wolverine would never have accepted membership especially with all his X-Men duties. In reality, there would be no way that Wolverine could be on 4 teams at the same time. And now Spider-Man is doing the same thing between the FF and the Avengers. Being an Avenger used to mean something. Now it means that a character was popular enough to be in a team book. The Thing? Wolverine? Spider-Man? Daredevil? Dr. Stange? None of those guys should be on an Avengers roster.

Seriously guys, this is not a question of morality. Morality is subjective between people anyway. There is no way anyone will really agree in terms of killing vs. not killing. This is a question of good writing and continuity. In this situation, neither factor into the equation. The Avengers had a very strict structure before. When Bendis took over the book, he changed it to be more casual. Don't get me wrong the dialogue and stories are decent. But does it feel like an Avengers book? No.

We need to go back to the days where Avengers would have a rotating chairperson/active roster and there was a single team of Avengers. We don't need this New/Secret/Insert Prefix here garbage. It is all just unnecessary. The Avengers was where the best of the best (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Vision, Ms. Marvel) would rub elbows with some of the lesser known heroes (Black Knight, Hercules, Photon, Darkhawk, Wonder Man, Hellcat, Tigra, Justice, Firestar, She-Hulk).

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@Billy Batson: Forgetting one's past is to not acknowledge the future. Yeah, of course by today's standards his work is not as good. I wasn't saying that we should worship him for his work, but at least acknowledge that the his work that created an entire universe was at least impressive. No one has been able to do anything close to what Stan has done. Not to mention there are so many other creators you would discredit if you held them to the same measurement. Would Walt Simonson Thor be bad compared to JMS's run? Or perhaps Frank Miller should not be given credit for Daredevil since we got BMB and Mark Waid's run? I could go on and on.

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@Billy Batson: Someone hasn't read some of Stan's Original stuff. The man was a creative genius back in the day. Can't hate the man for making a product that was elaborated on by others. Should the Wright Brothers not be given credit for Commercial Jetliners? Yeah the first plane they made was barely a plane, but the concept of flight was captured by their creativity and want to fly. Stan wanted to make characters that would last a lifetime in the hearts of readers. Should he really not get credit when credit is due?

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Oh cool, Future Foundation is teaming up with The Mighty. Oh wait...

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@MercWithaMouth2385: Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon have repeatedly said there are no Skrulls nor are there Kree in this movie. They are hinting that they are either something from the Asgardian realms (e.g. trolls) or something from another dimension (e.g. annihilation wave).

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About damn time.

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Still a terrible comic/iteration of the character.