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Dejah thoris, red Sonja, Jane porter and however at dynamite are just as strong as the DC and Marvel women and just because they are revealing does not mean their weak or sexualized. People don't understand that is actually a difference between being just revealing/plain nude and oversexualized/slutty and Dejah thoris and red Sonja are not sluts they are confident in their bodies and fully aware of their capability against male dominance. Dejah thoris lives in another world or society where everyone is naked or revealing in equal terms so its a cultural thing according the original text of Edgar rice Burroughs so there are people on this site not familiar or researching the books.

I completely agree with you there. However, I think people are also taking into account quality. Dynamite books are not very good.

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@herokiller12344 said:

Now wait just a cotton-picking minute. If you're going to do this for female characters, you should do Male characters too. You know how Liefield portrays all of his males as muslcebound jocks? Yeah....

But they aren't being made to be objects of sexualization. That is the main difference.

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@badmojo7a said:

First, a admittance. I have not read Batwoman so I just want to get that out of the way. With that said, I just want to express my opinion.

1, This is obviously NOT about her being gay, or gay marriage. The book itself (from what I gathered) has had gay couples, gay situation, and DC has been actually a little overboard in advertising their support of gay characters (Looking at you green lantern from earth 2). This is just about not having superheroes married period...and I honestly agree with this policy. Superman and Lois lane? Spiderman and marry jane? etc. I honestly hated those marriages, and you soon run out of things to talk about them. Eventually the married person just because a generic Lois lane, someone to save over and over again, or have the character go through some badly contrived reason they have marriage problems. It gets old. Couples are fine, they can stay together as long as there is something appealing, but break apart and have the person paired with someone else if they need a new face. I love that superman and lois lane are coworkers/friends but nothing more. Hope they stay that way. Superman is much better without him turning into previous creepy emo superman whenever he thinks about lois.

2, The talk about batman beating or going to a stalemate with batman should NOT happen. It will feel wrong. Other bat wearing characters are NOT batman, they are wannabe batman and not the real deal. There is no way in hell I will believe this person could beat or end in a stalemate batman one on one. This is a guy who has been OBSESSED since his tragic childhood to defeating crime no matter what. He has attended the best schools, went across the world to learn from masters, have done training that would kill lesser men and women, he has pushed himself both physically and mentally at the maximum endurance of what is possible. This is a guy who runs what if scenarios of if this person decides to go bad or fight batman what would he do. I am sure he has a file on batwoman and knows a lot about her. I am also sure he has run scenario after scenario of possible situations, and backup plan scenario of his backup plan scenario. Why? Because he is the batman and that is what he does.

3, A lot of responses are neejerk reactions, we need more info before making a full opinion. A lot of false info is floating around about this decision being made because the character was gay and this is just inflaming people.

4, it does suck the change came in the last minute. The creators have my sympathy and understanding on how dickish that was by DC.

I definitely recommend Batwoman, it is a really great book in terms of writing and art.

1) While you are right that the they showed their relationship and support homosexuality (granted mainly through tokenism and not by making real characters), but editorial allowed the characters to get engaged. A lot of the frustration is that Editorial would be okay with engagement and not marriage. What did they expect to happen? Perpetual engagement? I personally think that editorial wanted either Batwoman or Maggie to die, but that is just me. And while there is a lot of examples of marriage outside of Spidey and Supes, the point of a marriage is showing the evolution of a characters and how a character changes/grows up. Spidey and Supes are not the only people that have shown growth from their marriages. I mean look at Sue and Reed Richards. Granted their marriage isn't perfect, but damn does their marriage show how complex their characters are. There many other examples, but I feel that they personify marriage done right.

2) While it is true each member of the Bat family outside of Bruce is not at all like Bruce, that is what makes their characters so cool. Each one of those people were inspired or influenced by Bruce one way or another. Dick grew up to become one of DC's greatest heroes. Tim is an example of the normal well adjusted person wanting to take up the crusade. Barbara has suffered from Bruce's work, but still wants to continue to fight crime. FYI I am drawing mainly from pre-52 knowledge, I know these characters are all kinds of changed now. Being part of the Bat family does not mean equality to Bruce's prowess. The Bat Family is merely Bruce's sphere of influence. Not to mention each member of the Bat family brings something different from the table. Diversity that makes for great stories and awesome character-to-character dynamics.

3) While you are right that a lot of reaction is knee-jerk, I would again look to my first point. Editorial allowed engagement, but marriage? That is what continues to baffle me. It is just weird.

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I was very worried about how the Mandarin would be portrayed. Considering that the Mandarin is an outdated and racist caricature, I felt there was no way to have the Mandarin without controversy. I mean look at the casting: when Kingsley was announced people were like "that's racist, he's not asian!" but even if they cast an Asian actor, people would still have been like "that's racist because he's asian!" Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I think it was a brilliant move for Shane Black to create such a self-aware character. It was supposed to be caricature that fed on American racism and terrorist paranoia. I think the thing that got me was when Killian yells, "I am the Mandarin!" at the very end. I thought that was a little over the top, but again it did not ruin the movie for me.

Iron Man 3 is hands down the best of the trilogy. Iron Man was bogged with origin story syndrome and Iron Man 2 was a 2 hour commercial for the Avengers. Iron Man 3 was funny, had the best action scenes, and had a story that had me on the edge of my seat many times.

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@ccraft said:

How come the justice league members keep getting mind controlled? I feel like that is just a weak plot point for making them do bad stuff. I mean Red Arrow sneaks up on Batman and the rest of the JL members, lame. And now Flash, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man is guarding the power key hole thing. Stupid :(

Flash, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man are not being mind-controlled. The Justice League is just protecting the Crystal Key as a matter of safety.

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Songbird and Tigra please!!!

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@ltbrd: While I like some of the ideas you present, there are a couple problems that you will run into.

1) Making the threat come earlier will kill the pacing of the movie. If they have a climax style event early on in the movie, then the movie will feel dragged out. You need pacing and putting them under such intensity will make the movie plateau. Also, if the characters don't have group dialogue then people who go see the movie who don't know anything about these characters will not care about them. Character recognition goes beyond being able to name who these characters are.

2) As much as I like your idea for the origin trailers, WB is not going to do that at all. That will cost too much money to create. One of the reasons why Green Lantern was such a flop was that they poured too much money into their marketing. The marketing didn't pay off and since then WB has been pretty shy about doing such a marketing campaign again. Also, if the trailer doesn't show you anything for the movie, people who watch them are going to be mad that it didn't show you anything.

3) Going along with the trailers thing. Keeping the plot secret is fine and all, but people still need to be teased with something. There are tons of movies that have trailers that are liberal with movie footage. The movies still keep many parts of the movie secret, especially crucial aspects about the plot. I would point to movies like Looper and Brave as perfect examples.

I just hope the movie is good. I don't care if it flops or gets terrible reviews. I don't want to add another movie to the pile that already has Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, and Green Lantern.

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@Squares said:

I see they're giving Storm a mohawk again. Because that made so much sense the first time...

It was the 80s...

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Are all of you high? Have you never read a Captain America comic before? Red Skull has looked like this before. Red Skull has many different looks people.

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Aw man, that looks like Surge and Prodigy in the background. I really hope I am wrong...