What I have noticed is that everyone wants to fly. Apparently the number 1 power people want when asked "what power would you have" is flight? But why flight? I can think of a few dozen powers that would be more helpful than flying. Granted flying would be cool. If that was the only power I could have, well that's fine. But why has flight taken hold on people on such a level. There are a couple of reasons why I have issues with flying. 

1 What are the mechanics to the power of flight?

I have done extensive research on many flying characters. Just a side note, I do not mean characters that have suits like Iron Man or have energy powers like Green Lantern. I mean characters like Superman. There have been many claims to how Superman flies. Some feel it is some kind of Telekinesis. Some think it is because of the gravity difference between Earth and Krypton. There have many arguments as to why his powers work, yet no one has ever given a solid reasoning as to how. Is there some kind of propulsion? If so where does it come from? Is it some kind of energy manipulation that is invisible to the naked eye? The issue of propulsion is the biggest hole in the mechanics. Characters like Storm and Red Tornado show a clear method of propulsion. Going back to characters like Green Lantern, that kind of flight is more of a levitation. Thor uses the momentum of Mjolnir when thrown and just rides the hammer throw. So how does Superman do it. If he had propulsion he should be doing something along the lines of this. 

2 Just flight would be dangerous...

There is one prominent example in comics where this happens. During Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men, a character named Wing was featured prominently. Wing only had the power of flight. What was the result? The first time he flew he ended up breaking bones. He assumed that Flight = Invulnerability. He was proven wrong. If you take a look a lot of characters have some form of invulnerability. Not just those with flight. Those with flight would need that invulnerability. Otherwise, broken bones will be the least of their trouble. 
He should do himself a favor and not jump... 

3 There are much better powers out there...

I know flight is cool and all, but aren't there better powers. I mean between flying there are other modes of transportation I would rather have. Teleportation and Super Speed for starters. Then there are powers that flying is indirectly built in. Like energy and weather manipulation. Then there's also the method of magic based flight or even Telekinesis based flight. Many people forget that there are so many powers out there. 
Who wouldn't want this? 
So why do you think that this is the way it is? Why is it that so many people want to fly? Is this a reflection of the want to feel free? I can understand the weak wanting strength, the intelligent wanting telepathy, the shady wanting invisibility... But what does the want of flight mean? Post your thoughts on flight in the comments below. Feel free to list your favorite flying characters and why you think we want to fly.
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