This Week in Comics

Okay so its Monday and ive just put my order in for this weeks comics, which since i live in Australia should be in on Thursday morning at the shop and arrive at mine on Friday morning (i order since my work hours prevent me from getting to the comic shop weekly, im a chef) 
27 issues 1 and 2 
Im a big fan of image comics, the stuff they have been putting out in the last couple of years has been amazing, walking dead, chew, spawn the list goes on so i thought i would get the 1st and 2nd issues of this series, just to give it a try (its only 4 issues anyways). Basically it tells the story of a musician who fights to reach the age of 28, but the problem is that his current age, 27, is an unlucky year as many artists die at the age of 27 (for list --> ) So yeah is sounds pretty good ill give it a try 
batman 706#, streets of gotham #19 
706 is about batmans foes getting a powerful relic and batman has the make a sacrifice to save the day, streets of gotham continues the house of hush (which makes me think about the house of gaga everytime i see it) this issue hush works with dr death one of the first villians he faced and he has some connection to his parents death. I hope these issues will be good 
mass effect evolution  #1 
I love the video game, i havnt read any of the other mass effect comic books but ill give this one a try 
memoir #1  
Another image comic (6 parts) about this town that wakes up and they dont remember anything, no even who they are. Except the main dude who remembers everything.  I just love image so if i like what I see in the description ill usually give it a try.   
young justice #0 
giving it a try 
superior #4  
In issue 3 there is the introduction of madeline knox she is basically superior's louis lane, shes a reporter, she wants to find out who superior is and she willmost likely be a love interest from what i can see from this issues cover superior is going to save her life, im so excited this is my favourite of mark millers plays on the super comics (kick ass 1985, nemesis) 
infinite vacation #1 
okay so once age another image come (4 issue series) this one has the same writer as morning glories and is about this dude that hates his life and he has the power using a phone app to see different versions of him in other universes, but for some reason in most on these universes he dies. This was released last week but i thought i was going to skip it until i heard some good reviews.  
what im skipping this week: 
 amazing spiderman #625 (why? the amazing spider man series has bored me lately) 
brightest day #18 (why? im over this series) 
supergirl #60 (i dont know enough about her) 
superman/batman (dont like this series) 
justice league of america #53 (these issues are really hut or miss, if it gets good reviews i will pick it up next week) 
tiny titans #36 (i forgot to add it to my order! next week!) 
morning glories #6 (still havnt been able to get a copy of issue 5! maybe i should have bought it before 6 sells out aswell)  
trade: love bunny and mr hell (getting it in a couple of weeks, cause i have other trades i need to read, unwritten, ghost world, next wave, songs of the sirens) 
power girl #20 (i dont like powergirl) 
also this weekend im watching the green hornet :) 
tell me what you think and what your picking up this week!

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