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It's sad this has to be a rule but I'm glad it is. The Bills threads agravate me to no end and I could not agree more with the points raised in the OP. As for the early release point, not much has been released about the extent of Bills' abilities so I'd much rather wait until the film officially comes out before seeing what Bills can do. Of course this will result in inevitably more arguments but at least there'll be something to base it on. Even then, we'll only have translated speech and a few leaked clips to work with since an English release hasn't even been confirmed yet. And are there any Japanese users on CV?

The thing that'll really give us a lot more information will be the Japanese DVD release. And god knows how long that will take. The nation wide release on the 30th probably won't make the information any more readily available than it is right now.

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Only issue I have with this is we may not learn anything new in 10 days. The movie's been out since the 12th in select theaters. All that's happening on the 30th is that it's being released nation wide in theaters in Japan. Virtually no one on this site lives in Japan, so no one's really gonna have a way to watch it.

Basically, it'll be dumb luck if someone manages to pirate a leaked copy on the internet, and their odds won't improve much in 10 days. For there to be easy widespread access to the movie we're gonna need to wait for the DVD release which is likely still months away.

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Not bad..not bad sir, I don't know what you'd do about your sibling ticking Supes off though.

The idea is I try and get Supes to take the nearest boom tube to Apocalypse to have an epic showdown with Darkseid for the sake of his mind. But if my brother gets exploded that's no big loss.

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@iamthewolf88: Either way, while I agree with you that Saiyans have to breathe, they can still survive in space just fine. Because Toriyama is like, "F logic trolololol!" Note 0:23-0:25, and 0:57 to the end of the trailer.

I say that all the time! I am very excited for this, do you know if it will be in select theatres... ever since this leaked I have been reading up on it as much as I can.

I still believe that is in the Stratosphere.... we will have to wait and see the movie. Either way, it completely negates everything after this time piece in the story. Hopefully for better.

Well, if anything, this doesn't negate things like GT. The confirmation that there is in fact 12 universes, if anything, puts GT firmly in the alternate universe section.

And I'm not a rocket surgeon, but isn't air really thin like up in the mountains? Pretty sure it'd be like impossible to breathe in the Stratosphere.

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I try to convince Superman that Darkseid is tricking him and this is all an elaborate ruse. I work off the logic that Lois would never be unfaithful to him, and even if she was, it's far too convenient for him to find out like this, so it can't possibly be real. Darkseid is trying to get Superman to give up his life as a superhero and I am the last bit of willpower left in his subconscious. If he kills me, Darkseid wins.

That will buy me enough time to get a hold of Batman and after confirming for himself that Superman is on a delusional rampage, him and the rest of the league will take him out.

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@iamthewolf88: Either way, while I agree with you that Saiyans have to breathe, they can still survive in space just fine. Because Toriyama is like, "F logic trolololol!" Note 0:23-0:25, and 0:57 to the end of the trailer.

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@Death Certificate:
yes i know but it's obviously because he's the *** good guy >.> why the **** would a good guy bust a planet in the first place. that's just retarded logic thinking, *he's never shown to do it so he can't'*

i mean, Goku have even countered energy blast that would bust a planet and it was even stated on-panel that Goku can destroy a planet so i see no reason why they would lie.

But some people really love their argument from ignorance fallacies. It's just cruel to take that away from them. :(

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@SilverGalford said:

Cell can bust a planet? = ok

Buu = ok

Frieza = ok

but Goku and the Saiyans ? No!.

that's the real inconsistence. let me explain :

Goku being in ssj2 was afraid to die in namek planet by a lousy planet explosion (Goku was stronger than frieza who depowered,hurt ,unconscious and inferior to Goku in power survived the explosion )

Goku in SSJ2 died when Cell Explodes ( Goku was stronger than Cell cause he was depowered too and he didn't have android number 18)

Vegeta all out explodes and he didn't kill fat Buu , he didn't even bust the planet Earth .

Goku escaped from Planet Earth cause he was afraid to die again , Gohan who was stronger than Buu and Goku together couldn't survive and he wasn't that hurt like Frieza

being stronger than another chracter in DBZ means this powerful character wouldn't have any problems with the planet busting power of weak characters.

some say because his powers are focused on the target , they cannot bust the earth.but that's not true , when they are all out they destroy everything , even the ones around them are afected by their powers. besides there is no statement or evidence to clarify this .

sorry about the Roshi Part LOL.

This is just pointing out more inconsistencies. I don't see how the lend any less credibility to whether Goku\Vegeta should be able to bust planets or not. When Cell exploded, didn't that destroy King Kai's planet? Doesn't that prove it took a planetary level explosion to kill Goku?

well even an illness can kill Goku . If Goku were a planet buster , then he would have survived Cell's explosion, Goku was stronger than Cell at that moment , keep in mind that .( Goku in SSJ2 was able to even give a good fight to Perfect Cell)

If Goku was already a planet buster when cell exploded (cause according to DBZ ABC "wonderful logic" he beat a planet buster so he is a planet buster) , he would have survived that explosion cause he was stronger than cell (fused only with android number 17 and depowered). but he couldn't survive.

Goku was not SS2 against Cell. If he was the Cell games would have been over in 5 minutes.

First off, where do you even get the idea of comparing Cell's self destruct to being able to survive planet busting? We don't know the output of Cell's self destruct, so it's fairly pointless to compare it to anything. It's an otherwise featless explosion that killed Goku and blew up a ball of dirt that isn't much bigger than my house + backyard. You're trying to debunk algebra in an entirely illogical way lol.

None of this matters anyway because we don't know what Goku's current power level was. He got his butt kicked by Cell, didn't recover in any way, then the Cell juniors mercilessly beat him while he was too weak to stand up. Then, still having gotten no healing, he used IT to travel between dimensions, an act that takes a significant amount of energy. And after all this, you're saying people are illogical because Goku didn't survive a self destruct from a fully powered Semi-Perfect Cell? And let's not forget that self destruct moves have been shown to be significantly more powerful than other moves with an equalized power level. For example, in the Saiyan saga Yamcha was easily manhandling a Saibaman, because he had a higher power level, but he still got one shotted by a self destruct move from the already damaged Saibaman.

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@ComicStooge: It didn't take long for Cell to gather the energy once he started charging. He actually spent more time talking than anything. And Cell hadn't previously done this because he got a massive power up just a couple of minutes before he started charging up his solar system blast. And if he had tried something like this before that power up, even if it was just a planet busting attack, SS2 Gohan was right there to stop him, and Gohan was manhandling him pretty badly.

This is the anime scene, and even that's not that drawn out that much. And it's difficult to tell how much of his charge time was necessary, and how much was just him taunting people.

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@iamthewolf88: You seriously replied to a 3 month old post?