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in what the dubbed version? Goku goes to the south galaxy, there were still planets there. Dead cities but planets and stars. this debate has been going on for a while I noticed.

people say he one Shotted it, people say he went around destroying it.

People say in the dubbed version he destroyed it, people say in the original it was being attacked. Is there anything 100% official now?

The fact that there's still planets and stars doesn't mean much. On screen we see what, a few dozen, hundreds? Even if there was 200 million+ that would still be more than 99% of the galaxy destroyed. To put that in perspective, let's say New York City was hit with a nuclear bomb. Would it be fair to say that the entire city has been destroyed if the only structure left standing was a small shed near the edge of the city? The limited point of view that we get from Goku going to South Galaxy isn't enough to prove anything.

You also have to take character reactions into context with this. Why would King Kai freak out if there was some guy blowing up planets in South Galaxy? Even if he was destroying hundreds of solar systems at a time, that's no reason to be even remotely concerned. A galaxy is a big place, and from what we understand of the DB universe, South Galaxy is actually a quadrant of the universe, not a galaxy in the traditional sense. That makes it even more retardedly big. That would be like bacteria trying to hurt your finger nail. Why would King Kai freak out unless it was a truly significant amount of destruction?

This is what we know:

In both versions, King Kai freaks out because Broly is damaging South Galaxy, and he's worried North Galaxy is next.

In the official dub, King Kai says it's destroyed.

In the official sub he says it's under attack.

In both versions we see a scene of South Galaxy, "fading out".

I've heard the argument before that that's not what a galaxy would like when it's being destroyed, but I feel like that's really nitpicky. DBZ has always been pretty far from having perfect science. Toriyama and the other people that make it aren't exactly rocket surgeons. It's very reasonable to say that they probably just winged it without knowing the specifics of how to animate a galaxy being destroyed. I think the clear intent of that scene though was to show that something very bad happened to South Galaxy. I really feel like it's unreasonable nitpicking to try and use science to say that that scene isn't showing a galaxy being destroyed, while ignoring the obvious writer intent and context.

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@Floopay said:


I'm more than familiar with all the D&D spells. I may not have started in 1st edition, but I started playing AD&D when I was 7 and have played more than my fair share of campaigns since then. I've also read a lot of the books. I picked Aliisza for a reason, going by her personality it probably would stick to Enchantment/Charm spells (moreso Charm). I'm not saying she doesn't have a small arsenal of spells that could cause major issues for Team 1, I'm just saying that it's not a landslide victory for either side.

As for the wish spell, Witchblade, Spawn, and John can mimic much of what can be done with a wish spell with the weapons in their arsenal. I picked them because they are the only ones I thought could stand up to these mages and make it a good fight, especially with prep time.

@Joygirl said:

@Laurcus: Regardless of whether or not he has or did, he still can. He's what, level 29? With a connection to the goddess of magic that basically makes magic his toy? I assume he can cast wish as much as he pleases. Or just throw magic missiles capable of DESTROYING DRACOLICHES.

Dracoliches, ladies and gentlemen.

Magic Missile > Dracolich.

I'd like to stress the importance of this.

Magic Missile is a cornerstone spell in D&D, at least for the common invoker. At high levels it becomes unbelievably devastating, going so far as to having entire spells and magical items created for the sole purpose of stopping Magic Missile. Your average 20th level Wizard, at best, has 80hp (now I don't like to use game mechanics, but what the hell, lets do it). A single magic missile would do 17.5 damage to him, which is about 22% of his total hit points. If it were maximized it would do 25 damage, or 32% of his hp, or empowered it would do 26.25 on average, or 33% of their total hp.

Not to mention that's pure impact damage against a being who is vulnerable to blunt force and impact damage (the Dracolich that is). It was impressive, and he used a clear weakness of the Dracolich's, but it wasn't something Constantine, Ghost Rider, Roland, or Spawn couldn't mimic.

Now then, Gromph summoning a demon and using sheer willpower to contort it's entire body into the shape of a spider forcibly, that's a feat.

Thanks for reading,


A 20th level wizard should have a lot more than 80 hp. Taking average, that's 51 hp just from the hit dice. A con mod of +2 brings that to 91. I'd consider a con mod of +6 a little on the low side for a 20th wizard, barring racials of course. If they had a 12 con at first level, a +6 con item, (chump change for a 20th level wizard) brings that to 18. A +4 tome or the wish spell brings that to +6. And while that last bit may be a little unreasonable, I still feel that's low overall, as con should be your third highest stat only behind int and dex. And hell, you can even dump dex if you don't plan to use touch spells too much.

I'm actually playing a drow wizard right now in a campaign. I've got 42 hp at level 7, and I haven't bought a con item yet. I took the improved toughness feat for the +1 hp per level, (functionally the same as +1 con mod, obviously) and I started with a toad familiar. I have a 14 con after racials. By 20th level, my hit dice will bring my hp up to 74. Eventually I will get a +4 tome and +6 con item. The con I have now would bring me up to 113 hp. The +10 con I'll get from those items adds another 100 for a total of 213 hp at level 20.

My wizard is a tad ridiculous, and I rolled baller stats at character creation. The average would probably be somewhere between my 213 bull crap, and a measly 80. I feel like both are extremes.

Also, nice thread. I love talking about D&D. ^_^

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Yeah, Walking Dead zombies don't infect you with the virus. The zombie virus is airborne, but it only kicks in when you die. When people die from bites or scratches it's because of regular generic infection. Wolverine slaughters them easily wherever he finds them.

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@Floopay: Even if Wolverine can somehow survive death effects and energy drain, ray of stupidity would bring him down. It's a nifty 2nd level spell that deals intelligence damage. Note, that is damage, not the drain effects of similar spells like ray of enfeeblement and ray of clumsiness. A few ray of stupidity spells would put Wolverine into a coma. May not kill him, but it would effectively incapacitate him permanently, barring magical healing and assuming more intelligence damage is applied at regular intervals.

Also, doesn't Szass Tam use wish when he starts getting annoyed lol? I mean, technically Elminster has used wish 4 times in his official stats, to raise his intelligence, but I don't recall him using it in books. Though I haven't read all his books.

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Hmm, I'll need some time to think on these fights. I wish I knew some of the comic book characters a little better. I'm tempted to call stomp on round 3 though in favor of the D&D characters. That is soooo much reality warping bullcrap magical power of win. Szass Tam alone is such a hacker lol.

Aliisza can kill Wolverine easily. A couple of enervation spells will put him down. If he starts to become a problem greater mirror image and any generic crowd control spell like hold person, fear or defenestrating sphere will put him out of the fight long enough to kill him.

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@god_spawn: I don't think you quite understood my intent. I'm perfectly fine with the rule, I'm just curious why it's only lasting till the 30th, because nothing will change. What do you think we're going to, "find out" on the 30th?

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@god_spawn said:

@AncientSuperSaiyan: Because his original post didn't have Shawnbaby's part in it since he edited or his PM didn't get through to me and no one flagged his edited post? Right now though you're just clearly disgruntled by this temporary rule and now trying to instigate with people again, this time me, over something that I didn't know happen.

Serious question btw, what's gonna change in 10 days that will make it acceptable to make threads involving Battle of Gods? Like I said earlier in the thread, I highly doubt information is going to be much more widespread than it is now. If it's such a big deal, shouldn't this thread remain until the Japanese DVD release?

Because that's really when it's gonna be all over the internet and easy to watch.

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@SilverGalford said:

@Laurcus said:

@SilverGalford said:

Goku is powerful enough to blow up planets at his normal form

no evidence of this.

All credibility, you just lost it.

show me Goku at least busting a continent? show me that Goku has the power to bust a planet? cause ABC logic is so inconsistent in DBZ.

1. Goku will never bust a continent, planet, or what have you, because he's the freaking good guy. You could multiply all his stats by 100000000000000000000000^100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and then have him fuse with Odin and he will still never bust a planet.

2. The bolded, prove it.

3. Goku is vastly, almost stupidly more powerful than people that have blown up planets and continents. Serious question, do you know what first form Frieza's power level is, and do you know what Goku's power level is as SS1 at the end of the Frieza saga? I'm not even trolling, I really do want to know if you know this.

4. Since this is SS4 Goku, are you aware that Goku shattered a dimension in GT, in his base form?

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@SilverGalford said:

Goku is powerful enough to blow up planets at his normal form

no evidence of this.

All credibility, you just lost it.

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A master enchanter with those perks can get immunity to magic. 30% from alteration perk, 24% from each ring and amulet. Slow time, summon stuff, spam destruction spells. Magic immunity also covers elemental damage as well. Forget any 3 wizards, a Dovahkiin this powerful should be able to take on every wizard in the Harry Potter universe with little to no trouble.