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@pablosl: That's part of why I'm willing to give this one to Thor, as it's hard to tell how much help, if any, Lightning really needed. She did just fine against that guy before that point, but I can't really say for sure how she would have done without the other characters showing up. And I did kind of nerf her by saying no Odin.

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@pablosl: I'm more than willing to give this one to Thor if he tanked a supernova, but unless I'm quite mistaken in the video I linked more than one planet is destroyed. At 31:52 we see at least a 3 planets get destroyed, and there's a lot of stars in the background that appear to be on fire or exploding as well.

Actually, what's more damage, a supernova or a crap load of planets blowing up? Where's a scientist when I need one...

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Well, actually, I made this thread because I'm curious lol. I don't know the outcome. I just thought it'd be a nifty fight and I know that Thor's durability is insane but I don't know how insane.

The following link contains massive spoilers for LR:FF13.

That's pretty much her best durability feat. Note that before this scene she kicked the big guy's butt, but lacked the means to put him down permanently.

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The Savior vs The Son of Odin!

The scenario: Lightning and Thor will both be subject to blasts of pure kinetic energy until one of them is knocked out, killed or is otherwise unable to continue. The blasts come every 12 seconds, and will rapidly increase in intensity indefinitely until one of them is defeated. The first blast will be about as much force as a normal human's punch, but by the one hour mark each blast will be more than capable of destroying the universe.

Thor is armed with Mjolnir and Lightning is wielding her Ultima sword and shield. No feats older than 1990 for Thor. This is Lightning just before the final boss of Lightning Returns: FF13. Lightning cannot summon Odin.

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1. Official description of Frosts.

2. Prove that those descriptions are hyperbole. You don't get to try and spin in game official descriptions with your own opinion. I take the facts at face value.

3. Paper accelerating to lightspeed would be shredded due to friction. If a piece of paper were gradually sped up to FTL speeds in zero gravity however, it would be just fine, and it would possess enough potential energy to destroy worlds.

@uberhikari There's no such thing as a no limits fallacy. That's an invention of the internet/comic vine and is not an officially recognized logical fallacy by any major scientific or philosophical institution.

I do however thank you for actually debating that Asura is fast enough to beat Dante, instead of just ignoring my points. I do not disagree that Asura can fly at FTL speeds, I do believe that is shown well enough in game. He does however appear to need time to accelerate, and during that time I believe Dante could equalize with Quicksilver. Concerning actual combat speed and kinesthesia I have seen no evidence that Asura can fight at FTL speeds. If you can prove that, for example, he could go from standing still to throwing a punch at FTL speeds, then we'd be getting somewhere.

@neongamewave Sup. It was the weekend, I was bored, and Game of Thrones season 4 ended. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

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@usernameunderconstruction: I showed you a video of Royal Block blocking the hardest hitting move in the game. I also provided the official description, which is > your opinion. You're not gonna find a video of someone doing Royal Block correctly and taking damage, so like it or not the game agrees with me.

You have repeatedly misunderstood everything I've said, and you're now even contesting basic physics, so I don't even know how to help you there. An average sheet of paper weighs 4.5 grams. 4.5 Grams moving at 100x lightspeed is 483.31719697844 megatons of TNT. And as you increase the speed more, the kinetic energy goes up, because K=1/2mv^2. If you want to crank it up to something truly retarded like 100 duodecillion times lightspeed, then your piece of paper will explode galaxies, because that's how physics works.

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I've provided feats. You not accepting them isn't my problem. The laser is the savior's strongest attack, and the savior's weakest attacks one shot mid level demon soldiers, which can do crap like freeze entire active volcanoes with a touch.

Once again, you've failed at reading. I never said paper could kill a human, (though funnily enough, if a human were to be hit by a piece of paper moving at supersonic speeds, the human would be shredded) I said a paper thin cut all the way through the center of the brain would kill someone. You know, like if you took a scalpel and cut someone's brain in half? It's a turn of phrase ffs.

I did read my own argument, you're trying to misinterpret what I'm saying. I'm open to the idea of Yamato hurting Asura, but I doubt it could. If you want to argue that it can, be my guest, but I've said my piece on that so you're on your own there.

And yes, I do believe Royal Block can block "multiversal damage", (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean, as potential energy isn't limited by size, but whatever) because it's blocked everything that's ever been thrown at it, and it's stated to negate all damage. It's like a star from Super Mario, only it's not weak to falling off edges, and it kills you.

That being said, Dante would get owned by the likes of Superman. I'm not saying Dante is some god that beats everybody; his powers just require you to have a particular skill set to be able to beat him. Superman could totally speed blitz Dante into oblivion. Asura can't, so he has no way that I've seen to get through "lame block" as you've so childishly taken to calling it.

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1. Don't be a prick. If you can't debate without acting like a condescending child, then you probably shouldn't do it at all.

2. If you bothered to read my post, you'd realize I was arguing in favor of Yamato NOT being able to hurt Asura. I said that I can see it, not because it has enough area of effect to blow up a country, or some other asinine assumption, but because of its raw cutting power. Even a paper thin cut all the way through the center of someone's brain will kill them, and all I was saying is that if any of Dante's weapons cut hurt Asura, it would be Yamato, via what is essentially brain surgery.

3. Official description of DMC 4 Royal Block: Block an enemy's attack at the last second to negate all damage and greatly increase the angry energy stored within the Royal Gauge.

Royal Block in action, taking a giant laser beam that could most certainly blow up a small city.

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Like it or not, the official description of the ability, as well as all known applications in game, are on my side. Dante's Royal Block negates all damage, so to beat Dante you need to out speed him, to throw off the timing of his blocks. And that's pretty damn hard with his control over time.

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@godofnick: Concerning offense, Dante has magic guns and magic swords. If Mercer can hurt himself, Dante can take his power and multiply it several fold, then throw it back at him. He also has a plethora of magic weapons in addition to his guns, he can shoot hellfire at things, magic lightning, ice, attacks of pure light, you name it. As much as he is a powerful warrior, he's also basically a mage.

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Concerning speed, that is Dante messing around. He doesn't even have Devil Trigger at that point, which vastly increases all his physical attributes, including speed.

Even if Mercer was faster, as I said, Dante can stop time. He has superhuman speed on top of the ability to make his opponent move like a snail. A lot of Dante's best speed feats come from other games. The thing about DMC 3 is the only time Dante is fighting seriously is when he fights his brother

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Sorry for the horrible quality of videos. It should be obvious to anyone that watches all the videos I've linked that Dante is capable of fighting with both superhuman speed and reflexes. His damn sword is glowing from friction with the air and he runs along the side of a building and catches it. Fyi, this is him at his youngest, weakest point in the series. Later on he moves so fast he can literally just blink out of attacks like he's some freakish anime character. And this is in addition to time stop. Think about that for a moment. Even if Mercer was 10,000 times faster than him, Dante can stop time, casually walk up to him, and then blast him with hellfire, magic bullets and other energy attacks until there's nothing left.

As far as I'm concerned this isn't even a fight unless Mercer has some kind of counter time control powers. And then we need to worry about if Dante's super speed and other hacks defenses like Royal Block, (which you have ignored) would be enough. Also, show proof that beheading or destroying his heart will kill him. He's taken direct damage to both his heart and brain before and been no worse for wear. Hell, stabbing Dante through the heart with a magic sword is tradition in DMC, he literally carries on conversations with a big freaking sword sticking out of him, impaled through his heart.

Destroying things like choppers is trivial. Dante has tanked magical blasts from Satan himself, and note my earlier example of frosts and freezing volcanoes.

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@godofnick: Dante can stop time.

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Dante's guns don't shoot regular bullets, Dante conjures an infinite amount of magical bullets. As for durability feats, he's been repeatedly stabbed by demonic weapons and shrugged it off like it was nothing. The only thing in DMC 3 that is really able to hurt him is Vergil's weapon Yamato, a sword that can cut through dimensions. Even being stabbed through the heart and shot in the head didn't really slow him down all that much. He's also tanked directed ice based attacks from Frosts, elite demon soldiers that can freeze an active volcano with a touch.

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If you want to talk about feats from later games, he's outmuscled a giant construct capable of smashing cities, he can move faster than the eye can see, (without stopping time) and he has an assortment of various demonic magical weapons that are the souls of demon lords taken physical form.

What's more, Dante has this nifty ability called Royal Guard, which has 2 important components. One is Royal Block, which is a shield that Dante can throw up, (it requires precise timing, which is rather simple with Quicksilver) that can literally block anything. Demonic hellfire, bullets, rockets, giant lasers, dimension cutting magic swords, all of it can be blocked with Royal Guard, allowing Dante to take no damage. Royal Block stores the energy of the attacks it blocks.

The second component is Royal Release, which allows Dante to release and multiply the stored energy from all his Royal Blocks. So to put it in layman's terms, if you try to punch Dante in the face, you actually punch yourself 10 times all at once.

The following is a gameplay demonstration of Royal Guard, among other abilities. That thing where he dashes through attacks is Royal Release, the energy shield that protects him from all damage is Royal Block.

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