Green Lantern: Alan Scott

So I've been going back and exploring the Green Lantern mythology.  See, I grew up on 3 major comics- Batman, Teen Titans, and Green Lantern.  Now, I never read any of the Golden age stuff (or really that much silver age), but having check-out privileges at a very full comic store is going to lend itself to me reading lots of comics over the next few years.  The green lantern section is literally half a room, so I am digging in there.
Read the first few appearances of Alan Scott and I have to say... I enjoy it.  Panels pack a lot more literary punch but lack the visuals of today.  Luckily, I'm a reader more than an art-lover.   So, what are some other major story-arcs or high points a reader should look out for?

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Young Avengers...

What ever happened to these guys?  I thought they were one of the most inspired and fun teams, but the characters seem to have split paths and gone their own ways.  Does anyone know if there are plans to bring back my favorite Marvel team?