New Smallville Suit!

I have to say I'm really digging the new Smallville Suit.  So much in fact that I felt the need to blog about it. I admit I am the first person to get ultra critical on Smallville for it's comic book continuity or lack there of but it is my all time favorite show and most likely always will be. Purely because Tom Welling does what Christopher Reeves has only accomplished. He makes you feel as though the things he does are possible. Tom brings such a sense of humanity to the role that he makes you believe that a person could have these abilities and that they could be real which is why I think he should be the next big screen Superman, but that is another blog all together. On to the suit. If you haven't seen it then I'll tell you it has been described as a trench coat with a blue 'S' sheild on the front. Now at first glance that is what it looks like but I don't believe that is what it is. If you think of the outfit that Marlon Brando wore in Superman as Jor-El then you can see that it could fall under very much the same description.

Jor-El in Superman the Movie.

Which to me makes all the sense in the world. Why wouldn't Clark want to honor his heritage by wearing a classic Kryptonian garb? And I think the reason it is so dark is due to the theme for the season which is Clark's darkest hour. Now maybe by the end of the season we will see a change in uniform or if we are lucky in Season 10, but for now I am okay with this and actually I think it is pretty damn cool. Now if only they can get him flying this year we should have one hell of a Season10! (fingers crossed)