Note to your 16 year old self

Leave a note for your younger 16 year old self. (If your 16, then your 13 yr old self)
I'll start *ahem*
Dear 16 Me,
No, Molly's dad will not be ok with his daughter dating a black guy


What are your "Hulk Out" moments

Have you ever been so angry that you completely hulked out with unbridled rage?? If not then have you wished you did at a particular moment? Ever thought about it??? If so post your moments/thoughts/incidents


I think my Comic Book guy is Racists

My Cousin, My Uncle and I decided to visit the comic book shop since we havent been In a while. We went in, and like usual and we immediately started browsing for our usuals. While searching, the manager made several swoopes by me and my cousin to see what we were doing. I payed no real attention to it and kept on looking. About 10 mins passed and he cane by again, this time gave us funny looks like we were trying to steal something. Keep in mind that we were not the only customers in the store yet he insisted on checking on me and my cousin. I finally got my stack together and was ready to leave, and so was my uncle. My cousin wasnt quite ready and wanted 5 more mins. My uncle needed to use the restroom and wanted to go immediately so I told him to go ahead across the street and use the restroom and when he comes back we should be ready. My uncle left and me cousin continued to browse. I waited until he finished with his stack. I text my uncle and let him know we were finished and ready to go. He wasnt ready yet so we waited about another 5 mins just trying to occupy ourselves. The manager approached us one last time, this time angrily and told us that we were spending way to much time in his store and that we needed to leave. I looked at him confused and told him that we were leaving soon but  our uncle had left with the car to use the bathroom. He told us that he didnt give a S*** and that we needed to leave. A began to get frustrated but I realized it was his store and we needed to leave. I asked him could we at least purchase the comics in our hands (which came to about $20 each) and be on our way. He then told us that he didnt want anything from us and he was tired of us reading through comics and not buying anything. I then tried to explain that every comic that I began to read were the ones I was going to buy and just yelled at us to get out so we did. We waited on the side of the curb for another 5 mins til our uncle showed up. At first he was confused why were sitting outside in 98 degree weather and I told him what happened. He got angry and went back inside. I knew trouble was coming so I went in after him. He was asking the manger what the problem was and all he kept saying is that he didnt want any trouble from me and my cousin and that he doesnt allow reading in his shop. My uncle then asked him "how is looking through a few comics and then offering to pay him for all the ones we had trouble?", and he replied " from them, yes." Before my uncle said anything else I told him to let it go and we walked out mad. We wont EVER shop there again. Is it wrong of me to think that he was being racists? Or am I being pretentious?

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