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Oh, well CV ate my post...again.

It was a spur-of-the-moment post anyway, nothing too important lost :P

Just mention that reinforcements to the palace were "delayed" or something, I guess.

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The Four Weapons are about to unite and, if need be, escort Doom to safety.

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I think he's trying to say that Lord Doom will be forever changed after this.

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This could all be a bluff, too, so watch what you do :P

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Hammerstein, the clinical overseer of Doom's campaign, watched every last detail from the near victory brought upon by the invasion of Asgard's streets to the reinvigoration of the godly troops the Doombots fought against. Either side did not seem intent on giving up, regardless of the determining factors of combat. He hardly ever admired his enemies. Usually, they crumbled to his indomitable willpower. But now, he could see why Asgard garnered so much respect.

The denizens of this realm never surrendered. They would gladly fight to the last breath if it meant victory.

In his mind, they reminded him of his native Elysians in a way. This formed a sort of admiration for their cause, but they were still targets. Despite their regenerated status, the forces of Asgard were still trapped inside their own city, scattered among an unbendable offensive force. Hammerstein had intended Phase One to stop once they achieved this level of domination, but the tactics involved in Phase Two were not necessary.

"Hammerstein," the unmistakable voice of his Emperor called out to him, and Doom's Impenetrable Shield answered in kind, kneeling instinctively to the sound.

"Your Majesty, what will you have me do?"

"Before I erased Odin's guards from existence, and after he resurrected them, I heard a distinct name of distinct interest,"

"Tell me, my Lord, so that I may do your bidding."



By virtue of the Space Gem, Doom transmutated Hammerstein's body beyond the borders of steel and enchanted stone, through mounds of corpses and regenerating Doombots, and into the place of his and the thunder god's inevitable confrontation. Moved, like data on a computer screen, from one side of the map to the other in little more than a second in time, Hammerstein had to take a moment to recuperate from his sudden transcendence. For his Emperor and the power he wielded, it was as simple as identifying who Kiros was and sending Hammerstein to his location, despite not knowing exactly where that location stood to be.

The secret weapon of the Asgardian war machine opened up to Hammerstein's waking eyes, and so it appeared to Doom as well.

"So, this is the ace in the hole that you dogs have been trying to conjure? NO MORE!"

With a thunderous lash of one of his gauntlet-based whips, Hammerstein pulled himself closer to Kiros at an astonishing rate, cutting off the thunder god's attempt at completely activating the device in question.

"Instead, know that you now face Clovis Hammerstein - the Emperor's Impenetrable Shield!"

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Time to get the show on the road!

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I'll try to make my posts as Hammerstein, Skjovald, and Doom later tonight.

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You're so mean! xD

All I want to do is destroy your All Father, take the Reality Gem, and crush you while you're inches away from your only salvation!

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Most plausible reason behind all of that is Doom using the Mind and Space Gems simultaneously to relay information to Hammerstein and warp him into the same room as Kiros.

Is it so wrong that I just want to fight you twice and with two different characters? :P