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Ronald "Ronnie" Lincoln is a mathematics major who took up a full-time position at the Ghant Corporation as a keeper of financial records. Thoroughly abused at this job, he finally stood up for himself and nearly died as a result. Only the timely intervention of a mysterious hammer saved his life, but perhaps made it more dangerous than ever.

Northern Star #1

The Cataclysm

Imbued with the power of a Valhallan legend, Ronnie has been transformed into a demigod with incredible strength and control over the storms of Midgard - specifically the elements of thunder and lightning.


"As long as he who wields this hammer upholds the honor of he who sacrificed immortality in Valhalla, then he shall possess power indefinite and become as they who hold feast in Odin's golden house."


One day, the hammer will fall from heaven.

The people shall know a new champion.

One day, it will shatter.

So, too, will his resolve be broken.

One day, the world will know darkness.

He will force himself back into action against the greatest odds.

One day, he will die.

And no one will remember him.