For now, this is just a general talk about music. If you couldn't tell, I listen to a lot. Rap, metal, rock, country, classical, etc. The list goes on. I think what I enjoy most about music is the memories or emotion it can invoke. A lot of the stuff I listen to has to do with what I'm feeling at the time. Sometimes I just enjoy the raw aggression, or I feel like mellowing out. Sometimes it's the lyrics that hook on to my feelings, saying what I can't to the people I want to say them to. Music is life. Music is a friend. It's never let me down, never sold me on false promises... I can just listen and enjoy.

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Posted by PRIMAV3RA

music is my life , if i had  half the talent id love to be a classical musician

Posted by Donnieman v5.1

I love music. Points to 'What are you listening to?' thread. I listen to a little bit of everything and I like to listen to songs that fit my current mood.