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you chose this bc they look similar? anyway shuma wins this.

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@The_Thunderer said:

@Lance Bastro: Beyonder said he was "drunk and disorientated" nevertheless, it takes some real power to stand up to and impress the Beyonder

the beyonder was impressed at dr. strange. "he (strange) is far more, far greater than any in your multiverse suspects. he could have rid of my from your multiverse forever."

the reason why strange didn't is because he rather have beyonder figure it out himself. keep in mind that this is the same beyonder that contained all the abstracts including the living tribunal and killed death. death also mentions that she can not our right kill dr. strange nor can she contain him (or anyone else for that matter), however, dr. strange has the power to contain all the abstracts if he wanted.

as for rune king thor, why is he even here? he is below elder god and won't last 2 seconds against beyonder or the living tribunal which dr. strange has already impressed. rune king thor is grossly over exaggerated when he beat the threads of fate and turned back time. keep in mind that dr. strange is above the threads of fate as well.

Rune King Thor makes no difference.
  • Rune King had Odinfoce
  • The Power of the Zodiac Runes
  • A newly Forged Moljir crafted by Surtur who is more powerful than Odin
But he is still not more powerful than Dormammu. He defeated the the Threads of Fate with a plot, but he told Loki straight up that he didn't have the power undo Fate. Dormammu on the other hand DOES have the power to directly force fate against Eternity. Rune King Thor needed a plot device to restart time. His soul became temporarily one with the universe and he died and was reborn as regular Thor and Asgard was restored.
Dormammu >>> Zodiac Rune
Dormammu >>>>>>>Surtur
Here are the scans of Rune King Thor.

This is when he "becomes abstract" totally misleading rumor everyone keeps talking about. Notice that he doesn't have the power to change anything, but he destroys the fates spinning wheel to undo time to restore Asgard.

Wouldn't you call that PIS? Sure looks like it....

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"why is god angry?"

what if magneto doubts god?

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if it's speed chess, luthor has absolutely no chance at all.

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@VercingetorixTheGreat said:

@Hero4life: no i mean stupid writing in comics. Its extremely stupid for a comic book writer to write spiderman losing to kingpin in a brawl. I have actually seen scans for the fight and it was idiotic.

spiderman just doesn't want to use his super strength on the "human" villians because he might accidently kill them. if he didn't have such high morals, he would have killed all of his opponents (that are just human) with ease.

Zombie Spider-Man (same thing as classic) kills the Sinister Six and Kingpin effortless

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@Thor's hammmer said:

@pooty said:
" @god_spawn: @Thor's hammmer: I know Thor killed Loki with the godblast. what else has it done? Who has it defeated? etc...Thanks "
Thor has never used the Godblast on Loki. it has pushed the juggernaut's charge back. Stopped Surtur and Ymir as they were both reaching for the twilight sword. force a Hungry Galactus to flee for his life. and nearly KO'ed thte Queen of the Dark Goddess Zelia when sha had absorbed the Odinforce.

well juggernaut wasn't really charging persay; he was steadily walking forward, and thor attacked with the godblast and it pushed him to a stop for a moment.

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shredder judo throws kingpin on the floor and then ninja vanishes.

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