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I would have prefered a Ninjak ongoing by LEMIRE, but that's fine.

this Immortal Enemy design look a lot like a few design from Animal-man (mainly from the Rot andthe red)

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@jimmie_hudson_: In the directors commentary for the DVD, it is revealed that the man that Charles transferred his consciousness to was really his identical twin brother, whose mind had been destroyed at birth when Charles power's manifested.

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@rubear: I think it is something else : Lois saying Clark would never become Brutaal, no matter what Darkseid put him through (so it would be a simple mind controlled superman like in STAS)

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I totally tought Batman would end up being Jarvis.

Is Thomas actually a revamped Hourman ? After all, the use of Miraclo is probably the most important element in Hourman's mytholgy
There was no mention about Rex TYLER creating Miraclo and we already know that Tylerchem bought Waynetech... so I wonder if Thomas isn't CEO of Tylerchem (It would make sense that Thomas bought the company)

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@lordofthenorth: I may be wrong, but we never saw Earth 2 Thomas Wayne before this annual...

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@maddpanda531: yes. But it is a really brief cameo.

If you read the issue :

He is the one playing with a rubber band. He was shot in the shoulder and doused with a barrel of acid (like PM origin story) during Owlman's attack.

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Plastic Man
At first I wasn't sure it was him (and his origin story). I had to check his secret identity to be sure

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@avengers_4everxx: it is called earth 2 since it is about a paralel earth called "earth 2"...

It is Robinson who planted the seed of the return of a villain superman and a new batman showing up. and since he left with a cliffanger Taylor has to play with these character

Superman is a despotic villain

Batman is clearly another man (with some kind of superpower). He executes the Joker while he is stasis (after saying Judomaster is not the kind of woman who execute defenseless people)

wonderwoman is dead

Lois Lane is dead. her consciousness has been transfered in Red Tornado by her father

Jimmy Olsen is a kid able to access any feed of information. And since Lois call him "this boy" it implies she doesn't know him at all

How earth 2 is becoming another Batman/Superman ???

And Taylor is actually using Mr Terrific, Sloan, Dodds, Khan, Judomaster... Robinson rarely did that

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I am not sure it is still true.

Robinson confirmed it was the original plan. but since Batman say he was a madman and a criminal in the last issue I have some doubt Taylor kept that idea....

This batman can be surprised a Red Tornado is on a first name basis with the original one