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@scolton97: the only Jason I can think about are Jason Todd and Jason Blood (etrigan)

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there is 3 issue left for the third (and last) act

Red Lanterns #37 (Part 4) – December 24th

Written by Charles Soule. Art by J. Calafiore.

Sinestro #8 (Part 5) – December 24th

Written by Cullen Bunn, Art by Dale Eaglesham.

Green Lantern Annual #3 (part 6)– December 24th

Written by Robert Venditti. Art by Billy Tan and Rob Hunter.

(I am pretty sure there is something wrong with the release date of the Infinity man tie-in)

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My problem with this leaked details is that it does't mention a few things that were revealed afterwards

For instance Jason todd (only robin, catwoman and Nightwing are mentioned). A redhood DLC has been annouced after this leak.

The same can be said about other details that were revealed after this. For instance, what happens in the Demo is not there (infiltration of ace chemicals)

And I think the complaint about the lack of Operation saviour details is indeed a lack of details about the Arkham Knight Army/tanks. this seems to be a big part of the game

And the fact that the Arkham knight actually knows how bruce operates isn't explained. How a clone/biological son like terry would know Bruce tactics like that ?

I agree with you. it is a shitty debunking. however... I must have missed where the knight codename is explained....

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@redwingx: if I remember correctly, Rocksteady said the main villain of Arkham City would be Hugo Strange, and he ended up being a pawn of Ra'S al Ghul, and Joker stole the show.

And the assassins in Arkham Origins were supposed to have been hired by Black Mask and it was actually the Jokerbehind his mask all along

So I doubt Rocksteady wouldn't lie to us. Hell, I just hope Arkham Knight won't be the Joker. An arkham game without him stealing the show would be a good thing

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I would have prefered a Ninjak ongoing by LEMIRE, but that's fine.

this Immortal Enemy design look a lot like a few design from Animal-man (mainly from the Rot andthe red)

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@jimmie_hudson_: In the directors commentary for the DVD, it is revealed that the man that Charles transferred his consciousness to was really his identical twin brother, whose mind had been destroyed at birth when Charles power's manifested.

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@rubear: I think it is something else : Lois saying Clark would never become Brutaal, no matter what Darkseid put him through (so it would be a simple mind controlled superman like in STAS)

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I totally tought Batman would end up being Jarvis.

Is Thomas actually a revamped Hourman ? After all, the use of Miraclo is probably the most important element in Hourman's mytholgy
There was no mention about Rex TYLER creating Miraclo and we already know that Tylerchem bought Waynetech... so I wonder if Thomas isn't CEO of Tylerchem (It would make sense that Thomas bought the company)