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Dave Bateson.

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Who are we to decide to end somebody's life?

I say life in prison because ^

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When I was a Christian, I remember being taught that Kids, both in the New Testament and Old, if killed before the variable "age of accountability", would not suffer eternal damnation in hell, as those past those ages would. It could actually be seen as a favor, as there is a likelyhood that the kids could stray from God as they grow up, and die as sinners, and end up in hell (I don't subscribe to this line of thought as I'm not a christian). However, when looking at it that way, I guess it does make sense- I believe there is a passage in Leviticus which states that a son should not pay for the sins of the Father. Now of course, you may counter that the Bible has ignored rules like that in the past, but it has always refers physical death, rather than Eternal life. If Babies and Kids are granted Eternal life in heaven when they die (considering Heaven is suppossed to awesome and better than perfect and all), then maybe, just maybe one can justify such actions.

Just because the Christian God Kills you, doesn't mean he dooms your soul. He killed Moses, not allowing him to enter the promise land, despite him being as fit as a fiddle at 120 years. Didn't stop him from being one of the most respected Prophets in Bible Lore :p

Hope I could help...........

If we go by Bible Lore, no human, living or dead is in heaven yet.

How so? Jesus said to the sinner beside him on the Cross "Today, you will be with me paradise". God took Enoch to heavy becuase he walked with him. Elijiah was taken into heaven with Chariots of fire. Pretty clear God wasn't taking them to wallmart.........


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Is KM the site with pretty sweet respect threads?

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I think it's plain dumb. I hope this won't be a trend.