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I like Jason Todd. I think the problem with the character is that after his death a lot of writers and editors wanted to blame the victim which is the wrong thing to do. I meant you had characters going out of there way to say that Jason didn't know what he was doing or flashbacks showing Jason to be violent and reckless. And now you have a bunch of writers who have either read or worked on those issues talking about Jason, that are spreading the myth that Jason was a bad Robin.Plus Under the Red Hood is not that great of a story.

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Yeah but if Kate didn't at least get Bette need to be a hero again she wouldn't even bother training her in the first place. And don't Kate comes from a military background and has had even further training to become Batwoman. While Bette has had a history of flighty behavior and has quit being Flamebird at least twice. You think Batman didn't train Tim Drake the same? In story it took Tim a year in story to become Robin. And as I recall the finally test for Tim to become a Robin was to survive a night in Gotham without any help from Bruce. I'm just saying that Kate is training her for a reason, the DCU isn't like it was when I was a kid back in the mid to late 90's when it wasn't as dark. She just wants Bette to take the job seriously further shown be the fact that she apparently burned her Flamebird costume and gave her a simple gray uniform. To Kate the suit you wear isn't a costume it's a uniform.

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Speaking as a gay woman myself, it would be a stereotype if the book was constantly beating you over the head with Kate being a lesbian, but it's not. I don't see the stereotype in her character if anything they have manage to avoided her sexuality by almost making it a non factor. I always think of a character that's being stereotyped if there race, gender, or sexuality is the one of the first things I see in a press release.

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Jean Grey is such a MARY SUE it hurts.

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I would like to join in on this.

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@CiaranStatham: You're not over reacting in the slightest,  OMIT was a horrible piece of trash. It was complete character assassination for Mary Jane. 
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 @DEGRAAF:  I think you misunderstand that it was a What If issue where that story came from. 

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I like to get this off my chest before I have a heart attack. I like Spider-Man and Black Cat together. But I can't stand what been done to her in the last few years. Like Micheal and the other podcaster said on the most recent show. Black Cat doesn't need to be written in such a hateful way. Black Cat has been over sexed and I'm annoyed by it. She has been written ever since BND started as very catty and acted as if they broke up like last week instead of years ago. In the almost thirty years since their break up she has grown so much as a character in so many ways. This character can do so much more then what she has been given. When she written well she can be a strong, dependable and extremely sexy. But lately they have been trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator with her and it just irks me. How am I supposed to get my niece into comics if there are women with costumes that show way to much skin? I might as well hand her a random romance manga.

The first time I'd read anything with her in it was in Spider-Girl, so I'm bias. But she was written as a caring mother who wanted what's best for her daughter. That's how she should be written. As a women who is done being a spoiled girl and is ready for a mature relationship. Not toying around with any man that comes along. I really like the idea of her being away from from Spider-Man and having her own life outside of him. I would like to have her out of any Spider titles for awhile so she can do her own thing. How go back doing what she was doing before BND that private detective thing. She desperately needs to be taken up by a writer who can handle her. I think my main issue with the writers of BND and Dan Slott is that they written all her worst characteristics and put them forward as if that's all she is. To them all she is a thief who has big boobs. The Pre-BND Felicia would have never left Peter alone in a fight she would have stayed and fought right there with him.    

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Ben Reilly is a good of a good character getting screwed over because of a editor. You had what the Editors today want a single unmarried spider-man in Ben Reilly. You could have easily have Peter go off, have a somewhat normal life and only come back when Ben needed him. But the editors failed because they extended a storyline far passed it's ending point.  
X-23 and Superboy are both characters though.

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I would love to try this RPG thing. I've always wanted to join one.