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Anything that is not Carlie Cooper is fine by me.

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I love Emma and her badass-ness, but she can't do much against the Phoenix. No one can really.

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Give Wolverine less screen time. I love Hugh Jackman, don't get me wrong, it's just it doesn't give time for the other characters to develop as well. I mean Scott is a major character in the comics while in the movies he was simply a rival for Jean's affections.

I want an X-Men First class sequel to have the Jean and Storm friendship. They were best friends and in the movies they were just like co-workers.

Just someone kill Emma Frost in the movies. January Jones is horrible! That is not the Emma Frost I adore. January has already killed her with her acting basically.

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It's Jean Grey. Need I say more?

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Jean and Scott outgrew each other. Yes, they loved each other, but they were no longer the people they fell in love with. They were no longer Marvel Girl and Cyclops. I don't deny they had some great years, but they grew up. Scott sought comfort in Emma and a part of Jean always belonged to Logan.

*applauds* Well said:D

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I think Rogue went for Magneto for the writers to author-insert themselves, for a woman like rogue to go for an old guy. Gives them hope me thinks.

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Hope seems like an alright character when she's not written in Generation Hope. Last issue of Uncanny she made a flirty comment to Namor while in Gen Hope she is not the flirty type. She can be a brat sometimes. I was reading Gen Hope, waiting for that clear defining moment when Hope becomes a character I'll love. That didn't happen. She had her moments when was obviously Cable's "daughter", but Gen Hope really didn't do anything for me.

I would probably read anything with Boom Boom or Dazzler. Tab has always been one of my favourite characters.

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Scott does take a lot of crap from people sometimes. People always seem to look at the all the bad choices he's made and not his good, self-sacrificing choices. There's a reason why he's the leader: because he's made the difficult choices no one else was willing to make in order to save his kind.

Epic Win for the Tess Mercer quote! Love her:)

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Scott Summers and Emma Frost have been together for years now and have been one of the X-Men's most prominent couples. Scott and Emma have been there for each other through thick and thin.

Lately, though Emma's admitted that she feels she has been taken granted by Scott. An example of this is from Regenesis. Emma is quoted as saying: "I've sacrificed so much of what I love to be here with you." I do agree with her on this.

But here's my main concern. There's Namor, who has been flirty comments with her and making advances towards her with promises of a fulfilling relationship. I thought this was a flirtation at first, but she shows signs of being receptive to him, more likely to the offers his making, not Namor himself, but this is just the way I perceive it. I'm not sure how everyone else interprets their relationship.

Then in the "Things to Come" preview page in UXM 1, Namor and Emma are kissing. I'm not believing this until I actually see it. Emma been in love with Scott for years and I refuse to believe that she would kiss Namor. But for arguments sake, let's just say it does happen.

I don't know if this is just some misleading spoiler that will be a part of some plot line where they're forced to kiss and only there for shock-value. But honestly, I highly doubt this. It's on the preview page for a reason, and I'm not looking forward to the disintegration of Scott and Emma's relationship if that is path Marvel is planning.

I honestly don't want them to break up. At first I didn't like them because of the origins of their relationship and the Jean-Scott-Emma triangle. But they grew on me and Emma became one of my favourite characters. Emma is fierce and capable but lately the this former villain seems to be be just Scott Summers' "girlfriend" rather than "partner". I should of known better than to think that Emma and Scott's relationship would remain safe.

I'm just over-thinking this but what are your thoughts of Scott and Emma's future together? Is it going to last or fall apart? I want to hear people's thoughts on this.

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I haven't read it yet but that art is so Greg Land's work.