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@Grim said:
" @goldenkey said:

" I don't care if its a comic or not.  Damian is still 10 and there is no 10 year old in the world that is tough, I don't care who trained him.  It's just stupid.  Robin does not have to be so young to be a sidekick.  Dumb dumb dumb.  Comic or not, if he doesn't have a gun he's getting knocked out. "

you can think that, but that doesnt make it true.  All martial arts teach you to move faster and hit harder and smarter than a normal person. That means unless you've been training in something that increases your reaction speeds your whole life, your not touching them. They also hit very hard (brick breaking isnt a trick, its a skill), and they know where to hit you to take you down in only a couple hits. So while your barking about how your an adult and their a child and blah blah ignorant, he or she is cracking your tibial with a well placed kick, and then smashing their right hand into your soft little temple with enough force to crush  masonry supplies.  Not every ten year old is that well trained, but some of them are. just like not every adult is a close minded idiot... but some of them are. so stfu please. "

Exactly! I was going to tell him off, but you beat me to it! Darn you!! tehe
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G-man, you use a lot of hand gestures....=^.^=
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Isn't Tim still in high school? I think he's 16, he looks too small to be 18, and besides, his friends at school are still shocked about his absence. Sixteen sounds about right.

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This looks great! I'm definitely going to pick this up. Is the girl in the last preview, suppose to be Zoanne? And why the heck does the flight attendant have such big boobs? lol

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Every time a challenging character comes to the comics, everyone's all "Kill him!"
Whatever, I'm giving Damian a chance. I like him.

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@xerox-kitty said:
"@Kurrent said:
" Starfire is a sweetheart powerhouse princess that is all about Dick............wait a minute O_O "
That's pretty much what I thought of her when I was first introduced to the Teen Titans during the cross-over with the X-Men.

I don't hate Kori.  I've grown to quite like her.  But... seeing her back together again with Dick, it's.... well, it's been done to death!  It's like a cover of Cyclops kissing Jean Grey or Sue Richards snogging Namor's fishy face.  Been there.  Done that.  No shock value left.  All of them have moved on since, so why do we have to be dragged back yet again??
I agree. If they put these two back together, it'll be like the Teen titans all over again. The both of them have moved on, and it is time for the darn writers to do the same.
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Sometimes Robin says the most immature things. lol
"I was here 20 minutes before you, Shiva" lmao

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Everyone makes great points with all of your opinions.!
I'm really having a difficult time figuring out who should become the new Batman.
Here's my dilemma:

Nightwing hates living in Batman's shadow. I doubt that he would want to become batman,
unless he had a change of heart. He probably woould be a great choice as Batman, but I like
his Nightwing suit.

Hush...Uhm....He'd kill the Batman legend, and not in a good way. lol

Tim- I don't want to see Tim become Batman. He would definitely be a great Batman, but I just don't
want him to be the next Batman.

I like Jason a lot, but he's just not a suitable choice. He's violent and misunderstood. Maybe if he learns
to control himself....But Idk.

Damian is a tiny version of Jason. Maybe just a little cuter. I'd like the see what Damian would be like
if he took up the role of Robin.

Catwoman....Lmao HAHAHAHA!

OoOo! I know who would make the best Batman! ALFRED!!!!!
YaY go Alfred!!