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@Darkchild:   Crimson haterz.  LMAO!!!
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@Darkchild:   Crimson Legion going to be jealous now.  ^_^ 
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Azra was right these people needed to suffer.  The longer they waited the closer Kain came to being entangled in Samael's web. 

"Kill them all.  Leave none to rest."  Her eyes glowed a deep blue as she taped right into her death powers.  Her wolves gladly went into combat ripping apart any human who came within their jaws reach.  Lady Death ignited all of the traps seeing they were useless.  These men and women were hacks compared to her.  She walked into the factory and a few men went to rush her, but within seconds they were wreathing on the floor screaming in pain.  Lyn was corroding them from the inside out.  Their insides were turning to jelly.  They were vomiting blood and what was left of their organs before death sank in and they were silent.  Lyn casted her powers onto anyone who made one false step in her direction.  She looked back to see Azra looking at her and she smiled wickedly. 

The two wolves were running from victim to victim tearing them apart as they went.  Lyn looked up into the rafters of the old factory to see some humans hiding in the higher areas and quickly scurrying up ladders to get away, but it would be in vein. 


Lyn raised her hand and the glow from her hands reached out to the hiding humans.  It was almost demonic how the powers took face and bite into the victims.  The men and women ran screaming for their savior Samael, but Lyn would not allow their salvation.  Some of the people turned to ash upon the touch.  These were people without any power to protect them.  The others fell to the ground like flies after their hearts stopped.  Lyn made a painful death for each.  Lyn did however allowed one man to live.  He had a crest upon his shirt that interested her most of all.  The wolves followed their Mistress's motions and quickly wrangled him closer to her. 

"Where is your key to Samael's release?" She was almost growling herself at the man.

The man bravely spat in her face and Lyn gracefully wiped it away.  The wolves growled loudly and went to snap at him, but were stopped.  Lyn had enough of the games and quickly grabbed the man's arm draining him of everything he was.  When she released him he was a dried up corpse. 

"Azra,  Kain is down below the entrance is in here.  Let's knock on the sh!t faces door and see if he answers. Shall we?  Or forget formalities and rip him from his womb of safety?

Lyn walked over toward a room that held a ladder going down into the depths of the factory.  She opened the doorway downward and looked down.  It was silent as a grave.  She looked back to see Azra doing what she did best killing.

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Darkchild (the freaky side LOL!!!) and Child of Darkness

Eternal Chaos (one of his many looks)

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@Obi Wan Kenobi!:   Click and save!!  Thanx! ^_^

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@Obi Wan Kenobi!:   That is all you need do.  LOL!
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@Ruhi_Tugu: @Obi Wan Kenobi!:
You two crack me up every time I log in!  LOL!
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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Vine and we hope you enjoy this edition of Tenebrasque In Ivory Legion RP.  We hope you will enjoy this because we are going to have a killer of a time doing it. 

Ivory Legion is just one of the three parts of the TI branch.  Ivory Legion represents War and Destruction.  (Happily I might add) Something is amiss on the border and it is up to the evil crew to hunt it down to get the prize, but it will not be so easy.  There will be obstacles in their path as they venture for their prize.

Place comments and so on here...the actual RP will start soon.  Keep your peepers peeled for it.  ^_^